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Various Greene County School Students - 1896 - 1898

[by Eileen Smith Cunningham - reprinted in the ISGS Quarterly Vol. XII, No. 2, Summer 1980] - Transcribed by K. Torp

Before the great change in elementary education patterns in Illinois, i.e., the closing of rural schools and the consolidation of districts, Greene County had the same number of rural schools as the state had counties - 102!

One of the earliest schools in Greene County was of the famous construction-- a many-sided school. The first one was near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. In Illinois, the first was built near the village of Schuline in Randolph County. Charter Oak brick school was built in Randolph County in 1870. It was first a log school and kept the same name when a teacher came in from the East who was familiar with the Valley Forge octagon. The Charter Oak Octagon School was used 84 years and is popular with tourists in southern Illinois today.

Greene County's octagon was affectionately known as "The Stone Jug." The stone jug school served the pioneer settlement and surrounding community, District #3 (now Eldred). The school was built in 1837 or 1838. It was of a curious construction -- about 20 feet square, made of stone with one door and no windows. Light came through a cupola. The roof was drawn in from the four side walls tapering to a convenient height with a window placed in each of the four converging sides. Cyrus Sargent was the first teacher. He labeled it "The Stone Jug", and the name stuck. It was used until a new Pioneer School was built in the early 1880s. The building was later enlarged, and windows were put in. It was used as a store, a depot, and later an express office -- always keeping the name "stone jug." The building burned in the early 1900s. The late Lucretia Flatt Bushnell, of Eldred, recalled being sent by her mother to the "stone jug" with a half-dozen eggs in exchange for a spool of thread.
Following are lists of pupils from three Greene County schools as they appear in the "Souvenir" booklet.

The schools are Eldred, Pleasant Dale, and Woody Public School.

Eldred School, Greene County, Ill. 1896-1897
Laura Montgomery, Teacher
J.P. Bechdoldt, B.W. Bechdoldt, D. Houts, Directors

Bennie Ballard

Jesse Ballard

Augustus Bechdoldt

Charles Bechdoldt

George Bechdoldt

Hattie Bechdoldt

Jacob Bechdoldt

Katie Bechdoldt

Minnie Bechdoldt

Otto Bechdoldt

Thomas Bechdoldt

Clara Book

Delana Book

Dean Bushnell

Delta Bushnell

Elsie Bushnell

George Bushnell

Hattie Bushnell

Loraine Bushnell

Charles Clark

Mary Farrow

Sidney Farrow

John Fisher

Walter Fisher

Calton Flatt

Clara Flatt

Henry Flatt

Nettie Flatt

Wesley Flatt

Dennie Harkins

Rola Harkins

Susa Harkins

Ada Hoots

Harry Hoots

Katie King

Eunice Rathgiber

Jesse Rathgiber

George Rathgiber

Horace Richardson

Willie Richardson

Birdie Smith

Pearl Smith

Viola Spaulding

Major Smith

Minnie Smith

Stephen Spencer

Pupils of Pleasant Dale School, 1897-1898
District No. 5
Woodville Township, Greene County, Ill.
W. Clement Wood, Teacher
School Board
J.D. Ambrose, Pres.
R.M. Davidson, Clerk
George McCormac

Ethel Ambrose

Mabel Ambrose

Henry Borlin

Lucy Borlin

Rosa Borlin

Sophia Borlin

Anna Bridgewater

Charles Bridgewater

Luther Bridgewater

August Bruns

Oscar Clendenen

Charles Cummings

Henry Cummings

Ida Cummings

Jacob Cummings

Marion Cummings

Mary Cummings

Nelly Cummings

Annie Davidson

Clara Davidson

Ethel Davidson

Henry Davidson

Jasper Davidson

Jesse Davidson

Joseph Davidson

Nettie Davidson

Oscar Davidson

Dollie Gilleland

Bertha Hollandsworth

Laura Johnson

Bessie Little

Harry Little

Perry Little

Cora McCormac

Hattie McCormac

Joseph McCormac

Lizzie McCormac

Lula McCormac

Cora Miller

Willie Phalen

Minnie Scott

Stephen Todd

Cora Varble

Clara Walter

Nancy Varble

Delia Walter

Pupils of Woody Public School
District No. 6
Bluffdale Township, Greene County, Illinois
W. Clement Wood, Teacher
School Board
H.L. Hutchens, Pres.
Addison Maberry, Clerk
L.D. Hutens

Gertrude Adcock

Gilbert Adcock

Mary Adcock

Willie Adcock

Elmer Admire

Harden Admire

Loyd Admire

Frances Angle

Ben Borman

Clyde Borman

Leo Borman

Myrtle Bradley

Kent Corrington

Cora Cummings

Gertrude Cummings

Howard Eilers

Lena Eilers

Lou Evans

Roy Evans

Howard Gibson

Vivian Gibson

Willie Gibson

Grace Gill

Gilbert Hutchens

Norbert Hutchens

Adelia Jouett

Dimple Maberry

Edith Maberry

Lela Maberry

Harrison March

James March

Rudolph March

Minnie Obrien

Rosalia Pegram

Walter Pegram

Abbie Pointer

Lelia Pointer

Clinton Short

Everett Short

Effie Stone

May Trimble

Blanche Wing

Clarence Wood

Earl Wood

Emma Wood

Hettie Wood

Myrtle Wood

Perry Wood

Sophia Wood

Vernon Wood