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1916 Businesses of Stronghurst, Illinois
(taken from the April-May issues of the Stronghurst Graphic)
Submitted by Virginia Ross

I.F.Harter, physician and surgeon
E.E.Bond, physician and surgeon
Dr. Lucy V. Henderson, osteopath
Dr. R.I.Findley, dentist
W.C.Ivins, attorney at law
Albert S. McElhinney, auctioneer, real estate, insurance
Broadway Livery Barn-James Sutliff, proprietor (successor to R.F.Frans)
H.D.Lovitt, grocerer
M.E.Beardsley & Co., clothier
Stronghurst Motor Co.
Keener Bros., Agricultural Implements, buggies, harness- (later known as Keener & Lawless Co.-Where Stronghurst Implement is in 2003)
Geo. Dixson, Agricultural Implements
Lazear Drug Store
Lyric Theatre
W.H.Spiker, Auctioneer, insurance
Santa Fe Railroad, J.C.Fatley, agent
G.L.Mahnesmith, grocerer
Knutstrom & McKeown-cars & tires
Stronghurst Lumber Co.
Stronghurst Mutual County Fire Insurance Co.
Fisher’s Grocery
K.E. Yoakam jeweler
W.B.Towler, jeweler
J.W.Hicks, carpenter
W.H. Perrine & Co., Stronghurst Grain
Worley’s Drug Store
F.G.Reynolds, lawn mowers
Standard Oil Co.
Stronghurst Light Plant-M.F.T. Schierbaum
Wax & McKeown-grocery?
L. Odegard, Tailor
Hunter & Regan, furniture
T.J.Hunter, undertaker

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Placement of businesses as remembered by Mrs. Mary Hoffeditz and Mrs. Blanche Galbraith, both past 90 years old as of 2003
West side of Broadway beginning at Santa Fe Tracks going South:
1. Perrine & Co. Feed Mill
2. Unknown
3. Unknown
4. Knutstrom & McKeown
5. Perry Stamp Tin Shop
6. Dr. Lauver’s Office
7. Mrs. Mahnesmith’s restuarant
8. LeValley Meat Market
9. Unknown
10. Post Office
11. Dr. I.F.Harter’s office
East Side of Broadway from Santa Fe Tracks going South:
12. Telephone Office
13. Unknown
14. Stronghurst Graphic
15. Unknown
16. Stronghurst State Bank
South of Main on Broadway-West side
1. Allie Bruce’s restaurant
2. H.D.Lovitt-Grocery
3. A.E.Jones-Grocery
4. First National Bank
5. Hunter & Regan-furniture & undertaker
Ladies Restroom-where could wait for men to finish business
6. Tom Morgan-Barber
7. M.E.Beardsley-clothing
9. Geo. Dixson Implements & Hardware (lived in house occupied in 2003 by Elise Hartman)
10. Unknown
11. Unknown
12. W.B.Towler-drug store with Dr. Findley, dentist, upstairs (Towler lived in house occupied by J. Rehm in 2003)
South of Main on Broadway-East side
13. Wax & McKeown
14. Unknown
15. Dan Shook-restuarant
16. A.L.Beaver-Barber
17. Dr. Marshall Page 2 of 3
18. Foster Lazear Drug Store
19. Unknown
20. Worley Drug Store
21. Lyric Theatre
22. K.E. Yoakam-jeweler
23. Geo. Chant Harness Shop
Around the corner and on northeast-Blacksmith & wagon shop

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