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Vickers/Foster/Rusell Family Picture
Submitted by Jo Cluck

Jacque Leehy-Dunning says: I contacted my cousin, Robbie Vickers-McKeage in Arkansas (who was a Vickers - Erastus Vickers and Ada Belle Foster were her grandparents). 
Robbie and I both believe this picture is not a wedding picture. I noticed everyone in the picture is wearing a black flower of some sort and Nancy Ann Deen Russell is also holding a picture of someone.
Also, most of the people in the picture are Russells and extended family members. We believe the picture is of a funeral.

Russell Family Picture

Robbie says these are the people to the best of her knowledge:

Back Row, Left to Right
1.   Erastus R. Vickers
2.   Ada Belle Foster Vickers
3.   John Warren
4.   Naoma Russell Warren
5.   Sarah Margaret Russell Vickers
6.   Not sure but was told it is, Araminta Hefner
7.   Little Boy ??
8.   Nancy Ann Deen Russell
9.   Little Boy ??
10. Thomas J. Russell
11. ??
12. ??
13. Samuel R. Foster
Middle Row, Left to Right
1.   George Hefner
2.   Little Boy, was told it is Tom Russell
3.   Julia Ann Russell Hefner
4.   James Russell,..... supposedly Barbara Mandrell's great grandfather!!
5.   Child ??
6.   Bertha Russell
7.   Nancyy Russel Mezo
8.   Charles Russell
9.   Marion Newman Vickers
Front Row, Left to Right
1.   Thomas Russell
2.   Rass Russell
3.   Ada Russell McGill,..... Barbara Mandrell's great grandmother!!
4.   Zona Ann Vickers Linn
5.   Kana McGill
6.   Mary Gwaltney
7.   Sarah Noma Vickers Hefner
8.   Elmer Russell  (never married, killed in WW I)
9.   Charles Wesley Hefner  (cousin to Sarah Noma Vickers and later her husband) 
I hope someone can fill in the blanks.
Jacque Leehy-Dunning

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