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Early Newspapers of Greene County, Illinois

Source:[History of Greene and Jersey Counties, Illinois , History of Greene County, ChapterXIII, "Press of the County", pages 738 - 761] - Transcribed by Koni Proctor

Newspapers Name
Established Date:
Established by:
Misc. Info:
Carrollton Advocate
Edward F. FLetcher
First paper published within the present limits of Greene County
The Carrollton Gazette
June 26, 1846
George B. Price
Printed at home with a subscription price of $1.50 a year
Greene County Banner
Feb., 1848
John Fitch
John Fitch was from Vermont
Carrollton Democrat
H. C. Withers
Only printed about 1 year
Carrollton Press
Newly formed party know as "free-soil or republican"
Civil War absorbed attention of citizens in the county and the above parties started this paper to voice their point of views. Excellent contributions of the party, the paper was revived under the name of Carrollton Patriot
Carrollton Patriot
Formally called Carrollton Press (See above)
Editorial Manager: E. L. Craig
1875, Clement L. Capp was the editor
White Hall Register
Aug. 21, 1869
S. H. Davis & F. Glossop
July 28, 1883, purchased by the Daily & Weekly Journal
Greenfield Independent
Established in 1869
Morton & Pickett
Mr. Morton, after a short time, collected all outstanding accounts and borrowed all he could in the name of the "Independent" and skipped out of the county, leaving Mr. Pickett with debt and caused the untimely end of the Greenfield Independent.
The Comet
None given
Mr. Pickett
Mr. Pickett kept the office of the Independent, publised "The Comet", but sadly, erractic, appearing spasmodically, until finally disappearing shortly after established.
The Locomotive
Meacham & Milton
Purchased equipment of the Independent. The paper ran smoothly for some time, then Mr. Meacham dissolved his partnership. Later Milton sold teh paper to the White Hall Register whom continued the Locomotive for a little time but finally abandoned that.
Greenfield News
Mr. Walker
Mr. Walker bought equipment from a Carlinville office and moved to Greenfield. This paper was sharp, spicy nature, independent and without suffiecient support, soon came to an end.
The Greenfield Dispatch
Soon after the end of Greenfield News
John Walker & Byron Orr
Byron Orr & John Walker took over the lease of the Greenfield News office and created the Greenfield Dispatch, shortly afterwards abandoned by John Walker to Mr. Orr, who continued the publication a few months. Later, this paper was sold to Mr. Farris of the Greene County Democrat.
Greene County Republican
July 7, 1877
R. D. Suddeth
Published until March 23, 1878, when the Greenfield Printing Co. purchased the entire outfit and commenced the publication of the Greenfield Weekly Argus.
Greenfiled Weekly Argus
March 30, 1878
W. W. Havens - Editor and General Manager
Mr. Haven died Dec. 8, 1884,
White Hall Republican
Feb. 24, 1877
E. J. Pearce & C. L. Clapp
Consolidated in May 1883 with White Hall Tribune
The Evening Republican
Launched Sept. 1884
Editor: Capt. E. J. Pearce
Cost 15 cents a week
White Hall Tribune
Established in 1882
Charles Weis
Charles Weis sold the paper to E. J. Pearce on May 1, 1883
Roodhouse Signal
Henry Johnson, Editor, Charles Johnson, Publisher
First paper with a Roodhouse Head.
Roodhouse Headlight
George B. Price & Son of Carrollton
Lasted about 1 year
Roodhouse Independent
W. T. Lakin
Lakin had the press work done in White Hall & only published a few copies then moved materials to White Hall where he published the Green County Democrat
Greene County Democrat
1875 or so
James Smith
So James Smith, resident of Washington Co. Kansas. I was ran by various parties. It was quite a paper for some time with extensive circulation.
Harper's Herald
January 1878
John S. Harper
Ran about 6 months, sold to William H. Pogue & Morris R. Locke of Jerseyville, who removed the material to that city and started the Examiner.
Greene County Advocate
Established in Roodhouse in May 1, 1881 to Jan. 8 1883
Duncan C. McIver - Editor & Publisher
Daily Morning Journal
Fall of 1882
H. H. Palmer
Printed at home until the spring of 1883, when W. J. Roberts became a partner, it was changed to a patent inside.
Roodhouse Review
Oct. 1, 1877
W. T. McIver (17 yrs of age)- Publisher & Editor
First paper to be printed within Roodhouse, all other papers had printing done elsewhere. W. T. McIver ran the paper until 1879, leaving it in his fathers hands. His father, Duncan C. McIver, ran is solo until Jan. 1880 and sold half interest to Frank M. Palmer. In Sept. 1880, they sold the paper to John S. Harper, who changed the name to Roodhouse Eagle.
Roodhouse Eagle
John S. Palmer
about 6 months later, John Palmer sold the paper to Hiram H. Palmer, of Jacksonville, who changed the name to Roodhouse Journal
Roodhouse Journal
Hiram H. Palmer
in 1882, Palmer partnered with W. J. Roberts until 1884, when Roberts became the sole owner and moved the paper to White Hall to consolidate with the White Hall Register, of which he was the editor. In June 1885, publication was suspended and material was burned by Mr. Roberts.
Greene County Union
March 8, 1882
W. M. Wallace & N. J. Ludi
Weekly publication, Opposed saloon licensing, supports temperance, morality and sobriety.
Roodhouse Daily Union
April 15, 1885
N. J. Ludi, Editor
continued until October 1885
Roodhouse Daily Eve
June 22, 1992
Edited & Published by W. T. McIver & J. P. Drennan, Jr. (McIver & Drennan.
Weekly Eye
August 10, 1882
McIver & Drennan
Ran 6 columns, printed at home & is one of the best papers in the county, being bright, newsy and above all, devoted to the interests of Greene County.