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Henderson County, Illinois
Miscellaneous News Articles

Raritan -- People who have occasion to stop in Raritan will find the Willard House a pleasant home. The table is supplied with a profusion of good things, neatly and tastefully arranged, attentive waiters, good beds, and if you have a team, good stables and good care; and on settlement will be presented with a surprisingly moderate bill of charges.
Being out on North Prairie on Saturday last, we called on our friend John Stine, who showed us through his new, beautiful and spacious house, which is an ornament to the neighborhood, a credit to its projector, and a pleasant home for his family. The house cost Mr. Stine between $5,500 and $6,000 and has been mostly done by La Harpe mechanics, and well done, too-Mr. Chas. Randall doing the carpenter work, and J. C. Figley the painting. The house is pleasantly located and convenient to a church and school house, and on the line of the K. G. & C. Narrow Gauge, halfway between Raritan and Terre Haute, and on the Transportation Certificate system. Mr. Stine says he has $2,000 to assist in locating and building it.
Mr. Stine is a representative man of his class, specimens of which are not very rare in the west. Ten years ago he was the proprietor of one of the poorest 40 acres of land in La Harpe Township, with a family to support. Since which he has bought a section of as good land as can be found, part improved and part unimproved, has improved the latter, built this house, and now owns 400 acres of the choicest land and is out of debt, and well "heeled," and has done it by raising and selling corn of which he last fall gathered 19,000 bushels.
[May 5, 1876 - Sub by Suzanne Miller]


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