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Hancock County, Illinois

U.S. Civil War Draft Registration Records 1863-1865

Consolidated list of all persons of Class III subject to do military duty in the Fourth Congressional District, consisting of the County of Hancock, State of Illinois, enumerated during the months of June & July, 1863 under the direction of Capt. Jas. Woodruff, Provost Marshall.

Colonel James B. Fry, Provost Marshall General U.S., Washington D.C.
Station: Headquarters 4th Congr. Dist of Illinois
Date: July 20, 1863
Transcribed by J.S.

ResidenceNameAgeWhite or
Profession, Occupation,
Place of BirthFormer Military Service
WilcoxChandler, Henry23WhiteFarmerIllinois118th Ill Inf
WarsawCole, David21WhiteIllinois118 Ill Inf
WarsawConyers, William22Whiteillinois16 Ill Inf
WarsawCrumpton, Thos. D.52WhiteOhio2nd Mo Militia
WarsawCrumpton, Francis W.28WhiteOhio2nd Mo Militia
WarsawCase, StephenWhite16th Ill Inf
WarsawComfort, P.B.White50th Ill Inf
WarsawCardin, J.W.White8th Mo
WarsawClark, GeorgeWhite118th Ill Inf
WarsawCurtis, JeffersonWhite118th Ill Inf
WarsawCollins, KolaskaWhite118th Ill Inf
WarsawCand, George26WhiteGermany4th Wis
WarsawCreise, DavidWhiteCarpenterU. States10th Ill
WarsawCritchfiled, Jno. H.WhiteIllinois7th Mo Cav
WytheCollins, Charles20WhiteFarmerIllinois7th Mo. Cav
WytheCalkins, Joel P.24WhiteTeacherIllinois5th Ill Cav
WytheClever, George W.29WhiteCarpenterNew York16th Ill Inf
WytheCole, John W.20WhiteFarmerIllinois118 Ill Inf
WytheCline, Henry16WhiteFarmerIllinois118 Ill Inf
WytheCline, Jose W.19WhiteFarmerIllinois118th Ill Inf
WytheCallison, Henry19WhiteFarmerIllinois118th Ill Inf
WytheCarr, Thomas25WhiteFarmerOhio118th Ill Inf
WytheChandler, Charles20WhiteFarmerIllinois7 Mo Cav
Bear CreekClampet, David29WhiteFarmerIndiana118th Ill Inf
Bear CreekClampet, Andrew J.24WhiteFarmerInidana118th Ill Inf
Bear CreekCrow, Feldin M.23WhiteFarmerIllinois12 Ill Cav
Bear CreekCarpenter, Henry19WhiteFarmer12 Ill Cav
HarmonyCases, ThomasWhiteFarmer118 Ill Inf
HarmonyCapron, George W.19WhiteFarmer72 Ill Inf
HarmonyCole, William25WhiteFarmer118 Ill Inf
St. MarysCox, Joseph24WhiteFarmerIllinois10 Mo
St. MarysComber, William B.20WhiteFarmerIllinois7 Mo
St. MarysCole, William H.30WhiteFarmer118 Ill Inf
St. MarysCox, James W.20WhiteFarmerIllinois10 Mo.
St. MarysCunningham, Isaac S.30WhiteFarmerPennsyl88 Ill
St. MarysClark, Jepe48WhiteFarmer7 Mo Cav
HancockCambell, James20WhiteFarmerKentuckyYates S. Shooters
HancockCurry, Adam22WhiteFarmerPennsyl10 Mo
HancockCampbell, Patrick18WhiteFarmerIllinoisRegt - unspecified
HancockCavanaugh, MichaelWhiteIreland118th Ill Inf
CarthageCahill, John B.28WhiteAttorneyNew York16 Ill Inf
CathageChaffee, Hiram C.25WhiteLaborerKentucky7 Mo Cav
CathageCason, Benjamin B.28WhiteCarpenterKentucky16 Ill Inf
CathageCofulana, Alexander25WhiteLaborer16 Ill Inf
CathageCarroll, John E.30WhitePennsyl118 Ill Inf
CathageCannac, William24WhiteLaborerIllinois78 Ill Inf
CathageCoon, James20WhiteLaborerIllinois78 Ill Inf
CathageCantrwell, Daniel21WhiteLaborerOhio2nd Ill Cav
PrairieCreeks, William21WhiteTennesee7 Mo Cav
PrairieCreeks, Isaac22WhiteTennesee7 Mo Cav
PrairieCreeks, Andrew19WhiteTennesee7 Mo Cav
PrairieCreeks, Jerry M.WhiteTenneseeService - unspecified
MontebelloCap, Michael44WhiteIreland118 Ill Inf
MontebelloCox, Alfred27WhiteIllinois118 Ill Inf
MontebelloCate, George A.19WhiteIlinois118 Ill Inf
MontebelloClingerman, MilesWhite16 Ill Inf
MontebelloCarey, William25White1 Iowa Cav
MontebelloCalver, William26White10 Mo Inf
MontebelloChesher, Ira30White2 Ill Cav
MontebelloCurtis, William T.40WhiteOhio118th Ill Inf
MontebelloCate, JosephWhiteBlk Hawk Cav Missouri
MontebelloCate, Joseph W.White118 Ill Inf
SonoraChadsey, John M.22WhiteFarmerIndiana16 Ill Inf
SonoraChadsey, Benj F.19WhiteFarmerMissouri16 Ill Inf
SonoraChadsey, William H.23WhiteFarmerIndiana7 Mo Cav
SonoraChadsey, Charles27WhiteFarmerIndiana3rd Iowa Cav
SonoraCameron, Robert25WhiteFarmerScotland17 Iowa Inf
SonoraClingerman, Miles26WhiteFarmerOhio16 Ill Inf
SonoraCampbell, Dolphis23WhiteFarmerKentucky17 Iowa Inf
SonoraCollins, Lewis20WhiteFarmerIllinois50 Ill Inf
SonoraCampbell, William20WhiteFarmer55 Ill Inf
SonoraCruffer, James22White7 Mo Inf
Rock CreekClokey, John G.?33WhiteFarmerPennsyl7 Mo Cav
Rock CreekCruff, William21WhiteFarmerMapachw?118 Ill Inf
Pilot GroveCobb, Nathan O.38WhiteFarmerOhio7 Mo Cav
Fountain GreenCampbell, Thos. J.38WhitePennsyl118 Ill Inf
Fountain GreenCampbell, John W.28WhitePennsyl118 Ill Inf
Fountain GreenChamberlain, Hiram38WhiteNew York118 Ill Inf
Fountain GreenCampbell, James M.20WhitePennsyl118 Ill Inf
Fountain GreenConner, John32WhitePennsyl118th Ill Inf
Fountain GreenConkey, Marion F.23WhiteOhio118th Ill Inf
Fountain GreenConrad, Nicholas40WhiteFranceBoard of Trade Regt
Fountain GreenCarothers, Geo. W.27WhitePennsyl16th Ill Inf
Fountain GreenCraft, S.W.33WhiteOhio10 Mo Inf
Fountain GreenClark, E.30WhiteTennesee78th Ill Inf
La HarpeCornell, John 20WhiteFarmerIllinois118 Ill Inf
La HarpeCrenshaw, Sidney20WhiteFarmerIllinois118 Ill Inf
La HarpeCollins, Harvey20WhiteFarmerMichigan118 Ill Inf
La HarpeCrowell, Simon26WhiteFarmerOhio118 Ill Inf
La HarpeCapingham, Alex30WhiteFarmerOhio88 Ill Inf
La HarpeComstock, Geo. B.23WhiteFarmerIllinois88 Ill Inf
La HarpeCampbell, William30WhiteFarmerOhio7th Iowa Inf
La HarpeCheeney, Linus W.26WhiteFarmerIndiana7th Iowa Inf
La HarpeComstock, Henry, Jr.45WhiteFarmerMapacha?14th Ill Cav
La HarpeComstock, Wm. M.38WhiteFarmerMapacha88th Ill Inf
La HarpeClark, Alanters43WhiteCooperNew York17 Iowa Inf
La HarpeComstock, James32WhiteFarmerMapacha88th Ill Inf
DurhamCurtis, Henry20WhiteFarmerIllinois50th Ill Inf
PontoosucCosgrove, John D.18WhiteLaborer78th Ill Inf
PontoosucCaley, Wilson18WhiteFarmerOhio78th Ill Inf
PontoosucCox, Joseph22WhiteFarmer78th Ill Inf
PontoosucCoffman, George18WhiteFarmerGermany21 Mo Inf
PontoosucCavis, John30WhiteSaddlerIndiana11 U.S. Inf
NauvooClark, Alfred G.White118 Il Inf
NauvooColono, EmielWhite8 Mo Inf
NauvooChadsey, CharlesWhite3rd Iowa Cav
NauvooChadsey, JohnWhite16 Ill Inf
NauvooChadsey, BenjaminWhite16 Ill Inf
NauvooChadsey, WilliamWhite108 Ill Inf
AppanooseCrosgrove, John18WhiteFarmerIowa17 Ill Inf
AppanooseCanfield, Ebenezer21WhiteFarmerOhio16 Ill Inf
AugustaChristian, Henry29WhiteFarmerTennesee7th Mo Cav
AugustaCain, Jacob23WhiteFarmerVirginia11th Mo Cav
AugustaCain, Joseph21WhiteFarmerViginia50th Ill Inf
AugustaCook, Andrew28WhiteTeacherConnecticut72 Ill Inf
AugustaClifton, Thomas22WhiteFarmerKentucky119 Ill Inf
AugustaChristian, Henry H.31WhiteFarmerTennesee7 Mo Cav
AugustaCattin, James K.34WhiteMerchantGeorgia2nd Ill Cav
AugustaCurrett, DennisWhiteLaborerNew York2 Ill Cav
AugustaCook, Hiram W.43WhiteLaborerNew York2 Ill Cav
ChiliCrotts, William31WhiteFarmerIndiana78 Ill Inf
St. AlbansCuddeback, Dewitt22WhiteFarmerOhio12 Ill Cav
St. AlbansCory, Vaughn B.33WhitePhysicianNew York118 Ill Inf
WalkerCrawford, Saml. M.22WhiteFarmerIllinois118 Ill Inf
WalkerChenowith, Alb.45WhiteCarpenter7 Mo Cav
WalkerCoon, John22WhiteFarmersupposed a deserter
Rocky RunCarter, William25WhiteFarmerOhio21st Mo
Rocky RunClark, Abraham J.28WhiteFarmerOhio21st Mo
Rocky RunClark, Abraham C.35WhiteFarmerOhio21 Mo
Rocky RunCollins, Kay24WhiteFarmerIllinois118th Ill Inf
Rocky RunColany, Charles20WhiteFarmerIllinois21 Mo
Rocky RunColany, Albert22WhiteFarmerIndiana21 Mo


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