Genealogy Trails, Hardin County, Illinois


March 1926

Source: Hardin County Independent News

Goetzman's Clothing Store in Rosiclare was advertising Clark's sewing thread--7 spools for 25¢; ladies pure silk chiffon hose $1.00 a pair; apron frocks, full cut, all sizes, gingham and percales--75¢; boys' 220 weight solid blue overalls $1.00; girls' gingham dresses, for ages 2-14, $1.00.

Elizabethtown--See Mrs. Esther Birch for new spring hats for Easter.

E. C. Gaines of Elizabethtown was building a large barge to be used in transporting sand gravel.

Gus Paris and family of Rosiclare visited Dr. and Mrs. W. J. Paris of Elizabethtown.

Guy Lambert was devoting all of his time to overhauling and putting the ferry boats and equipment into an approved state of repair for summer traffic.

Lamb news: Dr. Paris Oxford was called to W. W. Winn's to see a sick cow.  Mrs. Mildred Angleton and children visited at T. J. Belt's over the weekend.  Jack Millikan and family spent the weekend as guests of Walter McDowell.  Green Berry Vaughn and wife and Mrs. Mary Kaegi visited at A. J. Winn's.

U. G. Gullet was an authorized Ford dealer in Elizabethtown.

Shoemaker School was to be out on March 26 and there was to be entertainment and a box supper.  Simpson School was also to be out at the end of March.

Cave In Rock news:  Cyrus McConnell had a new boy at home.  Mother and baby were fine.

John Laird of Elizabethtown had a wagon for sale.

Advertisement:  Shoeing & Blacksmithing.  Bring your horses to us at the McTyre old stand on First Street, Elizabethtown.  Shoeing, blacksmithing and repair work.  See our stoves, tinware and pumps--also nails and hardware.  H. A. Ferrell & Bro., Elizabethtown, IL.

Mt. Zion news--The stork left a boy at Virgil Rutherford's and a girl at Louis Hindoll's.

Karbers Ridge news--Sheriff Allard was out posting election notices and shaking hands with voters.  Ellis Vinyard rented John Karber's apple orchard to put in corn.  The reporter wrote, "If he don't eat too many apples, he will make a good crop."  Jessie Shipp was on the streets swapping jokes with citizens.  Reporter's quote: "The working of our state aid road through Monroe Precinct was left to the will and pleasure of H. T. Vinyard, George Joyce and Wm. Irby."  Harry Reiner and wife who had employment in some of the western hospitals were in Karbers Ridge on vacation.  The reporter wrote, "Harry is a lively old boy."  The reporter also wrote, "The candidates are so numerous shaking hands that our right shoulders are paining us from the hearty handshakes."

Lamb news--Otto Burkow and Orval Pennell visited the latter's father.  Clarence Tadlock and family visited the H. M. Littrells.  John Thornton of Elizabethtown was vigorously electioneering.  Jake M. Cowsert, candidate for sheriff, was also in the vicinity.  A strange wild animal, thought to be a wild wolf, was seen in those parts.  Mrs. Daisy Leonberger, candidate for county clerk, was in the Lamb community.

Picket Ridge news (location??)--Dock Oxford took great interest in cleaning up the R. F. Taylor place making ready for a crop.  Clyde Banks had employment around Daisy Mines.  Mose Pennell was fencing his garden.  Azra Smith visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith.  John C. Stacey visited W. H. Jackson.

Eichorn news--John Rotes and wife of Shetlerville shopped in Eichorn.  Jake Eichorn and wife and Calvin Volle and wife were callers in Eichorn.  Ed Sheldon purchased a new Chevrolet coach from the Herrmann Brothers.

Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Herrman were the proud parents of a new baby boy.

Frank Partain and family moved to the Willis Cowsert farm.

Ezra Banks, 27, of Elizabethtown, and Mary Clanton, 17, of Sparks Hill were married at the county clerk's office by Squire H. A. Ferrell.

Mrs. Fannie Simmons of Battery Rock visited her mother, Mrs. Bettie Lynn of Elizabethtown.

Mr. and Mrs. John Patton of Rosiclare visited Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Robinson of Elizabethtown.

Miss Connie Edmondson visited at C. H. McDowell's and attended a box supper at Double Box School.

The Bass Herl family of Rosiclare attended Mass at St. Joseph Church.

A medicine, Black Draught, was advertised for one's liver troubles; also, Genuine Bayer Aspirin was a drug advertised to treat many ailments.

Hickman Joiner of near Shetlerville bought a nice little bunch of mules.

Miss Albertean Humm spent the weekend with home folks at Eichorn.

At War Hawk Bluff, Mrs. Matt Koch had improved her flock of turkeys by purchasing a fine White Holland Tom from the northern part of the state.


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