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 Hardin County, Illinois


February 1938

Source: Hardin County Independent News

Eagle Creek news: Johnny Mitchell had planted 100 pounds of seed potatoes.

Rock Creek news: The new baby of Renyard and Dorothy Dutton had been named Owen Randall.

Hickstown news: Marshall and Mayme Fricker had been confined to their rooms with measles.

Rosiclare news: Lucille Hurford had returned home following appendicitis surgery.

Elizabethtown news: Denny McClusky had spent the weekend with his grandfather, Jim McClusky.

Harvey Cullison with the U.S. Army stationed at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, had been on a 30 day furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Cullison on Road 34.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Herrmann of near Eichorn had celebrated their wedding anniversary on February 9.

Miss Juanita Cullison had entertained 25 friends at her birthday party on February 4. Toasted cheese and cocoa had been served to the guests.

Dr. E. O. Hancock had a dentist office in Rosiclare.

W. C. Karber, Optometrist, had an office in Rosiclare.

Dr. W. H. Birch had a dentist office in Elizabethtown.

Hardin County Independent Headline: Spar Tariff Cut Would Wreck County. Petitions were being circulated asking for continued protection and protesting the reduction of a tariff on flourspar in a treaty being negotiated by the United States and Great Britain. The tariff would disrupt and destroy the only industry in the county.

Dan Frailey had come to town with an eagle feather. Farmers at the Bend of the River above Cave In Rock were reporting that eagles were stealing little pigs. Lonzo Patton’s 11 year old son had shot one culprit--an eagle with a wing spread of 78 inches.

Lonesome Ridge news: A charivari for Mr. and Mrs. Maxie Walker had been well attended. Guests had treated on candy and cigarettes.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred English had helped Louis Foe butcher hogs.

A charivari for Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh English had been well attended at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Vinyard.

Minnie Cowsert had malaria fever and Billie Foe had tonsillitis.

A daughter, Francis Marie, had been born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cowsert.

A son, Jimmie Allen, had been born on February 14 to Mr. and Mrs. B. Allen Lewis of Rosiclare.

Mr. and Mrs. Densel Shore of Cave In Rock were the proud parents of a son born February 11.

A daughter had been born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Winders on February 14.

Mrs. Bass Humm had given a birthday dinner for her 11 year old grandson, James Humm.

Mr. and Mrs. Abbie Waggoner had entertained Mrs. Waggoner’s mother, Mrs. Ethel Mathews, her sister, Miss Helen and her brother, Junior, at dinner.

Eichorn news: Allen Cox and Miss May Burton had been married in Paducah, KY.

L. Shelton was having some prospecting of spar done on his farm near Eichorn.

The Weltzel mines at Eichorn had been shut down again, full of water.

Pumpkin Center news: Bill Stacey of Hickstown had preached at Philadelphia Church.

Frank Fricker had to shut down his mill, because his son and daughter had measles.


March 1938

Fire broke out in the middle of the night, on Sunday, March 6 at an air shaft at the Rosiclare Lead and Fluorspar Mining Company near the black top road into Rosiclare.  The shed over the fan and motor was damaged by flames.  A. H. Cronk was manager at the mine.  It was believed that a defect in wiring of the motor started the blaze.  Damage was estimated at $400.  Someone passing by saw the flames and reported the fire.  The Rosiclare Fire Department had a hard time finding water to extinguish the fire.  They used water from two cisterns.

Paul Nathaniel Hobbs, 29, of Cave In Rock and Edna Marie Davis, 24, of Elizabethtown were married by Justice of the Peace Fred Wheeler.  Witnesses were Nolan Moore and Amanda Wheeler.

Ben Andrews of Rosiclare bought Haggie Ferrell's Restaurant in Elizabethtown.  Mr. and Mrs. Andrews were going to manage the restaurant assisted by Mrs. Haggie Ferrell, Mrs. Mildred Ferrell, Miss Mildred Birch and Mrs. Alma Holbrook were going to continue to work there.  Haggie Ferrell was going to continue as proprietor of the saloon next door.  He bought the restaurant 15 years before from Shelton Hunter.  Before that, Haggie owned a barbershop.

Juanita Frailey, Katheryn Young and Chester Taber were on the RCHS senior honor roll.

Wanda Herrin, Evelyn Search and Ruth Cox were on the eighth grade honor roll at Elizabethtown Grade School.

Sixty persons in 17 cars, the largest number ever to attend a "Show Me Trip" in Hardin County, made a tour through the east end of the county.  The saw the Pounds, visited Camp Cadiz and enjoyed the view from High Knob.  The tour was sponsored by the U. S. Forest Service and the forest ranger.  The purpose of the tour was to show the work of the Forest Service and the Civilian Conservation Corps and to acquaint people with the beauty and grandeur of the Baby Ozarks.  Cars from Rosiclare, Elizabethtown, Cave In Rock, Marion and Paducah made the trip.

The RCHS fourth annual Mothers Day Vesper Service was held at the high school.  The glee club sang songs and individuals sang solos.  Flowers were presented to the oldest mother in attendance.   The service was open to the public.

Milling at Hillside Fluorspar Mine in Rosiclare had resumed.  The mine was operated by J. W. Blindey Patton.  Lee Mine owned by Hillside was to open soon.

Harry L. Porter was publisher of the Hardin County Independent.

On May 5 a daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ferrell of Elizabethtown.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Suits, Sr. of Sparks Hill were announcing the birth of a daughter, Willa Mae.

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