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Rosiclare Community High School

Class of 1950

 Row 1:  Johnny Brandt, Arnold Butler, Mary Cullum, Wanda Cummins, Russell Davidson, and Jean Daymon.

      Row 2:  Ann Efner, Pat Estevez, Dick Flanery, Rue Foe, Della Fricker, and Rudy Glore.

Row 3: Lawrence Goolsby, Kenton Hancock, James Howard, Margaret Humm, Roger Joiner, and Jim Ledbetter.

Row 4:  Bob Lewis, Don Lewis, Mary Lewis, Betty Lotton, Bob Mick, and Betty Mott.

Row 5:  Joan Pease, Gerald Ramsey, Elva L. Shadowens, Lennie Taber, Patty Watson, and Billy Wyatt.

Source: Hardin County Independent

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