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Henderson County, Illinois
School News

June 26, 1876 - Monthly Report of Terre Haute School
Commenced April 17, 1876, Number of pupils enrolled, 52, Average Attendance, 41
Neither absent or tardy during month: Misses M. Cooksey, D. Hunter, F. Jenkins, F. Magie, M. Hamilton, N. Nesbit, O. Jenkins, L. Robinson, N. McElhaney, and Master Ira Jenkins.
Pupils perfect in recitation: Misses L. Pearson, E. McElhaney, C. Lovitt, R. Lovitt, M. Bolton, Mary Bolton, C. Bolton, L. Robinson, L. Magie, F. Magie, O. Jenkins, F. Jenkins, L. Jenkins, E. Neighbors, L. Cochran, D. Hunter, N. Nesbit, H. Martin, and Masters G. Lovitt, W. Lovitt, J. Jackson, L. Hamilton and C. Cooksey. Miss Jane Foreman, Teacher

[La Harper, June 26, 1876 - Submitted by Suzanne Miller]

Terre Haute
- Miss R. Mayor's school closed in District #2 a few days since. The average attendance was only 2 less than the entire number of pupils on the roll, and three, John Bryan, Laura and Milton Walker, aged respectively 11, 9 and 7 were not absent a day during the 4 month term-of the muddiest roads ever known in the country. But Miss Mayor has the tact to keep up the interest of her school and bring out the little fellows, if reaching the schoolhouse was a possibility. [La Harper, April 7, 1876 - Submitted by Suzanne Miller]

Lomax -- Our public schools are first class and plenty having two in this district. The college is situated in the NE part of the city with Miss Sue Babcook, a very efficient teacher at the head of the faculty. The Academy is about 1 mile north of town where Miss E. L. Runner from Keokuk, Iowa dispenses knowledge to the rising generation.
The Sabbath School never prospered better, average attendance over 70. C. B. Randall, Supt., A. W. Logan, Assist. Supt.
[La Harper, June 9, 1876 - Submitted by Suzanne Miller]

Terre Haute

[The Quill, May 15, 1900 - Submitted by Suzanne Miller]


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