Hardin County, IL.


January 1924

Source: Hardin County Independent News

The Hardin County Independent was published by E. M. Young, the heading statement being "Published in the Heart of the World's Richest Fluorspar Region".

Some of the coldest weather in years-six degrees below zero-was happening at Bend of the River.  Mr. and Mrs. James Lamb were the proud parents of an eight pound baby girl Myrtle Lorine.

Elizabethtown news:  A crew of men who came to Elizabethtown to work on the hard road found the Ohio River on a rampage with low lands flooded and they returned to Harrisburg to await receding of the water.  Jim Pruett had shipped a large bunch of cattle to an Evansville market.  J. W. Baker, known locally as the music man, had sold quite a few Victrolas in town the week before.

Baugher news:  Rev. M. F. Oxford was holding a revival meeting at Mt. Zion.  Mr. and Mrs. George Dutton were the proud parents of another fine boy.  The stork also visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thurston Patton.

Democratic Ridge news:  Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ginger visited Mr. and Mrs. John Conkle, Jr.

Republican Ridge news:    A pie supper was held at Philadelphia Church on January 18th.  The proceeds were used to purchase an organ for the church.  A boat schedule was published.  The Mary McConnell was to leave Cave In Rock at 6:30 a.m. and arrive in Caseyville at 8 a.m.  R. McConnell was owner and master.  He also operated the Katheryne, a boat, from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon each day with stops at Tolu, Rosiclare, Elizabethtown and Cave In Rock.  A typographical error in our items last week was caused by the letter "t" being substituted for the letter "r" in spelling the name of Mrs. Rebecca Birch making a most mortifying mistake.  We are satisfied it was purely an oversight by both the typist and proof reader.

Hicks Branch news:  Mrs. Ella Williams was the proud mother of a fine baby boy, Nolen Eugene.  The Douglas mines had quite a few cave ins during the past week.   The hands were kept busy keeping shafts from filling up.  Mr. and Mrs. Archie Fowler spent the afternoon with Mrs. Aaron Sutherland.

Cave In Rock news:  Mrs. Thelma Mason made a business trip to Evansville on the Steamer Bay Queen.  Roy Griffith was advertising the 1924 Model Studebaker Big-Six Seven Passenger Sedan for $2,685.00.  Mr. and Mrs. W. J. B. Birch celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on January 11th.  Native of Hardin County, they lived there all their lives.  Both still enjoyed a fair degree of health.  They had nine children (eight living), 19 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.  Ages 70 and 65, it was obvious both were rather young when hit by cupid's dart.  "We see no reason why their future years may still be crowned with that love and esteem that has illuminated life's pathway."

Hicks Branch news:  The latest arrival was a boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hicks. 

Elizabethtown news:  Millard Ledbetter, pilot on packet, the Bay Queen, was a guest of his father, James Ledbetter of Elizabethtown for a week.  R. F. Austin of Rock Creek came in for his son, Omar Austin, a mechanic here, to do some machine work for him at the farm.  Arbrey Patton and Miss Myrtle Lowe, both of near Mt. Zion, were married.  He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Patton; her parents were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Lowe.  

Karbers Ridge news:  Earl Barger sold out his blacksmith shop to Ess Vinyard and George Carr.  Captain D. W. Rowan and wife were the proud parents of a 10 pound baby girl on January 17th, christened Clara Elizabeth after its two grandmas.  Mother and baby were well but daddy was reported to be shaken up.  Mrs. Dollie Tyer and Mrs. Lilly Mason of Cave In Rock were visiting relatives in other parts of the county.  Earl Gaines and Miss Hazel Knight, the eldest daughter of E. A Knight and wife, Rosiclare, traveled to Paris, Tennessee where marriage laws were more flexible concerning age requirements than in Illinois, and were married.  Mrs. Gaines was described as an industrious and fairly well educated lady.  At the Bend of the River, several nice hogs drowned in the back water at the Walker and Hughes properties.

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