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Shawneetown, Ill. Sept. 27 -- We understand from the farmers that great havoc is everywhere made and making by these mischievous animals. They were never seen in so great numbers before. A gentleman of veracity informed us a day or two ago that he killed upwards of 400 in and about his field in one day and that the next morning they appeared as numerous as ever. They are seen constantly swimming backwards and forth across the Wabash, Ohio and Mississippi rivers and are killed by the boys and sportsmen in great numbers at their landings. It is a new fact to us in the natural history of these animals that they should swim rivers from a mile to a mile and a half in width but it is every day verified by the eyes of our inhabitants.
[Republican Compiler, Gettysburg, PA, October 29, 1828 - Sub. by N. Piper]


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