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Henry County
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Lutheran Home for Children & Farm School
Andover Township, Henry County, IL
1930 Census

Transcribed by ©Kim Torp
ED 37-3, Sheet no. 7a, April 17th, 1930

Household 155-156-
Ortman, Hyalmar, Head, home rented, lives on a farm, M, W< 46, M, age at first marriage 45, b. Sweden, Sweden, sweden, speaks Swedish, emigrated to the U.S. in 1909, Na, speaks English, Occupation: Manager of Children's Farm
", Anna, Wfie, F,W, 37, M, age at first marriage, 36, N, Y, Sweden, Sweden, , Sweden, Swedish, emigrated 1922, [smudged column], speaks English, no occupation.

Household 156-157,

Ring, Emma, head, aged 36, S, b. IA, parents in Sweden, speaks English, Occupation: Matrone at Childrens HOme
Clareen, Emily, assistant Matrone at CHildrens Home, age 71
Wild, Mable, servant, age 38, b. Nebraska, parents in Sweden, Occupation: Supervisor for Children
Hanson, Liddia, servant, age 62, Sweden, Sweden, Sweden, immigrated 1870, NA, Occupation: Laundry for Childrens Home
Quenett, Molly, servant, age 39, M, age 19 at first marriage. b. IL, parents b. IL, occupation: Cook for Childrens Home
Ericson, Irene, 19, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Thorsten, 16, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Manfred, 13, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Sadie, 17, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Abbott, Harold, 6, IL, IL, IL
Anderson, Oscar, 9, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Anderson, Glenn, 12, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Bolin, Wendell,, IL, IL, IL
Bolin, Dorothy, 14, IL, IL, IL
Bolin, Russell, 11, IL, IL, IL
Bolin, Marion, 10, IL, IL, IL
Black, Lucille, 7, Iowa, Nebraska, Nebraska
Black, Betty, 5, Iowa, Nebraska, Nebraska
Defoe, Hartby, 16, North Dakota, Noerth Dakota, North Dakota
Engstrom, Lewis, 12, IL, Sweden, IL
Engstrom, Erma, 10, IL, Sweden, IL
Engstrom, John, 8, IL, Sweden, IL
Engstrom, Robert, 6, IL, Sweden, IL
Engstrom, Blanche, 14, IL, Sweden, IL
Johnson, Evelyn, 14, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Fawcett, Laverne, 7, IL, IL, IL
Fawcett, Eva, 11, IL, IL, IL
Fawcett, Kathryn, 13, IL, IL, IL
Kiser, Eugene, 5, IL, Missouri, IL
Lippa, Frank, 14, IL, IL, IL
Krantz, Elsie, 14, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Krantz, Walden, 13, IL, Swden, Sweden
Monroe, Florence, 8, IL, IL, OH
Monroe, Robert, IL, IL, OH
Morrison, Robert, 13, IL, IL, IL
Olson, Donald, 14, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Redmond, James, 9, IL, IL, IL
Redmond, Ralph, 11IL, IL, IL
Redmond, Donald, 7IL, IL, IL
Swanson, Clarence, 16, IL, IL, IL
Sandberg, Carl, 12, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Swanson, Margaret, 16, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Swanson, Courtney, 12, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Verbert, Hedveg, 19, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Verbert, Sigrid, 19, IL, Sweden, Sweden
Wilson, Charles, IL, IL, IL
Grumback, Caroline, 14, Michigan, Germany, Germany
Grumback, Marie, 16, Michigan, Germany, Germany
Sanders, Minnie L, 4, IL, IL, IL
Sandberg, Walter, 17, IL, Sweden, Sweden, Laborer on Farm


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