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Hancock County, Illinois

Appanoose Township

Source: 1874 Atlas of Hancock County, Illinois -transcribed by J.S.




to Co.
Bertschi, WilliamSection 22FarmerSwitzerland1849
Bedier, H.Section 31FarmerFrance1849
Bertschi, A.Section 33FarmerSwitzerland1851
Doolittle, AmiziSection 2FarmerMadison Co., New York1826
Davis, Ethan C.Section 24FarmerMichigan1855
Davis, Mary J.Section 25FarmerOhio1857
Elliott, SamuelSection 35Farmer and Justice of PeaceLogan Co., Penn.1850
Egans, S.T.Section 34FarmerFranklin Co., Indiana1846
Ebinger, JohnSection 32FarmerSwitzerland1851
East, Charles M.Section 28BlacksmithHancock Co., Illinois1846
Griffiths, JohnSection 26FarmerEngland1842
Guann, BenediktSection 33FarmerWurtemburg, Germany1863
Hall, N.K.Section 31FarmerNew York1848
Hobbs, Mrs. J.Section 31FarmerFrederick, Maryland1856
Hammond, Thos.Section 18FarmerEngland1842
Haigh, JohnSection 13FarmerPennsylvania1853
Jackson, WilliamSection 29FarmerScotland1838
Jackson, HughSection 23Supervisor and FarmerFulton Co., New York1856
Jackson, JohnSection 14FarmerAlbany Co., New York1862
:Knapp, Wm. D.Section 14FarmerChmung Co., New York1956
Kelley, CharlesSection 22FarmerSt Louis, Missouri1870
Lacroix, George C.Section 32FarmerHancock Co., Illinois1848
McCune, Samuel T.Section 22FarmerLawrence Co., Indiana1849
Ollis, James A.Section 24FarmerMontgomery Co., Indiana1836
Quint, J.S.Section 32FarmerMaine1846
Rudisill, Geo. H.Section 12FarmerChillicothe, Ohio1860
Riter, Benj.Section 36FarmerChester Co., Penn.1846
Robertson, J.J.Section 36FarmerClarke Co., Indiana1844
Schafer, MarkusSection 26FarmerBaden, Germany1851
Sanders, Isaac S.Section 36FarmerMeigs Co., Ohio1840
Tenzler, A.C.Section 32Wine GrowerPrussia1864
Travers, Wm. F.Section 26FarmerKentucky1847
Uhler, DavidSection 23FarmerFrederick Co., Maryland1846
Wilson, Jos.Section 34FarmerIreland1846
Yates, John P.Section 23Stock DealerMontgomery Co., N.Y.1834


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