Hamilton County, Illinois
Genealogy and History

1850 Mortality Index
Persons who died during the year ending June 1, 1850
in McLean, in the County of Hamilton, State of Illinois
Enumerated by me, Robert Winjas?

Transcribed by Debbie Gibson









# OF

Charles Detalente 1/12 M     Illinois May   Pertussis 2 weeks
James P. Hardy 17 M     Kentucky June Blacksmith Cholera 1 month
James L. Lafferty 18 M     Indiana August Laborer Cholera 1 month
Slasam? Lafferty 12 M     Ireland August   Cholera 1 month
Margaret Hays 1 F     Ireland March   Cerebritis 2 weeks
Lund White 25 M   M Illinois October   Cerebritis 2 days
Charles Coker 42 M   M Kentucky April Methodist Minister C 1 year
Mary W. Atchison 51 F   M Tennessee December   C 2 months
Elizabeth Mangers? 43 F   W South Carolina December   Typhoid Disease 2 weeks
James Stull? 32 M   W Delaware December Farmer Adcites 2 years
George Chrissoll? 3/12 M     Illinois January   unknown 12 days
Jacob Eyd? 32 M   M Germany December Farmer unknown 2 days
Jane Warfield 1/12 F     Illinois unknown   unknown 1 week
R. Rolls 50 M   M North Carolina October Farmer unknown 2 weeks
P. Rolls 45 F   W North Carolina October   unknown 3 weeks
Mary Bramant 28 F   M? Missouri October   Puerperal Fever 1 day
Augustas? E. Rose? 3 F     Illinois December   Pertussis 1 day
Elizabeth Vice 33 F     South Carolina August   unknown 7 days
James M. Page 1/12 M     Illinois July   unknown 25 days
Infant of 1/12 M     Illinois September   unknown 28 days
Presa E. Olanagiin? 1/12 F     Illinois December   Chronic 1 day
Louiza Molton? 3 F     Illinois January   Intermittent Fever 14 days
Sarah Flint 16 F     Illinois June   __trisis 60 days
Susanna? Smith 6 F     Illinois March   Fever 4 days
James Coonts? 44 M     Tennessee September Farmer Fever 14 days
Sarah E. Fisher 15 days F     Illinois October   Dysentery 14 days
Infant of 1/12 F     Illinois December   Bilious Fever 1 day
Jane Law 17 F     Illinois May   Sudden 18 days
Infant of 1/12 M     Illinois July   unknown sudden
Infant of 1/12 M     Illinois July   Fever sudden
Winfield W. Coffee 1 M     Illinois November   Heart Disease 21 days
Sarah A. __perswrote? 1/12 F     Illinois October   Chronic 11 days
Barshiba E. Dean 1/12 F     Illinois November   Typhoid Pneumonia 2 days
John Law 4 M     Illinois February   Dropsy 12 days
Harriet J. Wright 24 F     Tennessee May   Hewitel? 60 days

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