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Gallatin County Indian Mounds

Numerous mounds still exist along the ancient trail from New Haven, the Negro Salt Well and up and down the Saline River on either side extending down into Hardin County.

One mound in this series named Dutton's Mound is on of the most interesting in the state. The interesting feature of Dutton's Mound is this, that it was, when discovered, paved or covered with layers of stones all around its sides up to the truncated top, the layers forming steps, and the steps covered in such manner with smaller stones as to fill up the angles and rendering the sloping sides of the mound smooth.

Mounds that are built like this are usually found in Mexico and Central America which seems to indicate that this southern Illinois mound was erected by the same tribe or nation as were the countries farther south.

The largest Mound, however, in Southern Illinois, is known as Boyd's Mound, nearly 5 miles North of Shawneetown. This mound, also known as Sugar Loaf Mound, was visited as early as 1809 by Stephen Fields and James Fields

In 1855 its dimensions were:
area of base 4 acres, with height of 55 ft. Apparently it's filled with human skeletons, as pieces are constantly being taken out on the top and sides.

*source of information taken from: "History of Gallatin, Salin, Hamilton, Franklin, and Williamson counties, Illinois from the earliest time to present with sundry and interesting biographical sketches..."
Author Unknown, original published by Goodspeed Pub. Co. 1887 - Submitted by Deanna Heneghan


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