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Delafield Baptist Church History

Delafield Church original

According to previous arrangement, Elders J. B. Smith, Leonard Bond, J. D. Hooker and Deacons Pressley Maulding and J. W. Echols as a presbytery met the people at Texas Grove School January 29, 1887 for the purpose of organizing a United Baptist Church of Christ. Fifty-five persons, with letters from Middle Creek and Blooming Grove churches entered into the organization then with four more joining the next day. Others were added each month except for September and October making a total of ninety-eight by the end of the first year.

The first records found began in 1897, ten years later. Year after year committees were appointed to see these members and find out their reasons for not attending. An ever present problem was how to raise enough money to keep up the building, get supplies and pay their pastors. This was done in many ways, such as using committees to solicit donations for special needs. Having the clerk or a financier see individuals for their gifts, and by taking up collections in services. Lunches served at sales, and quilting were occasionally used to raise needed funds, (these were probably used more for the fellowship than as means of making money, we did enjoy those get-togethers.)

For eighteen years Texas Grove Baptist Church was located near the John B. Maulding farm on Myers Curve on the old Mt Vernon Road. During that time 205 members, 71 by baptism, were received into the fellowship. By the end of 1904 about 102 had been dismissed by letter, 27 had been dropped for various reasons, and 21 were lost by death leaving 55 members.

In September 1904 the church voted to move their place of worship to the village of Delafield. A committee of five was appointed to continue serving until the job was done. The building was moved on land that was donated by Solomon E. Yoder. In February 1905 the name was changed from Texas Grove to Delafield Baptist Church.

In June, a bell was bought and the time for the ďbell hangingĒ was announced. Andy Mitchell brought the bell from McLeansboro by wagon and team. Month after month the bell rang out the invitation to come to Godís house, and the people came.

By 1908, fifty-six more members had been added making an average 26 plus for the first four years in Delafield.

In 1900, delegates were elected to the local association and money was sent for minutes and for associational missions. A motion was made and carried to adopt the constitution for Baptist churches of the state of Illinois in February 1907.

Although the church had preaching services only once a month you might say it was a full time church. On the other Sunday nights they met for prayer meeting led by the members which gave them opportunity to develop in reading and explaining Godís word, to enjoy singing, and to witness in testimonies. Later, Sunday school, training union and the missionary organizations became a vital part of the church work. and the associational B.Y.P.U. was organized (or perhaps reorganized) in 1933. In July 1934 the Dahlgren W.M.S. came and helped organize a missionary society which has continued to this time. The church voted to have half-time preaching in 1937. During this time, and later, state workers were often invited to teach a book study, advise and assist the organizations, and the church had its first vacation bible school in July 1942.

Another step forward was taken in 1945 when the church voted to give Sunday school funds to the church treasurer and adopted a budget which included 5 percent to the cooperative program of missions. This was later increased to 10 percent with five percent given to associational missions in 1960.

Full-time preaching began in 1950 so prayer meeting was moved to Wednesday evening. The moving of many families to the cities for better job opportunities left us with few children. By cooperating with the neighboring church Middle Creek, we were able to have V. B. S. and to take part in an associational school of missions in 1965. Of the 55 resident members , 28 lived more than five miles away, business meetings were held Wednesday evening after the first Sunday and missionary programs were held the next week.

In 1964, the church bought new seats and pulpit stand. In May 1968 the Lordís Supper Table was donated to the church by Mrs. Ruther Hodges. Bro Dhamp Hefner was the pastor at this time, February 1964 through August 1971.

Bro. Virgil Barr served as pastor from October 1971 through August 8, 1974.

The air conditioning was installed in June 1972. A building fund was begun with a penny march each Sunday under the leadership of our S.S. Supt Charlie Hart.
Bro. Tim Lee accepted the call to the church and served as pastor from August 15, 1974 to July 11, 1976. Pastor Lee and the church made plans to build an addition.

In October a building committee made up of Charlie Hart, Harold Cross, and John Prather was appointed to work with the pastor, Bro. Lee and bring plans to the church.

Sixty-nine years after the bell had been hung, it was removed and the belfry was repaired October 22, 1974.

Delafield Church

In February 1974 the church voted to build the addition. On February 16, 1975, a short ground-breaking ceremony was held in misting rain.

The radio ministry which continues today, was begun on February 1975.

May 22, 1976 under the leadership of Bro. Lee the church voted to buy seven and one-half acres surrounding the church.

July 11, 1976 Bro.Lee resigned as pastor of Delafield and organized an independent church called Fellowship Baptist church. Thirty five members left with him.

Bro. Bill Auxierbegan his pastorate in August 1976. There have been thirty-two additions, twenty-three by letter and statement of fact, nine by baptism.

Since Bro. Auxier has been pastor, a WMU has been re-organized, laymen along with the pastor are doing personal visiting, and the church is supporting missions at home and abroad. The church has had a total of thirty-two pastors in its 90 years.


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