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Hardin County, Illinois

State Mineral--Fluorite
Named the Illinois state mineral on July 7,1965

Among other minerals suggested were galena, calcite and quartz.  None were
as colorful or important economically.

Fluorite is very beautiful with glassy cubes of different shades of purple, blue
amethyst , green, yellow, pink and white.  All are highly collectable.
Hardin county is the source for most findings, it accounts for about 50% of the fluorspar in the U. S.

Fluorite is a compound of calcium and fluorine and has may uses such as hydrofluoric acid
(used in aerosols, Teflon) as a flux (in steel) zinc smelting (a process of aluminum) and helps to
manufacture certain glasses and glazes.

Some geologists have said that some of the youngest rocks found in Hardin county are older
than the Rocky Mountains!

Transcribed by Deanna Heneghan

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