Hamilton County, Illinois
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J. M. Pemberton killed the boss snake of Hamilton County Monday. It measured eight feet in length and 24 inches round and he says if anybody don’t believe it he has three living witnesses to prove it by. [LEADER Aug 21, 1882]

There is going to be a large acreage of tobacco put out in the vicinity of Broughton.  [LEADER May 22, 1883]

J. M. Pemberton is the boss sawyer. He sawed 5,000 feet of timber one day last week and loaded it in a car. [LEADER Apr 2, 1883]

We are to have preaching three times a month. We could have a church built here if the brethren would consolidate and it would be a good thing for this community.

George Rountree house caught fire a few days ago, but by the assistance of our citizens the fire was extinguished before much damage was done.   [LEADER, Apr 25, 1883]

SQuite an excitement was in our burg this evening Ad Sanders team ran away, but no damage was done.  [LEADER,  Apr 16, 1883]

Charles Sierks of this place left Monday for Chicago where he will attend school this winter. [LEADER, Nov 30, 1899]

Charles Sierks has returned to Chicago where he will resume work as a lithographer. He has been home a few weeks taking a rest and enjoying a stay with the family.
[LEADER, Dec 19, 1902]

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