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Hancock County, Illinois

Sonora Township

Source: 1874 Atlas of Hancock County, Illinois -transcribed by J.S.




to Co.
Brown, JohnSection 3Farmer and Justice of PeaceBerks Co., Penn.1860
Bolton, JamesSection 29 FarmerYorkshire, England1847
Bunpess, J.R.Section 4 FarmerChenango Co., New York1852
Brownlee, SamuelSection 29  FarmerWashington Co., Penn.1846
Bollin, GottliebSection 15 FarmerGermany1858
Bailey, John J.Section 1  FarmerChester Co., Penn.1853
Bolton, AlexanderSection 22 FarmerYorkshire, England1847
Brant, HezekiahSection 34  Stock RaiserWarrick Co., Indiana1855
Christy, John J.Section 13  FarmerMorgan Co., Kentucky1844
David, John T.Section 2 FarmerLoudon Co., Virginia1854
Fulton, W.H.Section 21  FarmerCumberland Co., Penn.1842
Fish, A.J.Section 1 FarmerLawrence Co., Indiana1853
Gardner, Joseph J.Section 16 Boots and ShoesMadison Co., New York1848
Golden, C.P.Section 21 FarmerMorgan Co., Illinois1838
Hall, O.J..Section 17 Erie Co., New York1846
Ikerd, WilliamSection 1 Lawrence Co., Indiana1845
Ikerd, Ruth J.Section 1  Fayette Co., Ohio1848
Ikerd, David J.Section 1 Lawrence Co., Indiana1856
Koch, DanielSection 10 Berks Co., Penn.1847
Moffitt, JamesSection 7  Farmer and Fruit GrowerIreland1830
Pitt, JohnSection 11 FarmerGloucestershire, England1841
Powell, ThomasSection 10 PhysicianFrance1858
Pitt, Henry J.Section 14 FarmerGloucestershire, England1841
Pilkington, ThomasSection 15  FarmerLancastershire, England1842
Rose, Geo. W.Section 19  Marble DealerHarrison Co., Ohio1865
Roser, MartinSection 10FarmerGermany1857
Rowe, S.R.Section 24 FarmerErie Co., New York1841
Smith, ChrisSection 28  Farmer and Justice of PeaceStark Co., Ohio1839
Stump, HenrySection 1 FarmerWashington Co., Ohio1860
Swartz, AbramSection 22 FarmerYork Co., Penn.1848
Schenck, ChristianSection 3  FarmerSwitzerland1865
Thornber, Dav. R.Section 12FarmerHancock Co., Ilinois1849
Thomas, I.T.Section 27Farmer and Stock RaiserNelson Co., Kentucky1852
Thomas, S.M.Section 14Stock FarmerAdams Co., Illinois1865
Wilson, James C.Section 32 FarmerChristian Co., Kentucky1827
Weld, John F.Section 24Retired PhysicianBerkshire Co., Vermont1837


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