Hamilton County, Illinois
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History of Smith's Chapel
Also known as New Liberty

New Liberty Bapist Church (later called Smith Chapel) was first located at the site of Old Rally Hill School. Services were held at this site for a time.

The church was organized by Rev. John B. Smith in the year 1886. Then Mr. Jim and Margaret Mooney gave the church one acre of ground where the present church now stands. This land was deeded to the church December 17, 1887. It is stated in the deed that this land and building could only be used for church purposes. If the time should come that no services are held here and the doors are closed, the building could not be used for storage or any other purpose, and the land would go back to the heirs of the donor.

This new building was approximately 40 feet by 20 feet with one door in the north end of the building. It was heated with a wood burning stove that burned 20 inch sticks of wood. Lighting was from kerosene lamps.

In the spring of 1914 the building was remodeled and enlarged. New pews were made and also a railing in front of the choir.

The Church went by the name of New Liberty until 1903, then it was changed to Smith Chapel.
Smith Chapel became a part of the Fairfield Association in 1886. Brother C. T. Matthews was the first pastor the church had.

Several ministers have been ordained out of Smith Chapel.

Smith Chapel closed in 2003 and the building and contents were auctioned.


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