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McCallister Family
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John McCallister Born: Dec 17,1818 in Ireland
(Parents: John and Nancy. John born 1799 in Ireland; Nancy died Dec 25, 1818)

Married on 4/10/1851 in Bentley, IL Hancock County, License #1722 to Jane Ann Langford
He died : 7/4/1886
John & Jane are buried in a family plot in Harmony Cemetery with the 5 children who died in 1870 & 1871.
Jane Ann Langford

Born:1/24/1833 in NY; She died:2/15/1925

Their children:
George Randall - b:11/12/1852; d:8/9/1871
Nancy Jane - b:8/15/1854; d:8/14/1871
John Charles - b:1863; d:8/20/1871
Samuel Andrew - b:9/15/1858
Mary Virginia - b:10/25/1861
William C. - b:9/29/1865; d:7/21/1871
Sarah A. - b:1868; d:12/2/1870
Effie Mae b:1884
Alvin Raymond b:1/14/1886; d:4/17/1964
Lena - d:8/18/1888
Samuel Raymond - b:1889

  Samuel Andrew McCallister Born:9/15/1858
Buried:Rest Haven Abbey Mausoleum in Carthage, IL
Married:12/25/1879 in Bentley, IL to Mary Virginia Mauk
  Mary Virginia Mauk Born:in 1861
Died: 11/21/1926
Buried:Rest Haven Abbey Mausoleum
(The Mauk family info I have is at the end)

Their children (10) and family info:

1)John Henry McCallister
Died:2/1/1935 Buried:Rest Haven Abbey Mausoleum
Married:Agnes Baird Born:in 1881 Died: 6/21/1949 Buried:Moss Ridge cemetery.
No children.

Estella Jane
Born:2/18/1882 Died:12/31/1936
Buried:Rest Haven Abbey Mausoleum, Carthage,IL
Married:Dr.Raymond Franklin Sheets on 3/15/1911
He was born:6/6/1879
Buried: Rest Haven Abbey Mausoleum, Carthage, IL
Their children:

Rolland McCallister Sheets Born:about 1918
(he married:Mary Frances Dye on 7/21/1940)

Raymond Franklin Sheets Born:about 1910
(He married in 1912, 3 children)

Effie Mae
Born:1884/1885 Died:May 1975
Buried:Moss Ridge cemetery, Carthage, IL
Lertin Martin Burner on 3/14/1914
He was born:3/4/1876 Died:9/18/1949
No children.

Alvin Raymond
Born: 1886 Died:1964
Buried:Harmony cemetery, Bentley,IL
Married in 1901 to:Edith Burnett. Born:1888
Raymond McCallister Born:1908

Lela V. and Lena V.
Born:2/1/1888 Bentley
Buried:Harmony cemetery

Samuel Raymond
Born:about 1890. Died:7/6/1927
Buried:Moss Ridge cemetery (Lot 840)Carthage
Elva M. Timberlake Born:1892
No children.

George Lloyd
Born:1/23/1893 Died:5/22/1930
Buried:Moss Ridge cemetery (Lot869)Carthage
Married on 5/15/1920:
Helen Aurelia Walker

Marjorie M. Born:7/10/1921 Died:3/5/2008
Buried:Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Morton, IL

Melba Jean Born: 1924
Georgie Born:10/1929

Llewellyn Virgil
Born:8/2/1899 Died:3/1965
Buried:Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Morton, IL
Married: Ethel Magdalena Blan Born:5/12/1904
Died:1/29/1998 Buried: Hillcrest Memorial Gardens
Their children:

1)Mary Kathleen
Married:William Edwin Hartman
Their children: LIVING

2)Marileen Jane McCallister
Born: about 1926
Married: David Smith

Their children: LIVING
3)Robert Ray McCallister
Born: 1/7/1932
Married 9/6/1952 to Nelda Jo Blumenshine
Born: 7/17/1933
(Her parents were Ralph Emil Blumenshine and Mary Saffronia Hensley)
Their children: LIVING

Ruby McCallister
Died:6/12/1974 Buried: Harmony Cemetery in Bentley, IL
Married on 9/19/1922 to Walter J Hardy
Born:12/25/1900 Died: 12/29/1987
Buried:Harmony cemetery, Bentley, IL

Children: LIVING

***Mary Virgina McCallister was a Mauk.
Her Grandfather: Abraham Mauk Born:11/2/1804 in Shenandoah CO, VA
Married:Catherine Ann Huffman Born:12/13/1807
Their son (Mary's dad):
Ambrose H. Mauk
Born: 2/6/1826 in VA; Died:4/22/1890 Hanock, CO
Buried:Harmony cemetery in Bentley
Married 1/4/1855 in Page CO, Va to:
Mary Jane Beylor - Born:12/11/1830 Died:12/18/1906
Buried:Harmony cemetery, Bentley In Hancock CO.

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