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We have a jug grocery in our town and business is lively. It opened up Friday afternoon and we haven’t had to have anybody to set up with us and keep us awake since. There were 18 men and two women on hand to sample the beer and one man got a gallon in a pint bottle. There were two dead men her Saturday. They were dead drunk and one of them was robbed of what little change he had. [McLeansboro Leader, Aug 28, 1882 ]

You may listen for a move-out soon, for a man comes to our town and sets up a dram shop and permits card playing like this one does he can’t stop long if there is any law to move him. [McLeansboro Leader, Aug 28, 1882 ]

Wheat looks good and most of our farmers have finished sowing oats, other business is dull. [McLeansboro Leader, Mar 27, 1883]

The mill only runs two or three days a week. Two weeks ago they ran four days and shipped four cars of lumber. Who could beat that? George Roundtree has cleared 60 acres of land this winter and Topaz Beachem is the boss rail splitter he split 10,000 this winter.

On Friday last the sawmill of Kendall & Sanders located two miles south of Dale, was entirely destroyed by fire. There was no insurance. This is the second time within a year this firm has been burned out. [McLeansboro Leader, May 15, 1883]

Mr. Editor if you had been in our town last Thursday and Friday you would have thought there was somebody dead to have seen the old topers go to the house where the grocery had been and return with heads down as though in mourning, for on Wednesday night the grocery had moved to parts unknown and the grocery keeper has not been seen since. Mr. Darnall says he can now lay down and go to sleep with ease. [Sept 4, 1883]

The railroad track in front of us is almost blocked up with ties and some wishing for the receiver. [Sept 4, 1883]

BRADEN - There was a petition gotten up some time since to be presented to the Post Office Department, asking for a change in the route from McLeansboro to Aiken. The proposition was to supply this office from Dale with a tri-weekly mail (if we could get it) if not, we would be satisfied with a semi-weekly as we have had in the past. [June 6, 1883]

John Johnson is moving his mill to Galatia.
[McLeansboro Leader, Jan 22, 1884]

A. A. Lasater has added some new machinery to his stave factory. Jim Pemberton has added a new sawmill carriage to his mill.
[McLeansboro Leader, Feb 20, 1884]

Burglars entered the post office at Dale, Hamilton County, Wednesday night, took the safe out to a blacksmith shop, where they blew the door off. They got $100 in money and $20 in stamps. [The LEADER, June 15, 1894]

The post office has been changed from G. V. Roundtree to L. A. Jackson’s.

St. Clair & Thompson expect to start cutting staves this week.
[McLeansboro Leader, Aug 18, 1904]

In the
TIMES, Feb 23, 1905 is the following item: “There is 170,000 feet of elm poles on the yard here and they still hauling them in.”

“The hub mill is running.”
[McLeansboro Leader, Apr 25, 1907]

Arthur Allen Resigns as Postmaster at Dale
Broughton Il. Sept 9, 1914
I take this method to express my gratitude and thanks to the people of Dale Ill. And the surrounding territory for their kindness to me while serving them as postmaster since 1908 at the place. Though I have moved to Broughton to teach school. I feel deeply interested in the little village of Dale, because, by the help and assistance of the good citizens some progress has been made there. The one school room was changed to two, the Baptist church was built, a station has been erected, the mail facilities has been much improved and the organization of the I. O. O. F. Lodge, and for these I shall claim as one of the instigators and leading factors in securing same. As I go to other fields of labor I ask that you show my successors as much courtesy as you did me, and assuring you that  I deem this a favor, I shall remain as ever,
Your friend,
Arthur Allen
[McLeansboro Leader, June 8, 1908]

Dr. Joe Williams of Walpole, is now located in the office lately vacated by Dr. Johnson. As Williams is an old physician and comes highly recommended, we are glad of his choice of a location. [The Times, Dec 2, 1915]

Kelley Endicott has been appointed postmaster at Dale to succeed C. H. Gott who resigned and will devote his attention to other business.
[McLeansboro Leader, May 29, 1919]

May 20, 1886 - Sierks Brothers Mill near Dale on the Shawnee Branch with all their planing and furniture machinery was burned early this morning and was a total loss, there being no insurance. The mill was valued at $15,000. A large amount of new furniture manufacturing machinery had just been placed in the mill making it one of the most valuable in the country and it is a serious blow to our lumber business.
[Taken from the Central Edition of the Times-Leader of Oct 20, 1955.]

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