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Hardin County, Illinois 

1930 District 32 School-McDowell

Source: Hardin County Independent

Galen Blaine, Teacher; Clyde L. Flynn, Superintendent. Shown above left to right: front row-Walter Douglas, Gary McDowell, Virgil "Dink" Lewis, Glendal Walker, Asa Ray Frailey, Gordon Lamb, Lee Roy Hamilton, George "Muckle" McBee, James "Tutter" McBee; back row-June Lewis, Virginia Lamb, Jessie Mae McBee, Ruby Blair, Galen Walker, Adiel Vaughn, Roy Walker, Norma McDowell, (unknown), Gladys Lewis.

1930 District 33 School-Double Box

Cecil Blakely, Teacher; Clyde L. Flynn, Superintendent.  Shown above left to right: front tow-James Edwards, Billy Ray Edwards, Vernon Derringer, Conrad "Chiz" Walker, Bonnie Walker, Frances McDowell, Alma Derringer, Gordon McDowell; back row-Fred H. Walker, Prentcie McDowell, Selby McDowell, Kenneth McDowell, Veldene McDowell, Maxine derringer, Heloise Derringer, Geneva Derringer, Conrad "Connie" DeGrave.

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