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An act forming a separate county out of the county of White,* was approved February 8, 1821, as follows:

Section 1: Be it enacted, etc.. That all that tract of country within the following boundaries, to wit: Beginning at the southern line of Wayne County. on the line dividing Ranges 7 and 8 east, thence south with said range line to Gallatin county line; thence due west with said line eighteen miles to the eastern boundary of Franklin County; thence north to the Wayne County me. and thence east to the beginning, shall constitute a separate county to be called Hamilton; and for the purpose of fixing the permanent seat of Justice therein the following persons are appointed commissioners, to wit: James Ratcliff, Thomas F. Vaught, Joel Pace, Jesse B. Browne and Samuel Leach, which said commissioners, or a majority of them (being duly sworn before some judge or justice of the peace In this State to faithfully take into view the convenience of the people and the eligibility of tho place), shall meet on the first Tuesday in April next at the house of John Anderson, in said county, and proceed to examine and determine on the place for the permanent seat of justice, and designate the same.
Provided: the proprietor or proprietors of the land will give to the county, for the purpose of erecting public buildings, a quantity of land not less than twenty acres, to be laid out in lots and sold for that purpose,which place, fixed and determined upon, the said commissioners shall certify under their hands and seals and return the same to the next commissioners' court, for the county afore-said, which court shall cause an entry thereof to be made thereof In their books of record, and until the public buildings shall be erected, the courts shall be held at the house of John Anderson in said county.

By the same act Hamilton County became a part of the Second Judicial Circuit

Following are the names of the county court clerks:
Jesse C. Lockwood, Daniel Marshall, John W. Marshall, Samuel A. Martin. John W. Marshall (the second time), John J. Buck and John Judd, the present clerk.

County Treasurers:
Jesse C. Lockwood; Richard W, Smith; W P. Sneed, 1857-59; Job Standerfer, 1859-61; John Bond, 1861-03; E. W. Overstreet, 1865-07; Nathan Garrison, 1867-71; Thomas Anderson. 1871-73; John B. Standerfer, 1873-77; Joseph H. Unchurch. 1877-82; Leonard Bond, 1882-86, and John B. Standerfer, 1886 to present time.

Circuit Court Clerks:
Jesse C. Lockwood; J. P. Hardy; Joshua Shoemaker; A. J. Alden; G. W. Burton; R. W. Townsend; S. S. Price, 1868-72; B. F. Gullic. a short time; Jonathan Starker, 1872-76; Joshua Sneed, a few months, finished out Starkey's term; B. F. Gullic, 1876-80; T. L. Lookhart, 1880-84; J. H. Upchurch, present clerk.

James Hall, Lewis Lane, Benjamin Hood, John Smith, William Maulding, Isaac Laeivell, James M. Lasater, John Bond, John A. Wilson, Milton Carpenter, E. M. Bowers, J. H. McDaniel, Jarrett Maulding, T. L. Lockhart, Mark Harper, John T. Barnett, J. M. Blades, John B. Standerfer, James Maulding and W. D. Crouch.

Thomas Sloo, Jr., Enos T. Allen, Cloyd Crouch, Flavins J. Carpenter, John T. Anderson, John Webb, whose term was served out by his deputy, Andrew Laswell, John Judd and A. 0. Barnett,

State's attorneys:
James Robinson, Thomas S. Casey and R. W. Townsend County State's attorneys: L.J. Hale, John C. Edwards and Leonidas Walker.

County superintendents of schools:
Lorenzo Rathbone, Nathaniel Harrelson, Hosea Vise, Leonidas Walker (during whose period of service the office was changed from school commissioner to county superintendent), George B. Robinson, John P. Stelle. R. G. Echols, Lafette Howard and Johnson H. Lane.

In the constitutional convention of 1847, Hamilton County was represented by James M. Lasater. In that of 1862 Jefferson, Marion and Hamilton Counties were represented by H. K. S. Omelveny and T. B. Tanner. The constitution framed by this convention was rejected by the people. In the convention of 1870, Wayne and Hamilton Counties were represented by Robert P. Hanna. Under the constitution of 1848, Hamilton County was in the Third Senatorial District with Jefferson, Wayne and Marion, and in the Sixth Representative District with tho same counties. Under the apportionment of 1854, Hamilton County was in the Twenty-third Senatorial District with Williamson, Saline, Franklin and White, and in the Eighth Representative District with Jefferson and Marion. Under the apportionment of 1861, Hamilton was in the Second Senatorial District with Wabash, Edwards, Wayne, Clay, Richland, White and Lawrence, and in the Tenth Representative District with Wayne. Under
tho apportionment of 1870, Hamilton County was in the Second Senatorial District with Wabash, Edwards, Wayne, Clay, Richland, White and Lawrence, and in the Eleventh Representative District alone. Under the apportionment of 1872, Hamilton County was in the Forty-sixth Senatorial District with Jefferson and White and in the same Representative District.

Members of the State Senate from Hamilton County have been Thomas Sloo, Jr., of the Third General Assembly, 1823-24, and of the Fourth General Assembly, 1824-26; Ennis Maulding, of the Eight General Assembly, 1832-34; Levin Lane of the Ninth General Assembly, 1834-30, and of the Tenth General Assembly 1830-38; Noah Johnson of the Eleventh General Assembly 1838-40, and of the Twelfth General Assembly 1840-42; Robert A. D. Wilbanks, of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth General Assemblies, 1842-44 and 1844-46; William J. Stephenson, Fifteenth General Assembly 1846-48; J. B. Hardy, Sixteenth General Assembly, 1848-50; Hugh Gregg, Seventeenth General Assembly, 1850-52; and John C. Edwards of the Thirty-second and Thirty-third General Assemblies, 1880-82 and 1882-84.
Members of the State House of Representatives from Hamilton County have been James Hall, 1826-30; John Davenport, 1880-82; James Hall, 1832-34;   Milton Carpenter 1834-42; William Brinkloy, 1842-46; Noah Johnson, 1846-48; John A. Wilson, 1852-54 and 1856-58; John McElvain, 1858-66; Cloyd Crouch, 1860-62; V. 8. Benson, 1864-66; John Halley, 1868-70; Calvin Allen, 1870-72; Leonidas Walker and Robert Anderson, 1872-74; Hiram W. Hall, 1874-76; Thomas Connelly, 1876-78; Charles M. Lyon, 1878-80;   James R.  Campbell, 1884 and 1886-88.
Samuel S. Marshall has been the only member of Congress from Hamilton County serving from 1855 to 1869, and from
1865 to 1875, through seven Congresses, a period of fourteen years.

Having given above a tolerably complete list of the officers elected from   Hamilton   County, to local, State and National offices, it is deemed sufficient now to present the vote of the different parties from time to time.    In 182-4 Henry Clay received three votes in this county, tho immortal three casting them being Gilbert Griswold, Jesse E. Lockwood, and Charles Phelps. In 1828 these three and Abraham Isel thus voted.   In 1836, Martin Van Buren, Democratic candidate for President, received 265 votes, and William Henry Harrison, Whig candidate, 29. In 1840, William Henry Harrison received 126 votes to 557 cast for Van Buren.   In 1844, James K. Polk received 373 votes and Henry Clay 125.   In 1848 Lewis Cass received 478 votes and Zachary Taylor 125.    In 1852, Franklin Pierce received 754 votes and Winfield Scott 223.   In 18515 James Buchanan received 1,185 votes and Millard Fillmore 162, and John C. Fremont 9. In   1860, Stephen A. Douglas received  1,558 votes, Abraham Lincoln 102, and John Bell 99.   In 1864, George B. McClollan received 1,145 votes and Abraham Lincoln 382.   In 1868, Horatio Seymour received 1,284 and U. 8. Grant 809.   In 1872. Horace Greeley received 1,188 and U. S. Grant 875.   In 1876, Samuel J. Tilden received 1,433 and R. B. Hayes 627.   In 1880, Winfield S. Hancock received 1,760 and James A. Garfield 1,002, and J. B. Weaver 499.    In 1884 Grover Cleveland received 1,940 votes. James G. Blaine 1,816, Benjamin F. Butler 68, and John P. St John 48a total vote of 3,372.

* White county was created December 9, 1815

Source FHL film # 0873820 History of Gallatin, Saline, Hanilton, Franklin, and Williamson County, Illinois - Transcribed and Contributed by Barbara Ziegenmeyer


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