Hamilton County, Illinois
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Liberty Church

Organized in 1853 by James Harper Lamking, Minister of the Gospel.

The first church was built of logs with five acres of land given by his son-in-law, John Odle.

The stone reads

Pictures by Sylvia Hosler, taken in Aug 2007

Directions to the cemetery:
When you get to Broughton on Highway 142, turn and go west on the Walpole Blacktop aka county road 11. (I donít know if there is a road sign, but on the highway there is a sign that says Hebron CP Church and Cemetery with an arrow, that is the Walpole blacktop).
Keep following that road. You will go through a very small community called Walpole and you'll pass the turnoff for Hebron Church, but just stay on the main road.
About 2 ½ or 3 miles after you go through Walpole, the blacktop will curve to the left (south) but there is a gravel road that keeps going straight (west). Go down the gravel one. You will go maybe a ½ mile to a mile (or maybe a little farther) down this gravel road and then there will be a bridge (it is either the first or second bridge, I can't remember).
Immediately after the bridge, there will be a small lane (county road 335 E) and a sign on the left hand side of the road that says Liberty Church of Christ. Turn and go up that lane about ¼ a mile and the church and the cemetery will be on your left hand side.
Kyle Shoultz

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