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History of Union Missionary Baptist Church
Submitted by Kyle Shoultz

Union Missionary Baptist Church
Union Missionary Baptist Church
Fall 1940(?)

The Union United Baptist Church was organized in 1851 with five charter members. The council was Elders S. S. Martin and W. P. Sneed. This group was received into the fellowship of the Franklin Baptist Association at their twelfth annual meeting held with the Ten Mile Baptist Church in Hamilton County in the summer of 1852. This little church grew and prospered and at one time their membership numbered 52, but by 1867 their number was reduced to 20. By mutual consent they agreed to disband. This church never had a building of its own but met in the school house during the sixteen years of its existence.

At this time the Baptist churches were dividing over the question of missions. Some believed that missions were the mission of the church and these were nicknamed "missionaries" while others were much opposed to missions - these were nicknamed "hard-shells". In some churches the hard-shells out-number the missionaries, while in others the missionaries out-number the hard-shells. In either case the minority group withdrew and started a church of their own. Whether this is what happened here we cannot be sure

On November 23, 1870 the Union United Baptist Church was organized the second time with ten charter members. The council were Elders C. Allen and C. Y. Allen. The ten charter members were: Thomas Jefferson Dewitt, Amazonia Dewitt, George Boster, Emaline Boster, Permelia Boster Dewill, Sarah Boster Moore, Josephus Allen, Rosanna Allen, Reuben Dewill, and Sarah E Richardson Patton. The first eight came by letter from Ten Mile Baptist Church and last two came by baptism. The first pastor was Elder C. Young Allen. This church was received into fellowship of Franklin Baptist Association at their thirty-first annual meeting held with the County Line Baptist Church in Williamson County, in Sept 1871. This little group of ten that started in 1870 seemed to grow and in 1880 their number had grown to 62.

The first house was built in the summer of 1871. It was made of logs with a clapboard roof and was called "the meeting house". In September of 1889 the church voted to put a new roof on the house. No finance committee was appointed as all they needed was a saw, axe, frow, timber and some willing workers. By Feb 1896 the house was needing some repair to the foundation but some thought best to build a new house so in Feb 1896 they voted that in March 1896 they would vote on whether to build a new house or repair the old one. This would give them a month to think it over. At the March meeting they voted to build a new house. Two committees were appointed: Finance, Sylvester Dewitt, U. G. Boster, Morgan T. Marsh. Building: Alex Gibbs, Jacob Moore and Josephus Allen.

At the August meeting they voted to appoint a committee to solicit funds to buy a bell for the new house. The committee was Anna Allen, Ida Dewitt, Sarah Moore, Alice Richardson, Rado Goin, Nola Smith. At the September meeting the committee reported that $16.65 raised to buy the bell.

The house was completed and was dedicated in October 1896. Elder G. W. Danbury preached the dedication sermon. This same house is still standing but has been remodeled.

Union Church was known as The United Baptist until 1885 then the United was dropped and later it was known as Missionary Baptist.

Union church

In the summer of 1953 the building was raised, the basement dug and the inside remodeled. The building committee was Delmar Brummet, George Seng, And Thomas Anderson. The treasurer of the finance committee was Herman Huffstutler.

In 1960 the church voted to remove from Franklin Baptist Association and seek fellowship with Fairfield Baptist Association. At the one hundred fourth annual session of Fairfield Association in 1960 at Blooming Grove Baptist Church in Hamilton County they were received into this fellowship.

In Sept 1968 the church voted to buy new seats, the committee was Herman Huffstutler, Robert Jenkins, Lt Owens, Alta Seng, Enda Gibbs, And Mary Anderson. The seats were bought and installed the following January.

In 1969 the church voted to build classrooms on the east side of church. the building was started right away but since almost all of the labor was donated by members of the church, it was not completed until 1970. The building committee was Roy Gibbs, Robert Jenkins, and Thomas Anderson.

In late fall of 1967, the church replaced the fuel oil furnace with a gas furnace and in 1971 added air conditioning.

In 1972, the church added room onto the north side of church. This addition included a class room and two bathrooms. Water from Rend Lake was added to the church by hooking onto Dahlgren water line. In 1974 aluminum siding was placed on church building, and in the basement two classrooms and a furnace room were built. A steeple was placed on roof of church in 1976. In 1978 inside of church was completely remodeled new paneling was put on walls, ceiling lowered, new lights put in, and carpeting placed on floor, and windows replaced in the auditorium.

In 1981 padded seat cushions was added to seats.

In 1982 the church moved the choir and added a baptistery. The inside of church was remodeled around this same time to look as it is today.

In 1985 kitchen cabinets with a sink and serving counter were added to the basement. Cooking range, refrigerator, and hot water heater were added as well. In 1989, the daughter of a former member donated her motherís organ to the church.

In 1995 a new handicap ramp was built on the northeast side of the church. New windows were put in the auditorium area in Feb 1999.

In 2005 the church replaced the organ.

The Records From Dec. 1870 to Jan.1883 Are Lost

T. A. Dulaney -- Jan 1883 to Aug 1984
C.Young Allen -- Sept 1884 to Aug. 1885
R.W. Lee -- Nov. 1885 to Sept 1889
John C. Elliot -- Nov 1889 to Nov. 1892
Joe H. Allen -- Nov. 1892 to Dec. 1894
K.W. Ingram -- Jan. 1895 to Aug. 1896
James W. Allen -- Sept 1896 to --------

The Records From June 1897 To Dec 1906 Have Been Lost

Charlie C. Allen -- Dec. 1906 to July 1907
K.W. Ingram -- Sept. 1907 to Aug. 1908
Arthur Bell -- Sept. 1908 to Mar. 1909
Charles C. Allen -- Apr. 1909 to Sept. 1910
Joe H Allen -- Oct. 1910 to Aug,1911
A. J. Musgraves -- Oct. 1911 to Aug. 1912
Bird Green -- Sept. 1912 to Aug.1915
Frank L. Karn -- Oct. 1915 to Sept. 1916
Joe H Allen -- Nov. 1916 to Aug. 1917
Bird Green -- Sept 1917 to Aug. 1919
Sid T. Richardson -- Sept.1919 to Aug 1920
J. B. Hall -- Sept 1920 to Aug 1921
Birchel Page -- Sept 1921 to Aug.1922
P.H. Harris -- Sept.1922 to Aug.1923
Iver E. Miller -- Sept. 1923 to Aug 1924
Paul Rich -- Sept. 1924 to June 1925
Oscar Bell -- Sept. 1925 to Aug. 1927
J.R.Waggoner -- Sept. 1927 to Aug 1928
Birchel Page -- Sept 1928 to Aug 1932
Bert Denbo -- Sept. 1932 to Aug. 1934
Edd Keigler -- Sept. 1934 to Aug. 1936
Edd Cravens -- Sept. 1936 to Aug.1937
Birchel Page -- Sept. 1937 to Aug 1940
Henry Meyers -- Sept. 1940 to July 1942
Alvie Daily -- Sept. 1942 to Aug 1944
Edd Keiger -- Sept. 1944 to Aug.1947
Roger Neal -- Sept. 1947 to Aug, 1949
David Goddard -- Sept. 1949 to Aug 1950
Beryl Mcclerren -- Sept. 1950 to Feb. 1952
Edward Mercer -- Sept 1952 to June 1953
Wayne York -- Sept 1953 to Aug. 1954
Byford King -- Sept. 1954 to Aug 1955
Arthur Fullerton -- Sept. 1955 to Aug. 1956
Harl Ray Lewis -- Sept. 1956 to Aug. 1957
William Auxier -- Sept. 1957 to Aug. 1962
Elmer Tice -- Sept. 1962 to Aug. 1963
Burton Wills -- Sept. 1963 to Aug 1965
Virgil Barr -- Sept. 1965 to Aug. 1967
Eugene Rister -- Sept. 1967 to Aug. 1970
William Auxier -- Sept 1970 to Aug 1971
Bill Cox -- Nov. 1971 to June 1972
Russell Monroe -- July 1972 to Aug 1979
John Shaw -- Nov. 1979 to Mar. 1981
Larry Lewis -- Feb. 1982 to Sept. 1984
Eugene Rister -- Oct. 1984 to Jan. 1988
Ron Nelson -- Feb. 1989 to Mar. 1993
Eric Williams -- Aug. 1994 to Dec. 1999
Russell Monroe -- May 2001 to July 2005
Interim Leland Widick -- Oct. 2005 To Present Time

George Boster
Timothy Davis
Vincent Allen -- May 1884
Columbus Allen -- May 1884
Alexander Gibbs -- Sept 1889
Sylvester Dewitt -- Sept,1889
James Richardsdon -- June 1897
William Smith -- June 1897
Joe Dewitt -- Sept 1918
Harry Smith -- Sept. 1918
Albert Richardson -- Aug 1927
Tiff Brummet -- Aug. 1927
Levi Capps -- June 1946
Caris Gibbs -- June 1946
Delmar Brummet -- Sept 1954
Harrison Adams -- Sept.1954
Thomas Anderson -- June 1963
Roy Gibbs -- June 1963
George Seng
Les Adams -- Aug 1982
David Owens -- Aug 1982
Lavern Erwin -- Apr. 1997
Silas Moore
Herman Huffstutler


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