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The Shawneetown (Illinois) Gazette of July 7, (1827) says – “On the morning of the 5th, shortly after sunrise, we were surprised by a severe shock of an earthquake. It being the first we had ever felt, our surprise was considerably excited. Its duration was about two minutes and so violent was it for a time, that it shook down a quantity of type which were standing in the office. One of such severity is not remembered by the oldest settler of the place. It was succeeded by two others, in rapid succession, though of less violence.”
The earthquake felt in Kentucky and Ohio, on the 5th ult was noticed in New Albany, Indiana. Its effect was such as to cause some to fly into the street so much were the houses shaken.
The Missouri Republican of the 5th ult., says – “A severe shock of an Earthquake, of about a minute’s duration, was felt in this city (St. Louis) this morning at half past 5 o’clock, accompanied by a loud, rumbling noise resembling the passage of a wagon over a pavement.”
[Republican Compiler (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania), August 1, 1827 - Sub. by N. Piper]

21 Sept 1851 - Boilers of steamer James Jackson exploded near Shawneetown, Ills., and 35 persons were killed and wounded.

April 1898 - Ohio River Rises, Levys Burst, Shawneetown Flooded.
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