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History of Dale Southern Missionary Baptist Church

History Of Dale Southern Missionary Baptist Church

If you should be traveling on IL State Hwy 142 and pass through the little town of Dale, Illinois, you pass right in front of a white church building which for years proudly proclaimed the name of Dale Missionary Baptist Church. We are recorded as being organized in 1909, but our history started long before that.

At one time, even before a building was available, they met in the yard of what is now the residence of Hallie Wheeler. Also at one time, somewhere near the Parker’s Prairie Old School building. I believe they did have a building there, but I'm not sure.

In 1895, the church was organized and accepted into the Fairfield Association. we met in the old Harrawood school east of Dale with Elder T. A. Lemay as pastor. his daughter, Mrs. Ella Gray was the clerk. Later Elder R. P.Henson was pastor of this membership. In 1959, William A. Gray, the grandson of Bro. Lemay held a revival in our church. Later Elder R. P. Henson was pastor of this membership.

In 1900 the church was dropped from the Fairfield Association because the church no longer existed.

In 1901 a new frame building was erected one half mile west of Dale near the Dale school.

In 1902, we were restored membership in the Fairfield Association according to their records.
In 1914, Sunday school service was started.

In 1919, the building west of Dale was moved to Dale and set on a lot west of G.V. Rouintree’s general store. Sunday school was every Sunday at 10 am "preaching services" were held every 4th Sunday. Later B.Y.P.U was held every Sunday evening at 7:30 pm. In the 1930's “training union” took the place of B.Y.P.U and some wonderful programs were presented. The training union stirred up an interest in “bible study”which continued for some time.

In 1934, Kelly Endicott published "the Dale Messenger". This paper stated that “the ladies aid” of Dale Baptist church completed another quilt this week and one the week before. This made 50 quilts finished in the last two years. The ladies kept the church going in those days.

In the early 40's, oil was discovered near Dale, and an “oil boom” followed. Attendance enlarged and many good things happened. A WMS was organized and this organization continued down through the years, reminding our church to continue giving to missions.

Our first V.B.S. was conducted by Bro. W.E. Hall, our Fairfield Association director of missions. This was in session for two weeks. Since that time, we have had a V.B.S. almost every year - but only a week session is held now.

Several great revivals were held. Some conducted by our pastors, other by evangelists.

In 1947/1948 a new concrete block building, with a basement, was erected. A lot was given by Deacon Kelly L. Endicott for a building site. The dedication service was held June 20, 1948. With Elder Marvin Cole of Forth Worth, TX giving the dedicatory message, the first funeral in the new church was held the same day. It was that of Deacon Curtis Williams.

Last year our church sanctuary was remodeled; ceiling lowered, rostrum lowered, walls paneled, wall to wall carpeting and the front entrance carpeted. We paid for that as it was done and gave more to missions than ever in the history of the church, which should prove to all that you can't “out give” the Lord.

Many people have served this church faithfully down through the years. Bro. Kelly Endicott served as deacon and Sunday school teacher for many years, with his wife Grace by his side, helping in so many ways. Their daughter, Doris, after her father's death took over his Sunday school class and was the pianist for many years as well.

Pastors Serving Were
T. A. Lemay -- 1880
D. J. Clark -- 1895
T. B. Hunt -- 1902
T. A. Lemay -- 1906-1907
T. B. Hunt -- 1910
Marion Russell -- 1912
S. E. Hamilton -- 1926-1927
Ed Keiger -- 1932
T. B. Hunt -- 1934-1935
E .G. Cravens -- 1937
P. D. Tittle -- 1938-1941
Otto Catlin -- 1942 Plus
William Roberson -- 1946
J. T. Jones -- 1947
J. A. Murray -- 1948
Joel Knipper -- 1949
Alva Daily -- 1950
Ernie Essary -- 1951-1955
Vincent Jewell -- 1957
Carl Tennyson -- 1957-1958
G. E. Presley -- 1959
J. H. Carr -- 1960
Aldean English -- 1962-1979
Howard Irvin -- 1968-1969
Stephen Hale -- 1969
Harold Clark -- 1970-1971
Douglas Horner -- 1972
David Schalg -- 1973-1974
Robert Blackman -- 1974-1979
Kent Whitkick -- 1980
Eugene Rister -- 1980-1982
Ballard Depew -- 1983-1984
Raymond Clark -- 1986-1987
H. Davenport -- 1989


Fred Hedges
P. Harris
Harvey Page
Bro. Hancock
Bro. Throgmorton
R. P. Henson


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