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Henderson County, Illinois
Sick List News


[These are in loose Alpha order]

Terre Haute -- Mrs. LaFever has been on the sick list again this week.
[July 10, 1900 - Sub by Suzanne Miller]

The 15 year old son of Jasper Logan was kicked by an unshod horse on the left temple making a circular depression of the bone about 2 ½ inches long by ¾ inch deep. For 10 days there were symptoms of serous compression of the brain as his pulse was but little above 50 and the pain was so intense that no relief could be afforded by the strongest anodymes. His face and head were swollen to the size of a half bushel and his condition was so desperate that on a consultation of attending physicians it was decided to trephine the skull and endeavor to raise the fractured bone. On Monday Dr. Rice of Disco assisted by Drs. Kirkpatrick and Henry of La Harpe and Dr. Scott of Dallas City removed two buttons of bone from the sound bone at the edge of the fracture when an immense amount of bloody matter gushed forth and relieved him. The broken bones were raised and the boy is in a fair way to recovered provided too much suppuration does not set in. [La Harper, August 18, 1892]

November 11, 1892
Sometime ago we gave an account of Dowd Logan, 15 year old son of Jasper Logan living near Disco, being operated on for depression of the skull bones following the kick of a horse. He was supposed to have nearly recovered but an abscess has formed below the bone and small hopes are offered for his recovery.
[La Harper, November 11, 1892]

Terre Haute -- Jim Miller is quite ill.
[July 3, 1900 - Sub by Suzanne Miller]

Terre Haute - Mr. Henry Painter is able to ride out now. All are glad to know of his improvement in health.
[May 29, 1900 - Sub by Suzanne Miller]

Terre Haute -- Mrs. Smart is still quite poorly.
[The Quill, May 15, 1900 - Sub by Suzanne Miller]

Terre Haute - Some dogs need killing. Jim Green's dog bit M. J. Stokes in the hand Saturday. As luck would have it, it was not a bad wound.
[July 10, 1900 - Sub by Suzanne Miller]

Terre Haute: We have considerable sickness in our community, Rev. W. S. Taylor, who has been sick here 5 or 6 weeks is slowly recovering, for 5 weeks has been at the house of J. H. Magie, Esq., where he had received the kindest care. Too much cannot be said in praise of his physician, Dr. W. K. Smith, who has been untiring in his attentions. Dr. Smith has as counsel in the case, Dr. Cleaver of Keokuk.
[La Harper, January 14, 1876 - Sub by Suzanne Miller]


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