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About one year ago a Mr. J. H. Newman and lady came to this city with the intention of making it their home. Mr. Newman "followed the river," in the capacity of a steamboat pilot, while his wife opened a dress-making establishment on Seventh Street, between Washington Avenue and Walnut Street. They passed as man and wife, and to all appearances they lived happily, and no one mistrusted that they were not what they seemed. But, as Shakespeare says, "the course of true love never did run smooth;" and so it has come to pass with this couple. A few days ago Sheriff Irvin received a capias from the clerk of the circuit court of Gallatin County, which Shawneetown is the county seat, for the arrest of Mr. J. H. Newman on the charge of bigamy. Mr. Irvin went about his work, quietly, and succeeded in capturing Mr. Newman, and has him now in custody. A preliminary hearing was had, and the bail of the accused fixed at $1,000, which up to last evening he had been unable to procure.

Mr. Newman refused to give any explanation or make any statements concerning the matter; but it is reasonable to infer from all circumstances of the case, that he is the possessor of just one more wife than the law of the land allows him. (Cairo Daily Bulletin, Saturday, 15 Mar 1873; transcribed by Darrel Dexter)


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