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March 1930

Source: Hardin County Independent News

Coon Creek--Misses Alice Bascom and Josephine Angleton had spent Sunday afternoon with Misses Marie and Nora Douglas.

Cave In Rock--Mr. and Mrs. Ted Frailey and daughter Florence, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Herrin and daughter Peggy Jean, Mrs. Ted Frayser, Mrs. John Tyler, Miss Connie Edmondson, and Adrian Frayser had motored to Harrisburg.

Shawnee Hollow--Orval Foster was preparing to farm for hi brother, Robert Foster.  S. T. Lamar had been doing quite a business with his sawmill which was much needed by the farmers in the vicinity.  Dave Suits had completed a new barn.

Bald Ridge--Virgil Rutherford had sold his store to Eschol Rutherford and had moved in the house with his father.

Scattered news--Prentice Oxford, son of Lawrence Oxford, and Miss Edna Humphrey of near Cave In Rock had married.  Herbert Cook, son of Hiram and Mandy Cook, had married Miss Geneva, daughter of Wm. Newton of Yellow Springs.

Keeling--Mr. and Mrs. Doc Oxford had moved on Charles Frailey's farm.  W. H. Jackson had purchase mules from Spence Barnerd and Frank Swaggirt.  Virgil Daymon was working for Elmer Ralph.

Miss Zelma Needham and Garland Dutton, both of near Mt. Zion, had married.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Davis had purchased 40 acres from Albert Jenkins.

Keeling--John Decker, Jr. and family had been pleasant callers at Ernest Tolbert's.  Adrian Clanton and sister, Belva, of Shawnee Hollow had visited their sister, Mrs. Ezra Banks of Elizabethtown.  Lee Foster had moved to his new dwelling.

Three Mile Creek--Miss Olive Cowsert, Marie, Versie and Mildred Cornell had visited Mr. and Mrs. Isaac English.

Mrs. David Cornell and children, Freda, Mildred and Margie had been to Elizabethtown.

Elizabethtown--Haggie Ferrell had moved his restaurant from the Miller building to his own building one door east of the old stand.  He had moved his family to the Watson property across the street opposite his place of business.  J. B. Dale, Jr. had celebrated his 11th birthday on March 1 enjoying dinner with several friends prepared by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dale, Sr.

Marriage licenses had been issued to Henry Jones, Cave In Rock, age 29, and Henna Etta Frailey, 19; Roy Carman, Carrsville, KY, 24, and Dorothy Walker, 19; Dodd Gibson, Rosiclare, 30, and Julia E. Gullet, Springfield, 23.

Rock Creek--Mrs. Dora Clanton, Mrs. Hester Clanton, and Mrs. Junie Oldham had visited with the former's daughter, Mrs. Jessie Farley and new baby who was ill.  Ferrell Clanton had gone to work for Willie Pennell.

Cave In Rock--The stork in the person of Dr. S. E. Oxford had presented a fine boy at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Brown on March 3.

A barn belonging to Fleet Oldham had been destroyed by fire.  Ted Frayer's Essex car had burned up inside the barn.  Mr. and Mrs. Russell Tinsley were celebrating the birth of a big boy.  Mrs. Stella Garland had returned from Harrisburg where she had been employed to work back at Charlie Oxford's Cafe.

Bald Ridge--A girl had been born to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Denton.  Everyone was doing fine.  

On March 18, during assembly at the Rosiclare Grade School, Marie Herl had been awarded a high school diploma by Palmer Method of Business Writing.  She was the first scholar in the county to attain the honor.

Elizabethtown--Paul Winters had advertised that he was going to Mendota, Wisconsin on Friday and passengers and freight were wanted from any town between those points.

Hither and Tither--Uriah Belford had moved his sawmill to James Shelby's farm and was sawing lumber for several in the vicinity.  Henry Rahoof was working for him.

April 1930

Birthday Celebrated:  A birthday dinner was given Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Livers of route 1, Rosiclare, Ill., in honor of Mr. Liver's thirty-sixth birthday, although Friday, April 18th was his birthday.  Mrs. Livers thought it best to give the dinner Sunday so as not to delay the work of any of the friends and neighbors.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. John Shetler, Roy Lamar and children, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Shetler, John Volkert and sister, Mrs. Maggie Ginger, Mr. and Mrs. Druie Livers and three children, Charlie, Benjamin, Joe and Miss Ellen Livers, Wilburn Shetler, Anna Zimmer, Martin Realman, Agnes Zimmer, George and Freddie Humm, Harley and Uncle Henry Smock, and Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Livers and children.  All seemed to enjoy themselves fine if the day was a bad day.

Lover's Grove:  We have ben absent for quite a while but will now call again.  Hello everyone.  Otto Turner is slowly recovering from his recent illness.  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shetler spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Drumm.  Walter Oxford closed a very successful term of school a Karbers Ridge Friday.  Mrs. and Mrs. George Myer also Mrs. Walter Newman came in from St. Louis Easter to visit homefolks.  Miss golda Osman of Elizabethtown is visiting relative and friends in this vicinity.  Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wootton visited Louis Reiner's Sunday.  Everyone remember Bro. Joe Rose's appointment at Vinyard Chapel Church the first Saturday night and Sunday.  The famous Eddyville choir will be present on Sunday.  Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hale and daughter, Miss Lolene, called on Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hale of Elizabethtown Thursday.  Ora Vinyard has secured Karbers Ridge school for the ensuing term.  Sure glad to hear from Eagle Creek last week; we enjoy your items.  Those present at Alvin Hale's Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Joyce, Mrs. Eliza Shipp also Earl Love.  Dinner and supper guests who visited Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gin???t Easter Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hish, Henry Hish, wife and daughter, Louise, of Ridgway, Lurian Sneed, wife and grandson, Barnard, Ezra Karber and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Gintert?, Glen, Misses Roberta and India Turner visited in the afternoon; a pleasant day was spent by all.  (Signed) Happy Moots

Here and There:  We haven't saw any items from here in some time so will try and write a few hoping the editor will allow space.  We are sorry to report that Mrs. W. A. Cox fell and broke her left arm while milking Wednesday night; she is getting along very well.  Mr. and Mrs. Willie Baldwin and the former's mother, S. J. Baldwin, visited relative on Eagle Creek Saturday night and Sunday.  School election passed off quietly Saturday eve at Hicks Branch electing George Winters for director.  Mrs. Bertha Moore and little son, Dolan Eugene, visited her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Baldwin, a few days last week.  Mrs. Ulyss Cowsert and little daughter, Vivian Ruth, have been visiting at George Milligan's the past week.  Mrs. Lizzie Clark is leaving for New York today to join her husband who has employment there.  Charlie Shewmaker was a pleasant caller at George Baldwin's Sunday eve.

Three Mile Creek:  We are having some April showers at present.  Church was well attended at Sycamore Saturday night and Sunday.  Steve Rost is digging a cistern for Ulyss Cawsert at present.  We are sorry to hear of the death of the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hancock; the bereaved ones have our sympathy.  Miss Olive Cowsert visited Mrs. Freda Potts Monday eve.  Stone Church school will be out Friday, the 25th.  There will be a program in the afternoon.  Mr. and Mrs. Isaac English and son, Fred, were in Rosiclare Wednesday.  Horace Joiner who has been visiting Isaac English is visiting Charley Cochran at this writing.  We understand that Mrs. Lula Cochran is very poorly at this writing.  Easter passed off very quietly in these parts.  Misses Olive Cowsert visited Mrs. Lisa English one day last week.  Those present at Mr. and Mrs. Ben Cowsert's Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cowsert, Rev. T. S. Rector, Mrs. Freda Potts and sister, Margie Cornell, were callers in Rosiclare Saturday.

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