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History of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church

Hopewell Church
Hopewell Church

Hopewell was established in 1868, no pastors are listed until 1872 according to the Goshen Trail Association Books. 

Four pastors are listed for the years of 1872 through 1876. These pastors are Wesley Asbury in 1872, W. W. Hays in 1973, J. L. Overstreet in 1874-1875, W. Rhodes in 1876.  Then it must have been reorganized in 1877 under the labors of Elder James King and six members, five female and one male.  The council consisted of Elder James King, Deacon , M. W. Fuller And J. W. Smith.

Elder John W. Dillingham was the first pastor.  In 1877 the membership increased by seven.  W. M. Funkhouser was pastor in 1881 with no pastor in 1882-1883-1884. 

Leban Estes was pastor the next four years (1885-1889) no listing for 1890- 1895.  T. A. Dulaney was pastor in 1896 and probably in 1897, then J. C. Elliot was  pastor there in (1898-1901). The other pastors listed are E. L.Carr (1902-1903), J. D. Hooker (1904-1905), J. H. Voliva (1906-1907), T. B. Hunt (1908-1909, J. A. Musgraves (1911).  There are no records found for 1912-1921, Hubert Perry (1922) B. O.Denbo, (1924-1928) No Pastor Listed For 1929, S. E. Hamilton (1930), Otto Catlin (1931- 1932), Bro Moore (1940), Bernal Stephens (1949-1950), Carroll Phillips (1951), Rudolph Schlag (1952-1954), John Lee Jr (1955-1957), Earl Harris (1958-1959), Otis Braddy (1960-1961), Roscoe Hutchcraft (1962), Kenneth Fitch (1963-1965), Gene Shasteen (1966), Glenn Payne ( 1967-
1969), Floyd Dulaney ( 1971-1975), Rudolph Schlag (1976), Robert Sefried 1977 To Present Day.
In 1977, when Bro. Robert Sefried took the church, there were four couples and one man.  The Walkers, Tuckers, Thompsons, Varney and Carl Brooks were the active members.  Hopewell is Pastor Sefried’s first and only church, (at this reporting September 2006), he has been pastor of Hopewell for twenty-nine years. 

recent Hopewell Church
Hopewell Church

The church was remodeled with the Pastor and Carl Brooks doing most of the carpentry work. Then in 1966 with the congregation growing it was decided to add a new sanctuary with a baptistery and two dressing rooms.  The old sanctuary floor was made level and made into a fellowship hall with a new kitchen.  The old kitchen and fellowship room were in the basement.  The basement is now divided into classrooms.  In 2004 a 10 foot by 60 addition was built for storage and furnace room.  The membership is listed as one hundred fifty members.  The church bell was taken down from the old bell tower and mounted into a steel frame and placed by the old entrance of the church.  Services are Sunday school at 9:30 to 10:30 with morning worship service following, evening services starts at 7 o’clock. Midweek service is 7 p.m. Every Wednesday evening,  church observed 140th anniversary this year (2006)         


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