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Mrs. Bertha King Seeks Divorce
Separated on their Wedding Day - Mrs. Bertha King seeks divorce on Statutory Grounds, Desertion also alleged, On statutory grounds, Bertha King, a mililiner, seeks a divorce from her husband, Oliver King, and among other things she alleges in her petition that her husband deserted her on her wedding day, July 31, 1898. Mr. and Mrs. King were married in Greene County, Illinois, when both were but 17 years old. According to friends their marriage was the result of a courtship which lasted less than a week. The petition recites that immediately after the marriage King became dissatisified and left his bride. He refused to live with her and it is supposed that he went to Iowa. Since the marriage, Mrs. King has made her home in St. Louis. She is not in St. Louis at present, but is represented in her divorce suit by the law firm of Bishop & Cobbs. Prior to her marriage she lived with her parents in Greene County, Illinois. Mrs. Kind is described as a handsome brunette, viviacious and entertaining. She says she can ascribe no reason for the action of her husband of a day.
The St. Louis Republic., April 07, 1901, PART I, Page 5: Transcribed by KP

1879 - 1898 List of Divorces in Greene County

Sep 1879
Salinda A. Landon from Alonzo H. Landon
Anne F. Hill from Wm. H. Hill


Oct 1879
Elizabeth Cook from Thomas W. Cook
Mary Fahey from John Fahey


08 Oct 1886
Martha Ward vs Stephen Ward
Flo. B. Pryer vs Wm. D. Pryer
Sarah F. Bentley vs Thos. E. Bentley
Julia E. Johnson vs Wm. M. Johnson
Sophia Ford vs Eugene Ford


Margaret D. Whitfield vs Charles E. Whitfield
Jacob Griffith vs Elzara G. Griffith
Sarah Burris vs Seth Burris
Serent Nash vs John W. Nash
Lillie B. Pruitt vs Archibald Pruitt
Jessie A. Meyers vs Augustus Meyer


Mar 1891
Tilley Hussey vs Peter Hussey
Mary Martin vs Joshua
Sarah A. Hicks vs Wm. Hicks
Martha E. Payne vs George Payne
Isaac Jaynes vs Eva Jones ?
James L. Long vs Lillie M. Long
Eliza Berthlett vs George Berthlett


07 Oct 1892
Roxina J. McMannis vs Patrick McMannis
Noah T. Rogers vs Sarah E. Rogers
Laura East vs John East
James Davis vs Mary Davis
Letha Birch vs Charles Birch
Hattie Steckel vs Henry S. Steckel


1898 (maybe)
Harriett Ida Totten vs Ben F. Totten
Mary A. Vanderventer vs Aaron Vandeventer
Ollie F. Ballow vs James Ballow
James F. Gary vs May I Gard
Susan Z. Miner vs Darwin C. Miner