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Gallatin County
1860 Mortality Index


Submitted by K. Torp








Abny, James 60 Male   Tennessee Mar Measels & Fever
Amariah 5 Male   Illinois Aug Croop
Anders, Francis M 8 Male   Illinois Nov Disease of the Spleen
Andrew, David 45 Male   Tennessee Jan Typhoid
Baker, Delila E 2 Female   Illinois July Croop
Baldwin, Hannah J 1 Female   Illinois Jany Typhoid Fever
Barrott, Susan P 26 Female   Indiana May Congestion of the Brain
Blazer, Moses 70 Male   Pennsylvania Aug Flux
Boutwell, Nancy E 3 Female   Illinois June Typhoid Fever
Bradly, Margaret J 25 Female   Kentucky Dec Consumption
Brumley, Francis 7 Male   Illinois Apr Dropsy
Burrows, George 66 Male   Maryland Dec Ulceration of Lungs
Byrd, Lorana 3 Female   Illinois Mar Inflamation of the Lungs
Carson, John 1/12 Male   Illinois May ---
Christian, William 62 Male   Virginia Oct Pneumonia
Clayton, Isaac 10 Male   Kentucky Nov Consumption
Clayton, Jeremiah 6 Male   Illinois Jany Scarlet Fever
Clayton, Samuel 11 Male   Kentucky Feb Winter Fever
Davis, Perry 6/12 Male   Illinois Sept Chills
Dempsey, Emily M 7 Female   Illinois Aug Congestive Chills
Dewitt, Peter 2 Male   Illinois Oct Croop
Dillard, James 59 Male   Tennessee Nov Pleurisy
Dillard, Pherapy 14 Female   Illinois June Inflamation of lungs
Dobbs, Elijah 12 Male   Illinois Aug Worms
Dobbs, William 23 Male   Kentucky Aug Killenth butes by a hay press
Douglas, Stephen 11/12 Male   Illinois Sept Croop
Eltz, Philip P 25 Male   Mexico Apr Winter Fever
Fogle, Samuel 3/12 Female   Illinois Feb Unknown
Frier, William W 44 Male   Illinois Feb Winter Fever
Galord, Thomas J 1 Male   Illinois May Scarlet Fever
Garrett, John M 15 Male   Illinois Apr Typhoid Fever
Garrett, Margaret J 2 Female   Illinois Mar Measels
Goforth, Andrew J 44 Male   Tennessee Sep Winter Fever
Green, Ezra 6 Male   Illinois June Sore Throat
Greer, Richard 10 Male   Illinois Jan Dropsy
Hadlock, Hezekiah 53 Male   New Hampshire Jany Inflamation of the B & stomach
Hair, Rebecca 31 Female   Tennessee Feb Winter Fever
Hardin, Josephine 50 Female   Illinois Mar Congestive Chill
Hargraves, William 29 Male   Illinois Dec Typhoid Fever
Hargraves, William V 10 Male   Illinois Aug Croop
Harp (or Hays), Elizabeth 70 Female Black Tennessee Mar Dropsy
Hiler, Absalom 48 Male   Pennsylvania Mar Winter Fever
Hinch, Joseph 3 Male   Illinois May Typhoid
Hise (Hisc?), George W 62 Male   North Carolina May Breast complaint
Hogg, James 50 Male   Illinois Sept Erysipelas
Ideler, Hines 37 Male   Illinois Sept Flux
Kennelly, Mary 53 Female   Maryland March Jaunders
Kopf, Eugene 1 Female   Illinois June Teething
Lacille, Francis 20 Male   Ireland Feb Ague Cake
Lamb, John C 15 Male   Illinois Sep Bilious Fever
Lick (or Sisk), Henrietta 1 Female   Illinois Oct Hives
Logsdon, Thomas 11/12 Male   Illinois Oct Unknown
Luther, Mary 77 Female   North Carolina Sept Consumption
Martha (Vinegard?) 10/12 Female   Illinois Feb Scarlet Fever
Mc Lean, Andrew 2 Male   Illinois July Typhoid Fever
Mcgehee, Angeline 16 Female   Illinois May Typhoid Fever
Mcgehee, Mary 36 Female   Illinois Feb Mumps
Mc Kee Allen, John 15 Male   Illinois Jan Winter Fever
Meadows, (Meadors?) Amelia 40 Female   Tennessee Feb child bed
Milton, Florence A 9 Female   Illinois Feb ---
Mitchell, Edward 2 Male   Indiana Oct Choleric Enfantum
Mooney, Joseph 4 Male   Illinois Feb Lung Fever
Morrison, George W 7/12 Male   Illinois Jan Scarlet Fever
Moss, William 20 Male   Indiana Mar Overheating
Moye, Indiana (twins) 4/12 Female   Indiana July Croop
Moye, Louisiana (twins) 4/12 Female   Indiana July Croop
Peeples, Herman 1 Male   Illinois July Teething
Prouchet, Jacob 82 Male   Georgia Nov Debility
Reed, John 54 Male   Tennessee Apr Typhoid Fever
Robinson, John L 40 Male   Illinois March Typhoid
Ruark, George W L 1 Male   Illinois Aug Croop
Sanders, Stephen -- Male   -- -- --
Smith, Anna 1/12 Female   Illinois Oct Disease of the Hed
Splain, Catharine 12 Female   Illinois Aug Consumption
Thomas, Joseph 23 Male   Tennessee July Typhoid Fever
Thompson, Martha B 28 Male   Illinois June Consumption
Thomsberry, Sarah J 24 Female   Kentucky Dec Congestive Fever
Tolbert, Charles W 10 Male   Kentucky Nov Typhoid Fever
Trusty, John Henry 19 Male   Illinois Feb Typhoid Fever
Trusty, Rebecca M 17 Female   Illinois Apr Measles
Vincen, Samuel 54 Male   North Carolina Feb Lung Disease
Vinegard, Mariah 6 Female   Illinois Jan Scarlet Fever
Vincen, Daniel H 26 Male   Illinois Oct Consumption
Waldon, Eliza J 3 Female   Illinois July Croop
Weaver, Jane 31 Female   Illinois Dec Consumption
White, David 21 Male   Illinois March Measles
Wood, Alex 6/12 Male   Illinois Sept Quinsy


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