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Henderson County, Illinois
Birthday, Anniversary and Reunion Parties


The country home of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Logan was the scene of a merry gathering Tuesday, April 14th when relatives and friends to the number of 70 came in to remind them that it was their 38th wedding anniversary. A bountiful dinner was served and they were presented with $25.50 as a remembrance. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Logan, Lem Logan, wife and son, Ed; Clem Logan, wife and children, Clayton Logan and 3 children, Robert Porter and wife, Victor and Lawrence Logan, Nora and Ethel Logan, Dr. Scott of Dallas City, James Babcook and wife, John Bell and wife, Wes Scott and wife, Elder King, wife and son and Ellen Gittings; Rev. J. B. King and wife, Robert Scott and wife, Thomas Howard and wife, Mrs. W. H. Wyatt and Ethel, Morgan McKim and wife, Clara Royse, Art Vaughn and wife, Bert Blakely and wife, Fred Logan, Walter and Ida Scott, James Paul, wife and Ella, Henry Tibbits, wife and Mildred, George Shanks and wife, W. Q. Crane, wife and son, Everett. [La Harper, April 24, 1908 Lomax - Sub. by Suzanne Miller]


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