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Broughton church

A missionary baptist church was organized on March 13, 1880 at 11 a.m. and was called THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF BROUGHTON.
The presbytery met, consisting of
W.B. RUSSELL as moderator
W. B. RHODES, clerk

Worship services were held at Union Church building where all faiths met together and took turns at having charge of the service.  The location was later the presbyterian church and it was one block north of the original and present building which was established about 1891.

One city lot was donated by Sarah Thompson.  In May 6, 1973 another one half lot was added through the effort of Mrs Wava Pennington, her family and daughter of Charles Draper.
The dimensions of the original building were 30 feet by 48 feet.  There was a very tall steeple until the year 1960 when it had to be removed due to age and damage.  The present cupola was built by member Glenn Sutton.
James Anderson Porter gave all of the rough lumber for the building from his saw mill located north of the village of Broughton.  The labor in constructing the building was donated by members and others .
Mrs Josie McNail at her death in 1940 left $1000.00 to the church a basement was added, classrooms, kitchen, fellowship hall, and central heat was also added.
Improvements in the sixties were added to the auditorium, a hard wood floor, fluorescent lighting, wall paneling, carpeting, new pews, church furniture, piano, central gas heating, and air conditioning, hot and cold running water, aluminum siding, new colored windows, storm windows and doors.  Also new folding tables and chairs for the basement and classrooms.

A new organ was purchased in 1976 through the inspiration of Mrs. Virginia Hardesty and the Amoma  class and class president Irene Partian.
Mrs. Pearl Gholson King of Elgin, illinois (daughter of Wm Sherman and Martha Porter Gholson) at her death in 1971 gave $1000.00 gift. This gift was placed in a building fund with interest and was used generously and lovingly for a new annex consisting of a new kitchen, fellowship hall and rest rooms. Construction was begun in May 1977 and completed in September 1977.
 recent Broughton Church

 A dedication service was held on Sunday November 20, 1977.
The program included the history of the church by sis. John T (Deborah) Gholson, recognition of visitors and former pastors and members.  Special music presented by Audra and Virginia Hardesty and the youth choir and Vi Gene Barker.  Prayers were offered by Sis. Doris Milspaugh, Emil Choisser and Rev H.E. Rister.  The sermon was given by the Pastor, Rev. Delmar  Feazel.
Two early members sister Eva Reeves Vantrease joined in 1894 and sister Nella Porter Dawes in 1896 continued to live in Broughton and were members until they were deceased in 1971 and 1978.  Sister Dawes was the church pianist for over forty years

The family of sister Dawes gave her piano from her home to the church at her death and it is used in the fellowship hall.

A ladies aid society was very active in the early years of the church and contributed generously to the incidental expenses of the church

The Amoma class in later years were also generous and contributed to several additions to the church
The first pastor called was Bro George Henson and the Succeeding Pastors included Manes of Elliott, Lemons, Wright,
Thorgmorten, Stearwell, Hooker, Barnwell, Ralph Daily, M.C.Holder, W.R. Evans, H.A. Todd, Cyrus and John Maulding, Douglas, Kenneth Hall, Jones, Rex Brown, Eugene Vickery, Eugene Daily, H.C. Mitchell, Walker Cutty, Seba E Marshall, (Chaplain At Va Hospital, Marion Il from 1950 to 1961) Leonard Whitlock, Dean English, Marion Henson, Ted Fuson, Delmar Feazel, served as pastor for 14 years, Tony Swinford and the present pastor David Angelly
The deacons were brothers J.T. Lemay, Dan Reeves, Frank Reeves, Bill Reeves, J. D. Mathias, John Irvin, Sherman Porter, Grant Geer, Acquilla Owen, Robert Mathnis, Harvey Pennington,Ray Rhodes, Lowell Cox, Lyman Geer Sr, John T Gholson, Earl Owen and the present Deacon James H Davis.
Elected Trustees: D.A. Reeves, J.D.Mathias, W.S. Gholson, H.M. Barker, Isaac Vantrease, Steve Gholson, Wm. Sherman, Emil Choisser, Glenn Sutton, Roy Prince, H.E. Rister Two Different Times, John T Gholson, Earl Owen and present Trustee James H Davis

Elected clerks:
1895 - Josie McNail, Riley Hamilton
1908 - W.S. Gholson
1924- Belle Reeder
1926 - Myrtle Hughes
1935 - Lottie Edwards
1942 - Essie Porter Grable
1945 - Myrtle McDonald
1996 - Vivian Geraldine Owen Barker
Present Treasurer Shirley Rister

Miss Lucy Lemay was organist for many years in the early years of the church. 
Other pianists and organist in recent years have been Mesdames Nella Dawes, Lottie Acord, Essie Grable, Isabel Davis, Virginia Hardesty, Alma Kane, Ruby Ruphard and Ruth Ellen
Kane Gholson. There were others.
The church served as the host church for the annual associational meetings in the years of 1896, 1929, 1950 and 1963.
The present membership is 42 resident and 38 non-resident members.
Custodians that have served are H. M. Barker, Steve Gholson, Freda Tarlton, Sarah Porter, Sarah Gabbard, Vivain Geraldine, Owen Barker, Irene Partain, Ruth Ellen Gholson, present custodian.



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