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Rosiclare Community High School

Class of 1932

 Row 1:  Wilma Aydelotte, Olen Banks, John M. Belt, Prentice Board, Gwendolyn Brewster and Norman Ferrell.

      Row 2:  Clara Fletcher, Ruby Gilliand, Mildred Goble, Kenneth Halter, Sally Hill, and Lowden Humm.

Row 3:  Gertrude Jackson, Mildred Keeling, Corina Lane, Kenneth Lay Alberta Millikan, and Edwina Millikan.

Row 4:  Paul Montgomery, Dorothy Mott, Glen Moyers, Mary Sue Paris, Geneva Partain, and Ruby Reid.

Row 5:  Docia Rotes, Iola Spees, Max Thornton, Abner Waggoner, Max Wall, and Dora Young.

Row 6:  Jesse Young.

Absent:  W. W. Pell.

Source: Hardin County Independent

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