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Deanna Heneghan

I didn't like or appreciate history until I went on a trip to New Orleans with my sister  ;)
What a beautiful rich in culture and history!  I fell in love.
I started gathering information from family members and joined a search engine and realized that
a year membership, just wasn't enough.  I certainly wasn't going to pay again.
I ran into Illinois Trails and here I am.

Through my search for my family history, I found a personal connection with Marion County as well as Gallatin County.
Hardin County I discovered last year when I took the kids to the Shawnee Forest.  It's truly a beautiful place. I fell in love with Elizabethtown.
It's truly a wonder of nature... a must see...
My Grandmother, Frieda Pauline Potter,  was born in Marion County and I'm told my Grandfather, Seymour Larkin Nation

is from Shawneetown, Gallatin County.

   Nation,        Nation,         Deanna Nation,         Nation,         Nation

  Living Nation (mom) married to    Living Nation (dad)           Living Nation      Living Nation

Frieda Pauline Potter          married to             Seymour Larkin Nation

         B: 14 Aug 1915                                           B: 13 Oct 1900
         D: 15 Feb 1988                                             (2nd marriage)                     
Martha Jane Slagley                 married to                  Napoleon B Potter

   B: 1876                               3 Feb 1895                 B: 13 May 1873
                                                                                 D: 27 Nov 1934                                                                    

Evaline ?     married to   George W Slagley              Louisa Jane Pearson          married to       Thomas Potter

B:  approx.1854            B: approx.1852                    B: 29 May 1834           7 Apr 1857       B: 25 Feb 1832                                                                                   (2nd marriage)                                        D:17 May 1914
                                     D: 14 Feb 1880
Mary Anne Marshall      married to       Thomas Potter
B:12/8/1806               30 Nov 1825      B: Oct 1809
                                                                                                                                                                                          D: 5 Mar 1875

Ruth Moore        married to        Thomas Potter
B: 22 Mar 1764                           B: 1/1755

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