Hamilton County, Illinois
Genealogy and History


Braden Valley Church
and Cemetery

Est. 1860

Susan Burnett sent this postcard of the Braden Church.

She received the post card from her husband's father and mother, Carl and Ella Myrtle Burnett, who had a farm near Dale, Illinois. 

Susan and her husband were married in the church many years ago.

Braden church

 Additional Pictures and Information were sent in by Kyle Schultz

The information on the back of the Braden Valley Church card said:

 In 1891 a Brush Harbor Christians made,

In valley behind the school the foundation laid.

In 1 year God blessed; they prospered and grew,

So they build a house east upon the hill in '92.

From valley to hill it carried the name;

For 60 some years it's been the same.

People have gone; new ones have come;

God's Spirit's the same as when begun.

People saw the need for new pews and floor;

They gave it a new look and rededicated in 1954.


Barden church rebuilt


Braden Valley Cemetery sits directly north of the building.

Braden Cemetery


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