Diary of Conrad Bender Diary

[Written in the vicinities of Durand, Winnebago County and Geneseo - Spring Hill, Henry County. Illinois]

The property of C. Bender. N.B. If this book should ever get lost and "you " should find it you will oblige me very much by returning it. Respectfully yours Rev. C. Bender.
Bot at Freeport, Stephenson Co., Illinois, 1867.

(Note: In year 1963 at Rockford Illinois Blanche Bender Moon sorted and listed father's diaries up to the year 1910. He died in Nov. 1912 [July 9, 1913] at Amboy, Illinois. Blanche married Oliver Moon at Amboy June 26, 1912. List of diaries - some are missing:

1866, Joslin near Freeport [Rock Grove Twp., Stephenson Co., w. C.T.Kleckner]
[1867, Durand; moved to Geneseo-Spring Hill, Nov. 2nd]
[1868, Geneseo-Spring Hill; moved to Earlville, Nov. 4th ]
1870, Vicinity of Ottawa, Ill [LaSalle Co.]
1872, Mendota [LaSalle Co.], Joliet [Will Co.], New Bedford [Bureau Co].
1873, Genesco, [Henry Co.] Ill.
1874, Fenton, [Whiteside Co.] Ill
1875, Pleasant Hill, Carroll Co.
1876, Oneco [Stephenson Co.]; Rose Hill
1877, Port Byron [Whiteside Co.]; Rose Hill
1879, Kent [Stephenson Co.] and Mt. Carroll, Ill
1880, Center Hill Mt. Carroll
1882, Coleta, [Whiteside Co., IL]
1883, Coleta, Fenton, Ill
1884, Fenton
1885, Fenton, Ill
1886, Fenton
1887, Mt. Carroll
1889, Woodland - Mt. Carroll
1890, Mendota, Ill
1891, Mendota
1892, Mendota
1894, Fenemore [Fennimore, Grant Co.], Wis
1896, Amboy, [Lee Co.] Il
1897, Coleta - Penrose
1898, Coleta
1899, Coleta
1901, Leaf River, [Ogle Co.]
1902, Amboy
1903, Amboy
1905, Amboy
1906, Amboy
1907, Amboy
1908, Amboy
1909, Amboy
1910, Amboy


St. Luke 12:20. Showing that a man is a compound being having both Soul and body.
Prepared Glue - Good Glue in a bottle and enough of the best alcohol to cover it. Keep in a warm place for a few days then it is fit for use. The best glue is known by its clearness.

Text Acts 16.9 - Let a train of light shine behind you. Our light must be set upon a bushel.

Text of W. R. Coursey at Brick School house - 2 Cor. I chap. 18.

Doctrines of the cross - Repentence, Justification, Sanctification.

Jan. 1 - Weather fair & clear. A very little snow. Pretty good Wagoning. Ground froze very hard. In Co. with J. H. Young & S. J. Spangler attended prayer meeting at Bro. Warners. Preached at Crosses School house at evening. 19 came forward. Took dinner at Bro. Warners. Stopped at F. Adlemans.
Jan. 2 - Stayed at home and studied till evening, then attended J. H. Youngs protracted meeting, a quite spirited time was had. God at times displaying his power in might. Weather rather cold.
Jan. 3 - Went and attended a prayer meeting at Sister Dobbs, a great outpouring of God's spirit. Simmers converted. A good time was had at the School house. Weather fair.
Jan. 4 - [blank]
Jan. 5 - Attended a prayer meeting at Cross School house, and at evening preached there. Received contributions of $3.50 for services provided there. Weather fair.
Jan. 6 - Held meeting at stone school house at 2 ½ at Joslin and at evening Harrison. Commencement of protracted meeting. Over night at Brubakers.
Jan. 7 - Visited O. C. Coltar. Had prayer meeting. Stayed over night with Adam Ellis in town of Harrison. Preached at school house. Weather very fair, good wagoning.
Jan. 8 - Mrs. Earley, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Shepherdson, Mr. Harley, Mr. Collins & Mr. Williams. Preached at School house. No sign of repentance as yet. Over night at Burbanks. Rec'd from Burbanks 60 [cts]. Weather squally with snow. Not very cold.
Jan. 9 - Took cars at Shirland and went Freeport. On night Express ½ fare45 cts. Took breakfast at L. B. Pecks. Bot. 1 box paper collars 30 cts, Ribbon 5 cts, tin pail 10 cts. On cars to Davis ½ fare 25 cts. The object of going to Freeport was to get help for protracted meeting. Weather snowy.
Jan. 10 - From home to Harrison by railroad ½ fare 15 cts. Stopped at E. Burbanks, preached at evening. Exhortation by Elder Hodges. A pretty good attendance. Over night at Burbanks. Weather mild.
Jan. 11 - Started in Co. with E. Burbanks to visit Rev. S. Richards but met him on the road then returned. Visited at Robinsons. Took dinner there. Visited Sister Cleveland. Preaching at School house at town by Rev. Ely. Weather fair.
Jan. 12 - Prayer meeting at Burbanks at 11 AM. Small attendance. No preaching at evening on account of storm and snow. Wrote letter home.
Jan. 13 - Preaching on west side of River at 10 ½ AM. Preached at School H. East side of River at evening. Stopped in to Mr. Rouchard. Weather pretty fair, not very cold.
Jan. 14 - Bot. at Harrison 1 pencil 10 cts, Paper & envelopes 10 cts. Wrote letters. Went to Shirland and back. Preaching at School house by Ely. Small attendance. Over night at Burbanks. Weather very snowy. Snow 6 inches deep.
Jan. 15 Visited Mr. John Jewett. Held conversation & prayer. Things look rather dark at this place. Went with Bro. Sam Richards to get a load of wood. Stayed at Mr. Cowins till preaching time. Preached at School house. Weather fair.
Jan. 16 - Snow 6 inches deep. In Co. with Ad Robinson went to Beloit. Bot Caries Bronchial Troaches 25 cts. Went home by Rockton. Got home to Burbank's at 2 ½ PM. Preaching by L. B. Peck at School house. Weather grew very cold in PM and the night was the coldest of any.
Jan. 17 - At Burbanks - After dinner visited Mr. Scoots. Took supper at Mr. Caries. Called at Bro. Elies. Preached at School house Harrison. After which I started home and reached there at 12 o clock at night. Weather very.
Jan. 18 - At home - Helped to kill 6 hogs and at evening went with Rev. Jno. Riche to Davis. Attended Dr. Reynolds Protracted meeting. Weather fair but cold.
Jan. 19 - In Co. with the young folks at home. Visited Wm Bodine. Then went to Harrison. Held Meeting, preaching by S. Richards. Stayed over night at E. Burbanks. Weather fair but cloudy.
Jan. 20 - Preaching at Harrison by S. Richards at 10 ½ AM. At Joslin by D. Richards. Went to fill appointment at Stone School house but found Campbell, a Christian Union Man Occupying the pulpit. With a few words of explanation left the house. Went home. Weather blustering.
Jan. 21 - From home went to Harrison. Stopped on the way at S. Turneys. Took supper at G. Goodwins who went with me to Harrison. Preached at School house at evening. Overnight at Burbanks. Weather very fair.
Jan. 22 - Visited with Dan Richards at Burbanks. At 2.50 went home on R.R. ½ fare to Durand 15 cts. At home over night. Weather very fair. Snow melting somewhat.
Jan. 23 - Started from home at 2 1/3 AM and took train to Davis for Freeport ½ fare .25 cts. Breakfasted at Bro. Pecks. Took train at 9 AM for Forreston and back, fare $1.30 to Freeport. Took dinner at W. H. Coursey. Over night at Wittas. Weather fair
Jan. 24 - Went home on 10.40 train to Davis ½ fare 25 cts. Bot at Freeport pencil for only 5 cts. Took dinner at Bro. Pauley Davis. Supervised prayer meeting at 2 ½ PM at Davis. Went home. Weather cloudy but fair.
Jan. 25 - Wrote letter for S. E. Rogers. Studied about all day. Weather very snowy and stormy - drifting. Snow about 12 inches deep.
Jan. 26 - Stayed at home. Helped to get Sunday wood. Snow very deep.
Jan. 27 - Attended prayer meeting at Cross School house at 11 AM. At evening attended Bro. Reynolds Meeting at Durand. Weather fair.
Jan. 28 - Stayed at home and studied. Weather fair.
Jan. 29 - Mrs. J. Riche and daughter and Miss Albright were visiting. Studied some.
Jan. 30 - Took boards to G. Goodwins to have a Book Case made. Bot at Durand Nails 2 lbs, Butts [a type of hinge] Screws, one door lock, I box paper collars $1.19. Weather very snowy.
Jan. 31 - Went to S. Suttons, Spring Grove. Stopped at Donation [at a Donation Party a gift is brought to the host, often a clergyman, by each guest] which was held for Rev. S. Sutton in Union Church. A very good time was had. $74.00 in money and subscriptions was raised. Bot Suttons Book 25 cts. Weather very foggy and rainy.
Feb. 1 - Wrote letter for Bro. Messinger. Bot at Davis 1 pr Shears 85 cts. Went home from C. T. Kleckners where I had stayed over night. Weather very fair. Snow melting somewhat.
Feb. 2 - Took train at Durand and went to Shirland ½ fare 15 cts. Visited at Mr. Clemmts at Harrison. Took supper then went to Burbanks and stayed over night. Weather very fair. Snow melting very little.
Feb. 3 - Preached at Harrison at 11 AM. At Joslin at 2 ½ . Took supper at R. Cooneys. At evening attended Sam Coms lectures at Bodine School House. Over night at Wm Bodines. Weather very fair commenced to snow during the night.
Feb. 4 - Stayed all day at Bro. Wm Bodines. Weather Snowing all day. Very disagreeable.
Feb. 5 - Went home by Durand. Bot writing paper 20 cts. Rode from there with Bro. Riche. Charity gave me $2.00. At evening attended meeting at Durand. Weather very fair.
Feb. 6 - In Co. with Bro Spangler on horseback went to Orangeville. Took dinner at Father Bronn Gardners. Supper at J's. Preaching at Church by Knepper at evening. 8 Souls supposed to be converted. Over night at Bro. Fidlers with Bro. Younger. Weather fair.
Feb. 7 - Got Boots ½ soled 50 cts. In Co. with Bro. Young visited his home & Bro. Deal. At 4 PM went to Orangeville. Preached at the Church at the evening to a very large congregation. Stayed over night with J. Spanglers at Wm Snyders. Weather warm, snow melting fast.
Feb. 8 - In Co. with J. Spangler, Wn Snyder. Took breakfast at Mr. Rubchdale. Visited Rev. Mr. Bloom & Mrs. Workhauser. Then went home by J. Brown Gardners. Stopped at P. Stahls. Weather very snowy.
Feb. 9 - Quarterly Meeting - Went to Davis in AM to meet Elder Coursey on the train. Train was delayed 3 hours on account of snow drifts. Elder didn't come. Took Cars to Durand ½ fare 10 cts. Went to G. Goodwins & stayed over night. Weather very cold.
Feb. 10 - The Elder not being present no love feast was enjoyed. I attempted to preach and a good time was had. Took dinner at Goodwins and over night at Mooy. Weather moderately cold.
Feb. 11 - Went to S. S. Richards. Took dinner at Dan Richard. Then in Co. with Dan went to Sams and stayed over night. Weather warm Snow melting very fast.
Feb. 12 - Stayed here till noon then went back to D. S. Richards. Recd $2.00 from S. S. Richards. Tried to hold Meeting but meeting with many obstructions, no meeting was held. Weather rainy in PM. Over night at D. S. Richard.
Feb. 13 - At D. S. Richards all day. Water very high owing to rain Weds night - & high winds. Snow melting fast. Weather very warm. Over night at D. S. Richards.
Feb. 14 - Stayed all day at S. S. Richards and studied at evening. Commenced a protracted meeting at Hames School house. Good attendance. Over night at D. S. Richards. Weather cold.
Feb. 15 - Stayed at D. S. Richards all day & Studied. Wrote two letters. Weather rainy all day. A very high wind during the night.
Feb. 16 - Went to Harrison. Took dinner at Burbanks. Supper at G. Goodwins who took me to P[rairie] Block where I preached. Over night at Goodwins. Weather very fair. Snow melting very fast. Sledding poor.
Feb. 17 - Preached at Bodines S. House at 10 ½. Took dinner at Coonies. Preached at Joslyn at 2 ½. Then went home afoot on R.R. track. Weather very fair.
Feb. 18 - Pecatonia River as high as ever known. Started for Haines School house. Protracted meeting at 10 AM. Rode to Durand to Union S. House with Mr. Mory. Then walked till near Harrison when I got to ride with Bro. Price nearly all the way to D. S. Richards where I stayed over night. Preached at S. H. Weather fair.
Feb. 19 - At D. S. Richards Studied & read all day. At evening went to School house but had no congregation. Weather very stormy with snow. Drifting awfully. Over n[ight].at D.S.R.
Feb. 20 - At D. S. Richards till 1 PM and made two benches. Then visited Benj. Allen. Took supper there. Went to School house & D. S. Richards preached. A good congregation. Weather fair.
Feb. 21 - Protracted Meeting - Stayed at D. S. Richards till 1 ½ PM except visiting Mr. McCarthy in the morning. Visiting was done by D. S. Richards & me at Mr. Boyds who is sick. Also Mr. Sharps, took supper then went to School house to meeting. S. S. Richards preached. Weather fair.
Feb. 22 - Stayed at D. S. Richards all day. At evening went to School house but on account of drifting snow had no large congregation, but had good prayer meeting. The Lord was with us. Weather cold & windy.
Feb. 23 - Stayed at D. S. Richards till 2 PM then went to Mr. Tunisons but finding them away went to Mr. Alkinson took supper. Went to School house & preached. Weather fair. Good Sledding.
Feb. 24 - Meeting Burrit - Went to Lathams School house where Bro. Griggs held forth, enjoyed a very good Class Meeting. Stopped at D. S. Richards. S. S. Richards preached at evening at School house. Weather very fair. Good Sledding. Very high snow[?].
Feb. 25 - Visited Mr. Ratford before breakfast who is very strenuous vs. religions. Is very self righteous and comes out boldly vs. religions. At evening Preached at School house. Good attendance. One came out to the altar for the first time. Weather fair.
Feb. 26 - At D. S. Richards till 3 PM, then in Co. with D. S. Richards visited Mr. Palmer & Took supper at Ed Grivers. Then Covey took us to S. H. D. S. Richards preached. One arose for prayers. Weather fair.
Feb. 27 - Went to S. S. Richards in morning and went with him & family to Rockford with buggy as sledding getting poor. Snow melting fast. Took dinner then went with them to Protracted Meeting. S. S. Richards preached. Two came forward. Over night at D. S. Richards. Weather fair. Snow melting.
Feb. 28 - At D. S. Richards all day and studied. Preached at School house at evening. Having a sore throat. Weather very warm. Snow melting fast.
Mar. 1 - At D. S. Richards sick. Partly sick with sore throat. At evening went to School house. D. S. Richards preached. Weather warm. Snow nearly all.
Mar. 2 - Meeting closed - At D. S. Richards till 3 PM then visited Mr. Albert Dobson, took supper. Preached at School house. Close of Protracted Meeting. Over night at D. S. Richards. Weather very cold.
Mar 3 - Stopped at Harrison Quarterly Meeting. Took sacrament. Took dinner at Mrs. Colebrenner. Preached at Joslin 2 ½. Took supper at Bodines. Preached at Bodine S. House. Went home with my folk. Weather snowy in PM.
Mar. 4 - Stayed at home all day. Bro. Spangler was here visiting. I am somewhat sick with sore throat. Wrote letter. Weather cold and clear.
Mar. 5 - Was at home all day and Studied. Weather pretty cold.
Mar. 6 - Somewhat sick with sore neck, up and studied. Mrs. John Riche was here visiting. Weather fair.
Mar. 7 - At home till evening. Then went to Prairie Block and commenced a Meeting. But owing to Ill health I left it in the hands of D. S. Richards. Stayed over night at Br. Messingers. Weather fair.
Mar. 8 - Protracted Meeting at Prairie Block - Went home and studied. Health poor. Send 10 cts to Durand for Sweet oil for Buggy. At home. Weather very fair. A little snow during the night.
Mar. 9 - Send letter to Jones Bros. & Co., Cincinnati for Canvassing Book and sample of Moses & Prophets & 4.50 Price[?]. And $1.00 for A. P. Journal in Co. with J. M. Riche. Weather fair.
Mar. 10 - In Co. with Bro. Spangle went to Prairie Block. Preached at the Block at 11 AM. Took dinner at Bro. Messinger. Preached again at evening. Went home. Weather fair.
Mar. 11 - Prairie Block Protracted Meeting - Stayed at home and studied till evening then went to Prairie Block. D. S. Richard preached. Over night at Thomsons. Weather commenced snowing at evening.
Mar. 12 - Visited Mr. & Mrs. Kitchner, Mrs. Riegle & Mr. White. Took dinner at Bro. Riegles & supper at Bro. Thomsons. Bro. Spangle was with me. Over night at Bro. Cowins.
Mar. 13 -Visited & took dinner at Bro. Best. Went to Bro. Thomsons & stayed over night. Preached at School house. And on account of sore neck could not stay till meeting was over. Weather was very cold.
Mar. 14 - Stayed at Bro. Thomsons all day. Was considerably sick with sore throat. J. W. Spangler was with me most of the time. Went home at evening. Weather very cold.
Mar. 15 - Stayed at home all day. Was sick but could study some. Weather cold.
Mar. 16 - Stayed at home and did not do much. As yet pretty sick - sore throat. Weather cold
Mar. 17 - At home all day. Some of the folks went to Meeting to Pulmans S. H. Weather cold.
Mar. 18 - At home till evening then went to Prairie Block, D. AS. Richards preached. Recd from Cincinnati a book called Moses & Prophets with canvass book & instructions. Over night at Messingers. Weather fair. Snow melting.
Mar. 19 - Visited Lon Van Walkenburg. Took dinner there. Then went to Thomas Wiser & held prayer meeting at 2 PM. Took supper there. Preached at evening. Over night at home. Weather fair.
Mar. 20 - At home after dinner in Co. with D. S. Richards went to Bro. Cowens to 3 PM prayer meeting. Took supper here. D. S. Richards preached at School house at evening. Over night at Wm. Best. Weather very fair.
Mar. 21 - Went & took dinner at Bro. Messingers. Held Prayer meeting there. Preached at the School house at evening. Over night at Thomas Wise. Weather fair
Mar. 22 - Went to Ruben Weises and held Prayer meeting there at 2 PM. D. S. Richards preached at School house. Over night at John Thomsons. Weather cloudy.
Mar. 23 - Took dinner at J. Thomson. Held prayer meeting Thomas Wise. Preached meeting at School house at evening. Stayed over night at Cowen. Weather rainy at PM.
Mar. 24 - D.S. Richards preached at School house at 10.45 and at evening. Took at Thos. Weis and supper. Over night at Reuben Weises. Weather Snowy in the night and morning,
Mar. 25 - In Co. with Reuben Weis went to Davis. Bot pills. Took dinner at Bro. Messingers. At evening preached at P. B. S. H. Weather fair. But snowed during the night.
Mar. 26 - In Co. with D. S. Richards stayed at Bro. Messinger all day. At evening D. S. Richards preached at School house. End of Protracted Meeting. Thomas Weis & wife were admitted to the Church. A collection for D. S. Richards amounted to 5.90 cts. Over night at Bro. Cowen. Weather Snowy all day.
Mar. 27 - Went home. Studied. Mother Davis & Mrs. Isaac Meyers were here visiting. House caught fire but no serious damage was done. Weather fair
Mar. 28 - In Co. with wife, James & Josiah Riche went and visited John Wallace. Sleighing poor. Weather fair.
Mar. 29 - Visited at John Riche. Wrote letter to J. W. Spangler. Weather very nice but roads are getting very bad, muddy & rough. Health tolerably good.
Mar. 30 - Went on Mission to Harrison. Stopped at J. Riche, Elder Reynolds. Took train to Shirland, ½ fare15 cts. Dined at Burbanks. At evening attended a temperance lecture at G. T. Hall, Harrison by Bingham. Over night at Burbanks. Weather fair.
Mar. 31 - Preached at Harrison at 10 ½ AM. Dinner at Burbanks. Went to Haines School house. No congregation. Supped at D. S. Richards. Over night at Mr. Robinsons. Weather looked of rain.
Apr. 1 - Went home. On the way Stopped at Burbanks. Took dinner at Bro. Elies. On train to Durland from Shirland, 15 cts. Bot Durland, P. O. Stamps, Paper & envelopes $1.00. Weather cool and cloudy.
Apr. 2 - Stayed at home all day & studied. Wrote some letters and split some wood. Weather cloudy but warm.
Apr. 3 - At home al day & Studied. Helped also to split wood. Weather cloudy. A heavy rain during the night.
Apr. 4 - At home all day & Studied. Helped boys to make window blinds. Weather very cool, not Spring like at all. Cloudy. Snowed a little during the night.
Apr. 5 - Studied about all day. Texted out sermons for H. Mission. Send $2.00to Dayton for R. Telescope for J. Riche. Weather very fair, warm.
Apr. 6 - Started on Mission. Canvassed on the way for Moses & Prophets. Got Jos. & Jno. Riche, J. C. Menninger, Mr. Hoy, Rev. N. Reynolds. Took dinner at Reynolds. Covenant Meeting at Bodine School house. Over night at Bodines.
Apr. 7 - At 10 ½ preached at Bodine School house. Dinner at Bodines. At 2 ½ at Joslyn School house. Took supper at Messingers. Preached at P. Block at evening. Over night at T. Weises. Weather fair. A little Sprinkle of rain at evening.
Apr. 8 - Went home. Got there at noon. And studied. Weather very fair.
Apr. 9 - Studied & chored around the house. Weather chilly.
Apr. 10 - Helped to chop wood in grove. Studied in PM. Weather very fair.
Apr. 11 - Studied in AM. Made Weavers Harness bench in PM & studied. Weather very nice.
Apr. 12 - Stayed at home all day. Studied & wrote letters in AM. PM helped to set out current bushes & visited with Mr. Missicks who were here on visit. Weather very fair.
Apr. 13 - Walked to Durand, on cars to Shirland. Stayed till Sunday morning at Rev. Coltons, East of Shirland station. Sick with sore tongue. Weather fair. A little Sprinkle of rain during the night.
Apr. 14 - Went to Harrison but on account of sore tongue did not preach. Reorganized Sun. School. A very good time was had. Weather commenced to rain at 11 AM. Went through rain to Haines School house. No service. Over night at D.S.R.
Apr. 15 - In Co. with D. S. Richards went home. Dinner at Stockers. Via Turneys, Harrison, Durland. Weather fair. Misty at evening.
Apr. 16 - At home. Studying, wrote letter to M. Penrod. Weather fair. - Mem. - A. Carson & wife, Elora Goodrich & Jane Ames were here visiting at evening.
Apr. 17 - Sowed wheat all day till 3 PM. Weather fair.
Apr. 18 - Studied about all day. Weather very fair.
Apr. 19 - At noon started for Kleckners. Stopped at Mr. Pattersons & Mr. Crosses. Over night at Kleckners. Weather very warm.
Apr. 20 - Went to Orangeville with Bro. W. Bear. Dinner at W. Bear. Quarterly Con. By Coursey. Supper and over night at Bro. Fiddlen. Preaching at evening by Coursey. Weather cool
Apr. 21 - Rain in morning. Opened Love feast. Preaching by Coursey at 10 ½. Dinner at Bro. Blooms. Preaching at evening by Coursey. Supper and over night at Bro. Blooms. Snow storm at night.
Apr. 22 - Dinner at Bro. Cooks. Funeral of Pincney Schrack in PM [see page 27]. Preaching by Coursey & Bloom. Went towards home. Over night Kleckners. Weather cold.
Apr. 23 - Went home. Stopped at J. Arnolds got shoes pegged. Stopped at Mr. Cross. Got home at noon. Wrote letters & studied. Weather fair. A little snow in night.
Apr. 24 - Studied till noon. Then helped to sow oats. Weather fair.
Apr. 25 - Studied all day. Wrote letter to J. F. Kleckner. Weather somewhat squally with rain.
Apr. 26 - Stayed at home and studied. Weather very cold and windy, heavy frost during the night.
Apr. 27 - Went on Mission. Stopped at Durand at M. Youngs. Took dinner at Mr. W. Crowley. Stopped at Mr. Goodwins. Took supper at Mr. Cleveland. Over night at Burbanks. Wrote letter. Weather fair.
Apr. 28 - Preached at Harrison and formed a class. Dinner at Burbanks. Preaching at Haines School house at 3 PM Over night at D. S. Richards. Weather very windy but not very cold.
Apr. 29 - Stopped at Mrs. Hills, Mr. Fell, Mr. B. Allen. Dinner at Dougherties. Over night at Sister Daniels. Weather cloudy, look of rain.
Apr. 30 - Went home by Davis & Finks Woolen factory. Wrote letter in PM. Weather cool.
May 1 - Studied all PM then loaded manure. Weather very cool.
May 2 - Stayed at home & studied. Weather cold. A heavy frost in the morning with frost.
May 3 - Went Book Canvassing to following places: Mr. Olverson, Chas. Murrey, Jas Ames, F. Adelman, Mrs. Drake, J. E. Martin, Mrs Evens, Mr. E. Ebens where I took dinner. Went to Mr. Millers, J. Waller, Mrs. Dobson, Jas. Warners, took supper, went home. Weather a little rainy.
May 4 - Stayed at home and studied. Weather very rainy part of the day. Grass very short for this time of year.
May 5 - Went on Mission. At Bodines. Preaching in my place by Rev. Johnson Baptist. Dinner at Coonies. Preached at Joslin at 2 ½. At evening at P. Block. Supper and over night at P. Messingers. Weather very cold and windy.
May 6 - Went home in morning and Studied. Weather cold and windy.
May 7 - At home. Studied. Weather cold and windy.
May 8 - At home. Studing. William Bodine was here visiting, Celia stayed. Weather fair. Rained during the night.
May 9 - Quite wet on account of rain during the night. In Co. with John Riches attended Mrs. Van Sickel funeral. Rode home with D. Goodrich. Weather fair on PM.
May 10 - With horse & Buggy took Elder Coursey to Bro Messingers. Took dinner at Bro. Riegles. Went home. Weather cool. People are planting.
May 11 - Went to Our Quarterly Meeting at P. Block. Dinner at Messingers. Preaching Elder Conference. D. S. & S. S. Richards were licensed. Took Supper and over night at N. Thomsons. Bro. Spangler also. Weather very ….
May 12 - Love Feast by J. T. Dougherty. Preaching by Coursey. At 1 PM attended Mrs. S. Whites funeral. Dinner at Wm. Bests. Over night at P. Messingers. Weather very rainy in PM.
May 13 - Went home by Davis. Stopped on way at Bro. Cowens also Bro. Rugles. Weather rainy in PM.
May 14 - Helped to plant corn at home till noon. Then it commenced to rain.
May 15 - Planted corn all day. Weather very fair.
May 16 - Planted corn all day. Weather fair.
May 17 - Planted corn all day. Weather fair.
May 18 - Finished planting corn & Beans & Potatoes. Weather began to rain at 4 PM.
May 19 - Had an appointment at Parsonage but didn't go on account of much rain. Stayed at home all day. Very cool.
May 20 - Stayed at home. Weather commenced to rain at 3 PM and continued nearly all night.
May 21 - Studied about all the time excepting the grating of some horse radish. An awful rainy Storm nearly all day. Wind in the north.
May 22 - Went to Durand, came back, took dinner, then went to C. T. Kleckners. Stayed over night. Weather squally.
May 23 - Came back home by Davis. Helped to haul Manure & Studied. Weather fair.
May 24 - Stayed at home & studied & helped to quilt. Weather squally in PM.
May 25 - Went on Mission to Harrison. Took horse & Buggy. Stopped at Durand. Dinner at W. Bodines. Saw Mr. Rev. Hodges on Church purposes. Went & Stayed over night at Burbanks. Weather cool & windy.
May 26 - Preaching & S. S. at Harrison. Dinner at Burbanks. S. S. organization at Haynes School house. Over night at S. S. Richards. Weather very fair.
May 27 - Went home by Pecatonica. Dinner at J. G. Doughertys. Stopped at Geo. Dlilas & Elliotts. Weather rainy.
May 28 - Stayed at home & helped to quilt. Went to Davis at evening. Weather raining all day & cold.
May 29 - Took cow to C. T. Kleckners quilted some. Weather fair.
May 30 - Wedding of Sophia C. Best. Went home by Davis. Engaged horse of Rev. Gibbons. Bot Stove at Durland. Weather very warm.
May 31 - Took Stove to Davis. Dinner at Riegles. Went home. Weather fair.
June 1 - Made Water bench & Mixing board & Studied some. Weather very rainy all day.
June 2 - Went to Bodine School held service at 10 ½. Took dinner at Bodines. Preached at Joslyn at 2 ½. At P. Block at evening. Supper & over night at P. Messingers
June 3 - Went to T. Weises. Was severely rebuked because I asked for money. Went to Davis. J. Braman helped me to put up our Stove & bed stead. Went home & then fetched Stove pipe from Coonies. Got of G. Goodwin … …
June 4 - Moved to Davis got furniture. Weather fair.
June 5 - Studied about all day. Weather fair.
June 6 - Studied till evening when we both went to Mr. Riegles and obtained some Land. Weather very fair.
June 7 - Studied all day. Weather very fair.
June 8 - Went on Mission on train from Davis to Shirland ½ fare 20 cts. Dinner at Mr. Clements. Two hours at Dr. Leffingwells. Supper at Mr. Shiphersons, then over night at Mr. Thomas. Weather fair.
June 9 - Preached at Harrison. At Haynes S. House. Supper at D. S. Richards. Over night at S. S. Richards. Weather fair.
June 10 - Went to Rockford to return marriage license. Dinner at S. S. Richards. Supper at Robinson. Got some meat at Mrs. Clevelands. Went to Shirland. The Cars bring gone, took it on foot to Durand, then car to Davis. Weather rain.
June 11 - Was sick with ear ache. Studied all day. Weather very fair.
June 12 - Studied all day. Weather fair. Beautiful growing weather. Currents plenty.
June 13 - Studied till 11 AM. Then helped Wm Keller to pile up lumber. Weather fair. Rained some during the night.
June 14 -.Studied all day. Rain during the night.
June 15 - Studied all day. Weather fair.
June 16 - Started from Davis on Mission. Went to Parsonage. No preaching on account of nobody was present. Took dinner at Ellies. Held service at Brick S. House. Supper at Wm Best. Preached at P. Block. Over night Messingers. Weather fair.
June 17 - Went to Jos. Riches. Took dinner then went home. Bro. P. Messingers Brot us some Lard & Butter. Geo. Kleckner Brot us some sugar & currents. Show in Town. Weather cool.
June 18 - Studied till evening then went to Camp Meeting. Weather fair.
June 19 - Took horse of Bro. Loring to Jas Riche and Studied. Weather rainy at night.
June 20 - Went to Camp Meeting and stayed all day. Bishop Long & Bishop Esher & Byers Preached. Dinner & Supper at Camp Meeting. Weather fair.
June 21 - Stayed & went to Camp Meeting till noon, then went home & studied till night. Weather fair.
June 22 - Went to Jos. Riches in Co. with Young, Spangler & wife. Took dinner then went to Putnams S. H. Preaching by Young. Made a dam to babtize [baptize]. Supper at Holeman & over night. Weather rainy at night.
June 23 - Love feast at Putnam S. H. at 9 ½. Preaching by Young at 10 ½. Administering of the ordinance of Babtism by J. M. Young. Weather warm.
June 24 - Took a load of chips & went home. J. W. Spangler was in Co. Weather fair.
June 25 - Studied all day. Picked a few Strawberries in PM. Weather very warm.
June 26 - Wife & I picked Straw berries at J. Riche's on shares. Took dinner at home. Supper at J. Riches. Weather a little rainy at noon.
June 27 - Helpped Thos. Bond quarr[y]ing Stone. Weather fair.
June 28 - Helpped T. Bond quarring stone all day. Weather very warm.
June 29 - Stayed at home and studied. Weather very warm.
June 30 - Bo & Jos. Preached at these places. Was taken there by Jos. Riche. Dinner at Wm Bodine. Collection taken at Joslyn. Amt. $3.20. Supper & over night at Jos. Riche. Weather very warm.
July 1 - Horse & buggy went to Durand in the noon. Picked Straw berries at John Riches. Went home, studied. Weather cloudy with rain.
July 2 - Helped to quarry Stone for T, Bond all day. A heavy shower of rain commenced at 6.45 PM.
July 3 - Quarried stone for T. Bond all day. Weather fair till evening then commenced to rain. Also rained during night.
July 4 - To celebrate at Durant. Speaker Mr. Warner. Place - Mr. Crowders Grove. Beloit Brass band played. A very large Concourse of people. Weather very fair.
July 5 -Weather rained till noon. On PM J. M. Riche took us home to Davis. Where we met Bro. Spangler. Took walk to town at evening.
July 6 - In Co. with J. M. Spangler took Jos. Riches horse & with my buggy went to Harrison. Dinner at R. Coony. Supper & over night at L. Clevelands. Took boat ride on river and fished some. Weather very fair.
July 7 - Har[rison] & Hay[aynes S. H.] - Preaching by Bro. Spangler. Dinner at Burbanks. Finsherhed my lecture on Depravity. Supper at D. S. Richards. Preaching of evening by Bro. Spangler. Over night at D. S. Richards. Weather fair.
July 8 - Went home. Got some meat & potatoes at R. Cooneys. Dinner at Jos. Riches. Weather rainy in PM.
July 9 - Worked in Stone quarry for T. Bond. Weather fair.
July 10 - Worked in Stone quarry for T. Bond. Weather rainy during the night. Mem - Visit from Aunt Polly Metz & Sabella Heller from Pa.
July 11 - Worked in Stone quarry for T. Bond. Weather fair.
July 12 - Worked at same business. Weather fair.
July 13 - Did nothing till 4 PM then went to Jos. Riches & back.
July 14 - Stone & Brick & P. Block. - Preached at above places. Dinner at Elliotts. Supper and over night at P. Messingers. Visited Bro. Overama. Weather fair, rain at evening.
July 15 - Picked a pail full of goose berries. Went home via Riegles. Studied and did Sundry work in PM. Weather very cool and nice.
July 16 - Worked all day in stone quarry for T. Bond. Weather fair.
July 17 - All day in Bonds stone quarry. Weather very fair.
July 18 - Worked all day for R. Weis in harvesting rye. Weather cool.
July 19 - Helped R. Weis in harvest all day. Went home after supper. Weather warm.
July 20 - Studied & read all day. Weather very warm.
July 21 - Bo[dine S. H.] & Joslyn - With horse & buggy went Bodine's and filled the two appointments. At Bodines for dinner. Attended Baptist wards appointment at 4 PM. Supper at Jos. Riche. Went home. Weather very warm.
July 22 - Studied till 5 PM, then went to Riegles. Got Currants & Some flour. Weather very warm.
July 23 - Worked about the house in AM and PM helped Weis stack rye. Weather fair.
July 24 - Helped R. Weis till noon to thrash rye. The weather sprinkled which made rye too damp to thrash. Then I went home and studied. Weather rainy during night.
July 25 - Went to Jos. Riches. Came home with horse & buggy. Weather rainy somewhat.
July 26 - Helped R. Weis thrash rye. Weather warm.
July 27 - In PM went to W. Grove. Over night at D. H. Kleckners. Went to meeting at evening, Coursey preached. Weather fair, heavy rain during the night.
July 28 - Brethren quarterly meeting at Walnut Grove. Coursey presided. Dinner, Supper & over night at C. L. Kleckners. Preached in PM. Weather warm.
July 29 - Went home by Jos. Riche's. At Supper W. R. Coursey, H. Neffer & C. H. Kleckner were present. Weather fair.
July 30 - Worked in Stone quarry for T. Bond. Weather fair.
July 31 - Do [ditto?] work. Weather fair.
Aug. 1 - Do work. Weather fair. Mem. - Louis Albright got his finger hurt in stone quarry.
Aug. 2 - Work in harvest for J. Reigle. Weather fair.
Aug. 3 - Went to Jas. Riche's, took dinner , then in Co. with J. H. Young went Harrison. When through town the colt began to kick and threw us both off from the buggy, and horse run to Burkholders where we stayed over night. Weather fair.
Aug. 4 - Har. & Haynes. - Preaching at those two places by Bro. Young. Dinner at Burkholders. Supper at D. S. Richards, over night at S. S. Richards. Weather fair.
Aug. 5 - In Co. with D. H. Richards & J. Young visited Rockford. Viewed the city. Had a glorious time. Took dinner at S. S. Richards. Supper at Jos. Riche. Weather very fair.
Aug. 6 - Worked in harvest for J. Riegle. Weather warm.
Aug. 7 - Do work. Weather very warm.
Aug. 8 - Do work. Thermometer 101 degrees in shade.
Aug. 9 - Worked for J. Riegle [all] day. Weather fair.
Aug. 10 - Quarterly Meeting - Went by Parsonage. Saw Father Turner, Mother Hurd & Archer. Took supper at Sister Corwins. Weather fair.
Aug. 11 - Love feast by D. S. Richards. Preaching by W. R. Coursey, again at 3 PM. Went home. No Communion on account of no preparation. Weather fair, roads dusty.
Aug. 12 - Worked in Oats ¾ of a day for Riegle. Weather rainy in PM.
Aug. 13 - Hauled a load of wood with J. Riches team in AM. Then went and harvested ½ for J. Riegle. Weather fair.
Aug. 14 - 4th Wis[consin] Reg. Worked all day for J. Riegle. Weather fair.
Aug. 15 - Stacked for Bond. Weather warm. Tumson met at Dutch Gap Camp.
Aug. 16 - Helped to thrash at Bonds. Weather warm.
Aug. 17 - Helped to thrash at Bonds. Weather fair.
Aug. 18 - Went to Putnams. Preached for J. M. Young. Weather warm.
Aug. 19 - Weather rained. Settled up accounts of J. Riegle, H. Smith, W. Potter, G. Brenneman.
Aug. 20 - Helped Bond thrash all day. Weather fair.
Aug. 21 - Helped T. Bond to thrash till noon. Weather a little rainy in the AM while we thrashed. Hince in the PM did sundry work.
Aug. 22 - Fetched horse from Jos. Riche. Started for Freeport. Dinner at Mrs. Daniels. Over night at M. Witters. Ice cream entertainment by J. W. Spangler. Weather fair.
Aug. 23 - Got harness fixed. Stopped at J. Smallwoods. Took dinner at Rev. A. Davis. Over night at Mrs. Metzes. Weather very warm.
Aug. 24 - Went to Freeport. Stopped over night at Rev. J. Smallwood. Weather very beautiful.
Aug. 25 - In Co. with Bro. J. W. Spangler went to Ridotte. Spangler preached. Dinner at Seiberets. Went home to Freeport. Over night at T. Clouse. Weather very warm.
Aug. 26 - Went to R. Bender's [cousin] via Cedarville, Orangeville & Oneco. Dinner at Bro. Youngs. Over night at R. Benders. Weather favorable.
Aug. 27 - Dinner & over night at C. Benders [father]. Weather rainy in AM and night of Tuesday.
Aug. 28 - Went home by Monroe [WI]& Juda [WI]. Dinner at S. J. Suttons. Over night at Jas. Riches. Weather cool.
Aug. 29 - Came home in the morning. Weather fair.
Aug. 30 - At home all day. Wife sick. Weather fair. Rain during night.
Aug. 31 - At home all day. Weather rainy in the morning.
Sep. 1 - Closed meeting for Rev. Wieble. Addressed Bro. Haynes S. School. Weather fair and warm.
Sep. 2 - Worked for T. Bond in Stone Quarry. W. fair.
Sep. 3 - Also. Weather fair.
Sep. 4 - Ditto. W. fair.
Sep. 5 - Ditto. Rain in evening.
Sep. 6 - Hauled a load of wood in AM. PM work for Bond in Stone quarry.
Sep. 7 - Worked for Bond all day. Weather fair.
Sep. 8 - Went on a farewell Mission. Preached at the Parsonage to a Spiritualist Congregation. Dinner at Elliotts. Service at Brick S. H. also at P. Block. Over night at Messingers.
Sep. 9 - Went home. Took buggy to Jos. Riches. Weather fair.
Sep. 10 - Worked on stone quarry till noon, in PM visited with J. T. Daugherty & wife who were here. Weather fair.
Sep. 11 - Worked all day in stone quarry for Bond. Weather fair.
Sep. 12 - Worked all day in Stone Quarry. Weather fair.
Sep. 13 - Did Sundry things about town in the line of shopping. Weather misty.
Sep. 14 - Got ready and Co. with wife went to Harrison. Took dinner at Wm Bodines. Over night at Burbanks. Weather fair.
Sep. 15 - Sunday School at Harrison. Presentation of Quilt by S. S. scholars. Preached farewell sermon. Dinner at Burbanks. Preached at Haynes School house. Over night at D. S. Riches.
Sep. 16 - Went home. Called on Mr. Robinsons. Dinner at Jos. Riches, in PM went to R. Lord to deliver Moses & Prophets, also to A. Stockers. Over night at Jos. Riches. Weather very windy.
Sep. 17 - Went home. Stopped at C. Mernzers. Weather fair but very warm.
Sep. 18 - In Memoria - Mrs. Mary Metz & Jacob Bower & wife were here visiting. Were taken to Jo. Kleckners by A. Gold. Did sundry work. Weather rainy.
Sep. 19 - Stayed at home & Studied. Sent letter to J. D. Dieffenbaugh to have him procure me the pulpit cyclopedia.
Sep. 20 - Studied all day. Weather wet in the morning but nice in the PM.
Sep. 21 - Studied till 4 PM then went to Jos. Riche's and got horse & buggy. Weather very fair.
Sep. 22 - With horse & buggy attended Dedication of Ridott Church. Dinner & over night at Seiberts. Preachers present, J. K. Straton, L. Witter, J. Heastant, J. Smallwood, S. S. & D. S. Richards. Weather very warm.
Sep. 23 - Went home. Took horse to J. Riegles. Jocob Bower [mother's brother from Pennsylania?]& wife, C. T. Kleckner & wife were here visiting. Took supper. At 1 at night Uncle took train for Iowa. Weather very warm.
Sep. 24 - With horse & buggy went to Thos. Wers. Dinner at Jas. Riche. Then went over north to deliver books. Had poor luck. Weather warm.
Sep. 25 - D. H. Kleckners were here visiting. I Studied part of time. At one in the night went to Freeport. Weather warm.
Sep. 26 - Took breakfast at Seebolds. Got Complimentary ticket of Rev. Ely to Fair. Stayed till 4 PM then went home on 7 o'c train. Weather very warm.
Sep. 27 - At home all day. E. Burbanks were here visiting. Weather warm.
Sep. 28 - (Wis A Conference) Took dinner at Jos. Riches. With horse and buggy went to C. T. Kleckners. Supper at Kunses. With C. T. Kleckners went to Spring Grove to Church. Bro. Vaughn preached. Over night at C. T. Kleckners. Weather warm.
Sep. 29 - Love feast at 9 ½ at Spring Grove. Preaching by Rev. Fleckinger at 11. Dinner at Rev. Coolies. S. S. childrens meeting at 4 PM, meeting at 7 PM. Over night at Jos. Riches. Weather very cool.
Sep. 30 - Went home to Davis. Preached at P. Block at evening and expelled Thos. Wise from Church. Went home. Weather fair.
Oct. 1 - (very windy) Stayed at home till evening, then took cars to Freeport. Over night at Bro. Pecks. Weather tremendously windy.
Oct. 2 - Took cars to Polo. Dinned at Royers. Then in Co. with Matthew Hurless & wife, Witter, J. Grumam was driven. Rode on a "big" …. Supped at M. Crom. Over night at Overholsers. Weather fair. (Preaching by Bovel)
Oct. 3 - Conference commenced at 10 AM. By two prayers. About one half of the members were present. Dinner at Geo. Snyders. To Conference Supper & overnight at Overholsers. Weather fair. (Sutton preached).
Oct. 4 - (Coleta, Ill) Went to Conference dinner at Bro. Henries. Supper & over night at Overholsers. Could not go to meeting at evening on account of rain. Weather Commenced raining at 10 AM. At evening very Muddy. At even. Preaching by Crowder of Canada.
Oct. 5 - To Conference. Dinner at Wilfongs. Supper at Overholsers. Over night at Wilfongs. Preaching by Jamison at evening. Weather very fair.
Oct. 6 - Love feast at 9 AM. Preaching by D. K. Fleckinger. Sunday School Con[ference?] at 3 PM. Missionary Meeting at evening. Dinner & Supper at Bro. Henries. Passed the night in prayer.
Oct. 7 - Breakfast at Snyders. Confereence closed at 1 PM. Dinner at Bro. Wismers. Took passage with S. S. Richards part-way to Freeport. Then rode with W. Bair. Over night at Wittens. Weather very fair.
Oct. 8 - Took train to Davis. Dinner at Gibbons. Sent Marriage Certificate to Geo. Chitty. Over night at Jas. Riche. Weather very fair.
Oct. 9 - Went home to Davis. Weather cool.
Oct. 10 - (Accounts) Worked in Stone Quarry & made fence for R. Bond. Weather cool. (T. Bond for 1 days work - $1.50).
Oct. 11 - Worked for Bond. Weather cool. (T. Bond for 1 days work - $1.50; owe T. Bond for Sugar - $.50)
Oct. 12 - Worked for T. Bond. Weather cool. (T. Bond for 1 days work - $1.50; owe T. Bond for eggs I doz. - $.15; Drawers $1.25; Bot Beef $.25)
Oct. 13 - Attended Meeting in Davis. Preaching be Nuble & Cochran. Weather very fair.
Oct. 14 - Worked for Bond till noon. Then sewed carpet rags. (T. Bond ½ days work - $.75; Bot Mutton -- $.18) J. Hunter stayed here over night.
Oct. 15 - Sewed carpet rags all day. (Bot of Bromans ½ lb Tea - $1.00; Potter Gimlet & Screws - $.20) Send letter to Young & Rogers.
Oct. 16 - Sewed carpet rags till evening then went home to Jos. Riche. Mrs. C. T. Kleckner presented us with a beautiful quilt worth $7.00. Also Mr. Brenaman gave us a traveling basket worth $2.00. Also cough drops. W. Fair.
Oct. 17 Sewed carpet rags and went to Mr. Messingers and Davis. Bot. dye stuff at Brememers worth $2.00. Weather fair.
Oct. 18 - Went visiting to John Wallace. Home again at evening. Weather warm.
Oct. 19 - Stayed at home and Sewed carpet rags all day.
Oct. 20 - To Durand. Rev. Cochrand preached. Afternoon went to Putmans S. H., but there was no preaching. Weather very fair.
Oct. 21 - Home till 3 PM then went to C. T. Kleckners by Jn Riegles and Davis. Attended Bro. Phillips Meeting at Walnut. Over night at C. T. Kleckners. Recd 1.
Oct. 22 - (Geneseo - Spring Hill) Home from Kleckners. Sewed carpet rags till noon. Then went to Davis and packed up our goods & sent them to Geneseo. Supper at Gibbens. Bot of Bond ½ lb of rope - 20 cts; 1 Box - 75 cts; 1 pr. drawers - $1.25; Recd cash $1.00; Recd of Jos. Riche - $2.00. Over night at S. E. Rogers. Fare on cars to Polo from Davis $3.55, Bot at Freeport Marriage Certificates - 50 cts.. Weather fair.
[Move to Spring Hill, Whiteside Co.]
Oct. 23 - Polo to Dixon fare $1.30; Dixon to Sterling $1.00; Sundry at Dixon 65 cts. Sterling to Spring Hill with Bro. Young. Wea. Fair.
Oct. 24 - In morning in Co. with J. H. Young to Sister Bridy. In PM Rev. Young started in South. Weather fair.
Oct. 25 - At Spring Hill got acquainted with Mother Taylor and Mr. Hilbut. Weather very warm.
Oct. 26 - At Spring Hill. Bot. 1 file - 20 cts. Weather fair.
Oct. 27 - Went to Sandy Town and preached and had Love Feast. Dinner at Sister Fullers. Preached at Spring Hill at 3 PM. Attended meeting here at evening, Rev. Chamber. Weather fair.
Oct. 28 - Studied till 3 PM then took walk to Rock River to fish. Got nothing. Weather fair, very warm.
Oct. 29 - Bot one pane glass for parsonage at Spring Hill - 15 cts. In the PM went to Sister Brady. Took supper there. Then went to Class Leader Siblers and to prayer meeting at evening. Over night at Sister Fullers.
Oct. 30 - In Co. with H. Scottoo went home. Bot paper collars - 20 cts; 1 ½ yds Calico - 24 cts. Weather fair. A little snow fell at night.
Oct. 31 - Made door yd gate. Went in Co. with J. H. Young to Sandy Town. H. Scott preached. A good meeting was enjoyed.
Nov. 1 - Wrote letter to P. Messinger and Jos. Riche. Weather very windy.
Nov. 2 - In Co. with J. H. Young went in Search of a home for me. Found one at G. Bays. Borrowed 10 dollars of Deacon Crociers. Dinner at Bays. Over night at Bro. Lieber Knucht, Geneseo. Bot. Scrap Book - 25 [cts]; Bot PO Stamps - 87 cts at Geneseo. Sink fastener & table caster - 25 cts. Paid for our furniture from Davis to Geneseo, 1400 weight - $9.65. Over night at W. Croziers. Weather cold.
Nov. 3 - Preached at 8 Miles Grove at 10 ½. Dinner at Crousier. Preached at Pleasant Gove School house. Then went home to Spring Hill. Over night at Bro. Youngs. Had Geo. Bays Team. Weather tremendously windy and cold.
Nov. 4 - Bot at Spring Hill 1 Broom - 30 cts. Took our things and moved to Geo. Bays …. at W. Fraziers. Supper & Breakfast at Geo. Bays. Weather fair but cold.
Nov. 5 - Fixed up the house and Things and commenced housekeeping. Wrote letters to M. Penrod & B. Bender & J. W. Spangler. Sent $1.00 for Telescope. Weather fair.
Nov. 6 - Chopped wood till noon. Then went to town. Bot. 3 bars soap - 70; 3 yds Muslin - 45; 1 spool thread & floss - 25; For fixing breast pin - 10; Gum Arabic - 10; Letter paper - 25. Weather fair.
Nov. 7 - Went to Bro. Grumms who hauled us a load of wood till noon then Studied. Weather fair.
Nov. 8 - Chopped wood in AM, at 2 PM went to Deacon Crosiers and stayed over night. Weather looked somewhat of rain.
Nov. 9 - Borrowed W. Crosiers horse to fetch Big …. Went to Spring Hill. Dined at Bro. Youngs. Over night at Bro. Burton Bosworth. Weather tremendously windy.
Nov. 10 - Held services at Sandy Town. Bro. J. R. M. Tooker Preached. Took dinner at Bro. Smith in town of Prophetstown. Weather cold and Blustering. Had Rheumatics in my hip.
Nov. 11 - Started for my Buggy on horseback. Paid for toll at Sterling - 10 cts; dinner - 10 cts; Horse feed - 25 cts. Over night at Bro. S. E. Rogers. Weather very cold.
Nov. 12 - On Journey Adeline, Ill. - Dined at Bro. P. Hurless in Adeline, and over night at Mr. Tunks or Mrs. Daniels. Weather very fair.
Nov. 13 - Got home by 9 12 AM and stayed over night. Paid Bro. Williams for mending harness - 45 cts. Weather very fair.
Nov. 14 - Started very early for Spring Hill circuit. Took dinner at P. Hurless in Adeline. Over night at Bro. S. E. Rogers. Weather very nice. Roads very dusty.
Nov. 15 - Paid at Sterling 10 cts for dinner; 15 cts for horse feed; 15 cts for over bridge. Over night at Widow Fullers near Sandy Town. Weather very fair.
Nov. 16 - Stopped at Bro. Lorings. Took dinner at Bro. W. Cousiers. Got home at 4 PM. Had tooth ache on nearly all the way especially at night. Weather fair.
Nov. 17 - Preached at Pink Prairie at 10 ½ AM, Salem at 3, Colona at evening. Over night at Bro. Kimberley. Dinner at J. C. Henery.
Nov. 18 - Dined at Bro. Huffs. Then went to Colona. Stopped over night at Bro. Trumbuls. Preaching at School house by Bro. Jas. H. Young. Small congregation and no special manifestation. Weather fair.
Nov. 19 - Tuesday took walk to Rail Road Bridge across Rock River which is said to be the best structure west of Chicago, ¼ mile long. Stayed all day at Bro. Trumbuls. Over night at Bro. Flowers. Lent horse and buggy to Bro. Mulict, ½ day $1.50
Nov. 20 - Went home and oiled harness. Bot 3 yr old colt of Wm Crosier. Gave note Payable Sept. '67 and in two years this Thursday.
Nov. 21 - In Co. with Rev. Jas. Loring visited Cleveland Coal mine. Took dinner at Bro. Linells. Supper at Huffs. Preaching at night at Colona by Bro. Young. Weather fair, roads very dusty. This is for Wednesday.
Nov. 22 - Stayed at home till 3 PM. Then went to Colona and preached at evening. Over night at tavern Kept by Jno. Hanna. Recd of Hanna $5.00. They were at the altar weeping
Nov. 23 - Went home by Geneseo. Bot Army Blanket - $2.25; 1 Halter & "fixins" - $2.25; 4 yds cottons - $.61; 3 yds red flannel - $1.50. Went to Spring Creek. Over night at Henry Fones. Weather fair but heavy rain during the night.
Nov. 24 - (Paid for soap and ribbon - 15 cts) Preached at Spring Creek 11 AM. Dinner at Bro. Lucas at Atkinson. Service at Atkinson. Then went to Geneseo and held Prayer meeting. 4 only were present. Weather commenced to rain at 4 PM and continued all night. Over night at Liebernight.
Nov. 25 - Went home and at 3 PM went to Colona and preached at evening. Over night at Fowlers. Weather misty and roads very muddy.
Nov. 26 - Went to Carbon Cliff to Crockery. Dinner at Trumbuls. Preaching at evening by Jas. Young. Weather cloudy.
Nov. 27 - Got Horse shod by J. Trumbul - Colona, got oil can made. Paid 10 cts for it. Went to Bro. Huffs. Took dinner then went to Colona again. Over night at Fowlers. Preached at School house. Weather fair.
Nov. 28 - Went home in the morning. Visited Uncle James Miller. Gave me ½ bu of Potatoes. Weather somewhat rainy.
Nov. 29 - At home all day. Studied and chopped wood. Weather cold.
Nov. 30 - Chopped wood till noon then went to Geneseo with horse & buggy. Bot. 10 lbs salt & sugar & 1 spool thread - 86 cts. Then went to Geo. Beers and stayed over night. Weather cold.
Dec. 1 - Preached at 8 Mile grove at 11 AM. Dinner at Father Millers. Preached at Center School house at 3 PM. Supper at D. Crosiers. Stopped at Bro. Youngs. Meeting at Phenix. Went home. Weather began to snow at 6 PM.
Dec. 2 - At home all day. Bro. Geo. Bayes went to Cambridge to attend court and stayed till Wednesday noon. Weather cool.
Dec. 3 - Snow 1 ½ in. deep. Commenced to make a 1 horse Sleigh and did the chores about the place and M. St. Maries. Weather cold.
Dec. 4 - Worked at my cutter. Weather snowing nearly all day.
Dec. 5 - Worked at my sleigh and in Co. with Geo. Baye went to Geneseo. Bot 1 Stove box 50 cts. Weather fair.
Dec. 6 - Worked at Sleigh till noon then Studied all afternoon and wrote letters. The windiest day of the whole this fall. Snow nearly all. Went away at night.
Dec. 7 - Got ready and went to Spring Hill. Stopped at M. Freezes. Took dinner at Bro. Ingraham. Over night at Henry Lampheres. Weather cold.
Dec. 8 -at Spring Hill at 10 ½ AM Dinner at Sister Fullers. Preached at Sandy Town. Over night at H. Lampheres. Attended lecture on Sublimity of Bible. Lecture by Lasher. Preached Weather very fair.
Dec. 9 - Went home. Stopped at D. Cosier & at M. Frezes. Took dinner then went home. Weather very fair.
Dec. 10 - Chopped wood till 10 AM. Then went to W. Crumons and to father Jesse Miller. Got two Bushels of Potatoes. Weather fair but cloudy. Misting during he night.
Dec. 11 - Stayed at home all day and studied. Did think of going to 8 Mile Grove where I had an appointment. But weather was so Stormy with rain that I did not go.
Dec. 12 - Went to 8 Mile Grove. Took dinner at D. Crosier. Then went & stayed over night at Rev. Cliftons. Preached at school house. Weather fair. Snow deep enough for Sleighing in places.
Dec. 14 - Quarterly Meeting Spring Hill circuit to be held at 8 Mile Grove. Was attended to Proceedings very dull. Members not all present. Preaching at evening by Hallowell at 1 PM by Lucas. Stayed at Cliftons.
Dec. 15 - Love Feast at 9 ½. By Local preacher Ingraham. Preaching at 10 ½ and at evening by T. F. Hallowell. Dinner at Mr. Robinsons. Over night at Bro. Roberts. Weather fair, but squally with a little snow.
Dec. 16 - Went and took dinner at Bro. Hoovers, then went to Sister Bridy. Took supper then went to School house and preached to a vey large congregation. No visible results. Over night at Cheries. Weather fair.
Dec. 17 - Prayer meeting at Rev. Cliftons at 10 ½ AM. Took dinner at Bro. Hoovers. Then went to Widow Burmans and Son. Preaching by J. H. Young at evening at S. H. Over night at Bro. Jays Pray.
Dec. 18 - Visited Mr. Cummings & Mrs. Rases. Prayer meeting at Rev. Clifton at 1 PM. Then went to Bro. Hoovers who is in bad state of mind. Preached at evening at School House, 8 Mile Grove. Over night to Deacon Chemis. Weather fair.
Dec. 19 - Went to Spring Hill. Stopped at Brother Fentons. Took dinner & supper at Rev. Youngs. In Co. with J. H. Young, Fenton & Geo. Jones went to 8 Mile Grove to meeting. Preaching by A. H. Young. 7 Mourners at the altar. Over night at J. H. Youngs. Weather Misty.
Dec. 20 - Went home. Stopped at Bro. Ingrahams. Chopped wood & wrote letters. Weather fair. Began to rain at night.
Dec. 21 - Went to Atkinson and preached at evening. Over night at Bro. Boice. Bot at Geneseo - Thomas 20 yds Shantung - $3.00; 7 yds Flannel - $5.60; 6 lbs Sugar - $1.00; 1 spool thread - $.10. Weather rainy in the morning.
Dec. 22 - At 10 ½ preached at Spring Creek. Dinner at H. Fonese. Supper at Liebernets. Preached at Geneseo at evening. Then went home. Weather very cold & windy.
Dec. 23 - Went to 8 Mile Grove. Stopped on way at Bro. Filgers. Took supper at Sister. Preached at School house. Over night at Wm. Kernans. Weather very cold and roads icy.
Dec. 24 - Visited Mr. Sands. Took dinner at Father Meyers. Then in Co. with J. Miller went to Mr. Solers. Took supper. Preached at School house. Over night at Chas. Colemans. Weather warm, ice thawing.
Dec. 25 - At Chas Colemans till 3 PM. Enjoyed a roasted "pig" in Co. with Bro. Wolson & wife. Then went to Mr. Cummings got boot pegged. Then went to N. Roberts & stayed over night. Preached at School house.
Dec. 26 - In Co. with Bro. Roberts visited Mr. Wm Solers. Took dinner. Went to Mr. Robinsons & stayed over night. Preached at S. H. Weather warm.
Dec. 27 - Went home by way of Spring Hill. Stopped on way at Painters and Foneses. Stayed at home over night. Weather fair.
Dec. 28 - Studied till noon. Then started on Mission. Over night at Rev. Cliftons. Weather fair.
Dec. 29 - Preached at 8 Mile Grove at 10 ½ AM. Dinner at Millers. Two were admitted to the Church, Mrs. Jane Sillars & Cath. Heckethorn. Preached at Center S. H. at 3. Over night at Cousiers.
Dec. 30 - Took breakfast at Bro. Shirks. In Co. with D. Crosiers visited Bro. O. Sovereign. Dined at Crosiers. Over night at Bro. Beers. Preached at Jackson School house at evening. Had Toothache. Weather fair, warm.
Dec. 31 - Went home by way of Geneseo. Bot 1 spool thread, ½ lb Sal Soda & Shoe Strings - cost 15. Received from Dayton 1 Package of Books, cost 75 cts. In Co. with Geo. Baye went to Phenix School house to Watch meeting. Preaching by Rev. J. H. Young. I also talked some. Weather very fair, Sky clear, wind from north east.

Beautiful Texts -Romans 2.6-16; 2 Peter 1 chap. "If ye do these things ye shall never fail". At slonde of Ether. Subscribers for Hymn Book - Oran Ingraham, Oliver Soverign, M. F. Nesmith, Jacob Shirk - Two.

Letters - 1867 [ Sent/Received]

Jan. 2 - Wrote to Minnie Bower.
Jan. 6 - R. Bender, J. Johnson, J. T. Daugherty
Jan. 9 - T. T. Bender, Decorah
Jan. 12 - Mrs. C. Bender, Decorah
Jan. 14 - Mrs. M. Penrod , Waukegan
Jan. 25 - S. E. Rogers, Polo
Jan. 29 - J. P. Rader; Minnie Bower;R. Bender, Monroe.
Feb. 1 - P. Messinger, Davis; B. Bender, Brandon
Feb. 5 - J. P. Rader, Sul. Springs; Maria Penrod, Waukegan.
Feb. 9 - B. Bender, Brandon; from dead letter office.
Feb. 15 - M. Bower, Ritt hole; J. P. Rachs, Sul Sps
Eeb. 16 - T. T. Bender, Decorah.
Feb. 18 - Jones Bros & Co., Cunnate for book circulars; Geo. Partch Elposo, Mrs. C. Bender writher[?]
Feb. 26 - Wrote letter from D. S. Richards to Mrs. C. Bender.
Mar. 4 - W. R. Coursey, Forreston, Ogle Co., Ill; C. Bender, Clermont, Iowa.
Mar. 4 - W. R. Coursey; Circular from Cincinnati, Jones Brothers.
Mar. 6 - J. P. Rader, Sulpher Springs
Mar. 8 - O. H. Rader, Sulpher Springs.
Mar. 8 - Mrs. M. Penrod, Waukegan.
Mar. 9 - Wm. R. Coursey, Foreston, Ogle Co.
Mar. 9 - Jones Bros. & Co., Cin.
Mar. 12 - L. F. Kleckner, Normal, Ills
Mar. 14 - B. Bender, Brandon; T. T. Bender, Decorah, Iowa.
Mar. 16 - National Publishing House, Cincinati.
Mar. 18 - T. Montank, Broudhead, Green Co., Wis.
Mar. 20 - J. W. Spangler, Orangeville.
Mar. 25 - Eidam & Parents, Fayette, Iowa, With Profiles of Father, Mother & Sister-Sue.
Mar. 27 - M. Penrod, Waukegan.
Mar. 27 - W. R. Coursey, Foreston, Ill; National Publishing Co., 1248 Ct. O.; L,. F. Kleckner, Normal, Ill.; R. Bender, Monroe, Wis.
Mar. 29 - J. W. Spangler, Orangeville; Minnie Brouroughs, Sulpher Springs.
Mar. 29 - J. W. Spangler, Orangeville, Ill.
Apr.1 - National Publishing house, Cin. O.
Apr. 2 - Robert Cooney, Durand, Ill; E. Eidam, Clermont, Ia.; J. P. Radner, Sulpher Springs, O.
Apr. 4 - J. W. Kleckner, Normal, Illinois.
Apr. 5 - Dayton O. for Religious Telescope.
Apr. 8 - Send letter to National Pub. Co., Cin., O.
Apr. 10 - J. W. Spangler, Orangeville, Ill.
Apr. 12 - Mrs. M. Burroughs, Sulpher Springs, O.; O. H. Rader, Sulpher Springs, O.
Apr. 15 - National Pub. Co., Cin., O.
Apr. 16 - M. Penrod, Wankokee, Minn.
Apr. 22 - National Pub. Co. Ct., O.
Apr. 24 - J. F. Kleckner, Durand, Ill.
Apr. 27 - B. Bender, Brandon Ia.
Apr. 30 - J. W. Spangler, Freeport, Ill.
Apr. 30 - National Pub. Co., Cin. O.; F. Montank, Broadhead, Wis.
May 4 - M. Penrod, Wankokee, Minn.
May 10 - J. W. Spangler, Freeport, Ill.
May 14 - M. Penrod, Wankokee, Minn.
May 15 - J. F. Kleckner, Normal, Ill.; B. Bender, Brandon, Ia.
May 20 - Communication to Dayton
May 20 - T. T. Bender
May 28 - M. Penrod, Wankokee, Minn.
May 21 - J. F. Kleckner, Normal, Ill.
May 29 - J. W. Spangler, Freeport, Ill.
June 7 - B. Bender, Brandon, Ia.
June 14 - M. Penrod, Wankokee, Minn.
June 15 - S. W. Spangler, Freeport, Ill.
June 17 - J. W. Spangler, Freeport
July 1 - M. Penrod, Wankokee; J. W. Spangler
July 2 - J. W. Spangler
July 13 - Mary Abll Alpasso
July 26 - J. W. Spangler ,Freeport
Aug. 7 - G. Goodwin
Aug. 12 - J. W. Spangler, Freeport
Aug. 19 - J. W. Spangler
Aug. 19 - J. W. Spangler

Aug. 20 - G. Goodwin, Oakford
Aug. 20 - Mrs. M. Penrod, Wankokee, Minn
Aug. 21 - J. Dougherty
Aug. 29 - C. Bender, Clermon [IA]
Aug. 29 - G. Goodwin
Sep. 6 - J. W. Spangler, Freeport
Sep. 10 - G. Goodwin, Oakford
Sep. 12 - Wm. Bender, Clermont
Sep. 13 - T. T. Bender, Castalia [IA]
Sep. 17 - Communication to Den… Childrens friend
Sep. 18 - C. Bender; S. S. Richards
Sep. 18 - M. Penrod, Wankokee


S. S. Richards, Box 678, Rockford, Illinois.
Susan Winters, Millegeville, Whiteside Co., Ills.
Town Florence, Stephen, Ill.
Carol Co - Carroll / Lanark, Box 145 / Geo. Chitty / Geneseo / Hershman / Riegle Class / Duncan / Toms.
E. A. Van sant, 98 Judd St, Clnc, Ill.

Sent delegates to Rock River Con. S. S. Convention / Letters to members where the class disorganized / license to preach.

Money matters. May 11 at Quarterly Meeting. Recd for Elder in Money $5.00.
Ang. 10 - Pins, Comb, Sewing needles, Knitting needles, I Black Thread 30, 1 Mute Thread 56.

Words for Webster -
?eaft .. Benefit - Barrister / Ostentatious - accu from clusation / Schechem - context / Josephus in reference to an eagle, Page 710 - Sabbath, 714 - Infants 748, Book 6 - Duplicity. Bible Illustrations $1.50. / Unbelieve Disbelieve.

L. B. Pecks way of curing a Felon. Pulverize Saltpetre and spread it on a rag and saturate with Balsam of fir and wind it around the finger or part affected.

S. S. Convention, Freeport, Illinois 1867 Ma6y 14, 15.

Cash Account [ Recd/Paid]

Jan. 5 - Contribution $3.50
Jan. 8 - E. Burbanks 60 cts
Jan. 9 - Expenses to Freeport $1.25
Jan. 10 - Rail R. expenses, Harrison 15 cts
Jan. 14 -1 Pencil 10 cts; paper & envelopes 10 cts
Jan. 16 - Troches - Beloit 25 cts.
Jan. 22 - Mrs. Burbank $1.30
Jan. 22 - on train 15 cts
Jan. 23 - To Freeport 25 cts; To Forester & back $1.30; sundry 10 cts
Jan. 24 - from Freeport 25; pencil points 5 cts
Jan. 30 - Lock, Butts & nails for book case at Durand 94 cts; paper collars 25 cts
Jan. 31 - Suttons Book 25 cts
Feb. 1 - 1 pr Sheares, Davis 85 cts
Feb. 2 - On cars to Shirland 12 cts
Feb. 5 - Writing paper, Durand 20 cts
Feb. 5 - Of J. H. Young, one co $2.00
Feb.7 - Got Boots mended at Orangeville by Wm Snyder 50 cts
Feb. 9 - From Davis to Durand on cars, half fare 10 cts
Feb. 12 - Of E. Burbank $1.00; Of S. S. Richards $1.00
Feb. 18 - Of Josiah Riche 85 cts
Feb. 18 - Durand for 1 oz. of Tinc. of iron 15 cts
Feb. 23 - Send to Rockford for Candles 25 cts.
Feb. 24 - Went to Rockford, Bot paper collars 25 cts; Caries Troches 25 cts; For Shaving 10 cts; Crochet needle 5 cts
Mar. 3 - To presiding Elder of M. E. Church at Harrison 10 cts
Mar. 4 - At Durand PO Stamps 50 cts
Mar 5 - Painting Book case Mr. Telison, Durand $1.00; Gimlet Screws 10 cts
Mar. 8 - At Durand, Sweet Oil 10 cts
Mar. 9 - Send to Jones Bro., Cincinnati for Book Moses & Prophets $4.50; A. P. Journal, Fowler & Wells, N. York $1.00
Mar. 18 - Express from Cincinnati a book
Mar. 25 - Wright's Pills, Davis, Ill 25 cts
Mar. 26 - Paid to S. S. Richards 25 cts
Mar. 30 - On cars to Shirland from Durand 15 cts
Apr. 1 - Home on tram 15 cts; Bot at Durand PO Stamps 50 cts; Paper & envelopes 50 cts
Apr. 13 - Durand to Shirland on cars ½ fare 15 cts
Apr. 19 - of James Young $1.05
Apr. 20 - At Orangeville to P. E. 2 M. 25 cts
Apr. 22 - For pegging, Relepper Arnold 10 cts
Apr. 26 - Paid Mr. Patterson, Durand for fixing a pin on ¼ dollar 45 cts
Apr. 28 - of Mrs. John Jewett, Harrison 1 lb wool $1.50
Apr. 29 - Box of Blueing at Pecatonica 10 cts
Apr. 30 - 1 Bottle ink at Davis 5 cts
May 5 - Of R. Coony, Quarterage $2.00
May 9 - Rubber cord at Durand 10 cts
May 10 - Hair pins at Davis 5 cts
May 11 - Quarterage - D. S. Richards $1.00; Z. Messinger $1.50; G. Goodwin $1.00
May 12 - Quarterage - S. S. Richards $2.00
May 13 - Quarterage - P. Messinger $5.00
May 13 - At Brenneman, Davis, 1 Ker.[kerosene] Lamp $1.00; 1 Ker. Can 50 cts; 1 gal. Ker. Oil 50 cts
May 16 - Dr. Messick for filling Toot[h] Mr. Bender $1.00
May 22 - Bot at Durand things to Amt. of $3.33
May 23 - of Mrs. Kleckner 30 cts; Recd of Mrs. Kleckner $1.00
May 25 - Bot at Durand - 5 yds Sheeting $1.05; ¼ yd linen 17 cts; 1 paper pins 7 cts; 4 spools thread 20 cts; 4 Darning Kneedles 4 cts; Getting shoes taken off of horse & feet 10 cts; pared A quarters engraved for Emma K. 50 cts; Shirt Bosom 35 cts
May 26 - Recd of Jas Cervin 50 cts
May 29 - Sold Cow to C. T. Kleckner $40.00
May 30 - For Marr[y]ing Mr. Geo. O. Marents & Sophia Chest $5.00
May 30 - Bot at Durand of Lechtenberger & Co. - I stove $30.00; Knives & forks $3.50
June 2 - Send for Telescope $1.00; Marriage notice 25 cts
June 3 - Bot at Davis - 1 Box Matches 10 cts; 1 lb of 8 Nails 8 cts
June 3 - Recd 42 bbs [lbs ?] of flour, P. Messinger; Fetched Stove pipe Donated to us by G. Goodwin $2.00
June 4 - Bot at Davis - 1 Beauro $14.00;1 Table $5.25; 1 Sink $7.50; 1 Set of Chairs $4.75; 1 Looking glass $1.00; 1 Stove Brush 20 cts; Blacking 10 cts; Fire Shovel 25 cts; Wash Bowl 40 cts; Dust Pan 30 cts; Tin Cup 8 cts; Window papers (4) 50 cts; woodbox 20 cts; 1 qt. vinegar 10 cts; 1 ½ Bed cord 45 cts; 1 Tin pail 40 cts; 1 comb 25 cts; Water pail 37 cts; Brushbroom 15 cts
June 6 - 1 Tin Pan 27 cts; 1 ½ lbs Beef 19 cts.
June 7 - Salaratus 15 cts
June 8 - On train, Davis to Shirland 20 cts.
June 9 - of S. S. Richards $1.00
June 10 - At Rockford, Marriage Certi. 25 cts
June 11 - On Train, Durand, Davis 10 cts; Bot at Davis Table cloth 96 cts; Box Collars 30 cts; Salt Box 15 cts; ¼ lb Tea 55 cts; 3 ½ Sugar 50 cts
June 13 - Worked ½ day for Wm Keller 75 cts
June 13 - Bot Baking burrel 5 cts
June 15 - Barloga, Davis - 2 lbs Dried Apls 30 cts; 1 doz Buttons at Bonds, Davis 20 cts; At Brenneman 1 qt vinegar 10 cts
June 23 - Recd of W. Bear$5.00
June 24 - of J. W. Spangler 40 cts; Was presented with a Bible By Young, Spangler, T. Adleman & wife.
June 24 - 3 yds Shantung 60 cts; Paid to Mr. Martz $5.00
June 25 - Swapped fish hooks got Boot 20 cts
June 25 - Of Brenneman 7 lbs Sugar $1.00
June 27 - T. Bond Dr. - 1 day breaking stone, $1.50
June 27 - Bot at Bonels 4 glass jars, two butter plates, 1 pk. Potatoes
June 28 - T. Bond Dr. - 1 day breaking stone, $1.50
June 28 - 1 Stone jar of Brenneman 20 cts; Fler Sulphur 5 cts
June 29 - of a peddler 3 doz. shirt buttons 10 cts
June 30 - Recd at Joslyn $3.20
July 1 - Durand, 2 yds. Alpaca 80 cts
July 2 - T. Bond Dr. - 1 day breaking stone, $1.50
July 2 - Bot of Brenneman Raisins 15 cts; Pepper box 10 cts; Sack of salt 20 cts
July 3 - of T. Bond 1 Hat $3.00
July 3 - T. Bond Dr. - 1 day breaking stone, $1.50
July 4 - On Celebration Ground 30 cts; Bereker, Davis - Rubber cord 5 cts
July 9 - T. Bond Dr. - 1 day quarring, $1.50
July 10 - T. Bond Dr. - 1 day quarring stone, $1.50
June 11- T. Bond Dr. - 1 day quarring stone, $1.50
June 12 - T. Bond Dr. - 1 day quarring stone, extra work at making hay, $1.75
July 13 - T. Bond Cr. - ½ doz. buttons 17 cts; 2 ½ yds Muslin $1.72 ½; At Brenneman Sugar $1.00; Salt 20 cts
July 16 - T. Bond Dr. - 1 days work stone quarry, $1.50
July 16 - Bonds - ¼ lb Tea 45 cts; Prints $1.80; Hose 30 cts; Buttons 5 cts; Gloves 30 cts; Collars 25 cts; Lemon Ex. 20 cts; Pillow Cases $1.19; ½ doz. But. 10 cts
July 17 - T. Bond Dr. - 1 days work stone quarry, $1.50
July 18 - R. Weis Dr. - 1 day binding Rye, $2.50
July 19 - R. Weis Dr. - 1 day binding Rye, $2.50
July 22 - Paper needles , Brenneman 5 cts; Needles, Bonds 5 cts
July 23 - of Bond - 3Glass Jars $1.00; 5 yds Muslin $1.00
July 23 - R. Weis Dr. - ½ day stacking Rye -
July 24 - ½ day thrashing Rye -
July 25 - R. Wies, $5.00
July 26 - ¾ day thrashing Rye -
July 25 - Brenneman - Sugar 50 cts, Boot Brush 25 cts, Small Laux 50 cts
July 26 - Knopf - Mending Boots $1.00; Bonds - Sugar $1.00, 4 Bowls 40 cts, lamp chimney 20 cts
July 27 - J. Brenneman Dr. - Cash $2.00
July 27 - Potter - 1 pail 60 cts; Walkey - Mending wrench 10 cts; Brenneman - Small Lamp 50 cts, Fancy Soap 15 cts; Williams - Mending harness 50 cts
July 28 - Quarterly Meeting, W. Grove 25 cts
July 29 - J. Brenneman ½ gal Vinegar; At Bonds - 6 yds Muslin $1.26, 3 yds. Bleached 60 cts
July 29 - Albright for board $1.05
July 30 - 1 day in stone quarry $1.50
July 31 - 1 day in stone quarry $1.50
Aug. 1 - 1 day in stone quarry $1.50
Aug. 2 - Reagle -1 day harvesting $2.50
Aug. 3 - Reagle -1 day harvesting $2.50
Aug. 6 - Reagle -1 day harvesting $2.50
Aug. 7 - Reagle -1 day harvesting $2.50
Aug. 8 - Reagle -1 day harvesting $2.50
Aug. 9 - Reagle -1 day harvesting $2.50
Aug. 5 - Rockford for picture 15 cts
Aug 8 - Bonds - 10 yds. Calico $1.80, 5 yds. Shantung $1.05; Butcher - 2 ½ lbs Meat 30 cts
Aug. 8 - Recd of Mr. Weis $5.00, P. Messinger Potatoes 50 cts
Aug. 8 - T. Bond Cr - 10 yds. Prints $1.80, 5 yds. Sheeting $1.05 (total $2.85)
Aug. 10 - Received at 2 M. - J. T. Daugherty $1.00, Seibert $3.00
Aug. 10 - Brenneman - Cr. 1 pane of glass & bottle of Camphor
Aug. 11 - Geo. Dale 50 cts, P. Messinger $5.00. (total $9.50)
Aug. 12 - Paid to Mr. Martz $7.50; 1 bb beef 15 cts
(Aug. 12 - J. Riegle - Dr. ¾ of day Harvesting; Aug 13 - ½ day; Aug.14 - 1 day)
Aug. 13 - 1 Shirt bosom 45 cts
Aug. 15 - J. Bond Dr. - 1 day stacking $1.50
Aug. 15 - Smith - Peaches $1.50
Aug. 16 - J. Bond, Dr. - 1 day threshing $1.50
Aug. 16 - T. Bond - Sugar $1.00; Potato dish $1.50; 2 Sauce plates 70 cts; Beef 12 cts; Potter - Whetstone 30 cts, Butcher Knife 60 cts
Aug. 17 - 1 day threshing for T. Bond $1.50
Aug.17 - Wright - Peck Potatoes 24 cts
Aug. 20 - 1 day threshing for T. Bond $1.50
Aug. 20 - At Bonds - 1 dress $6.34; Sundries 73 cts - 1 pr. Hose 35 cts, 1 stick Braid 10 cts, 1 dozen eggs 12 cts, 2 yds. Lace 16 cts
Aug. 21 - ½ day threshing 75 cts
Aug. 21 - Hatchet at Potter, Davis 50 cts; Fish at Wendts 1 ½ lbs 15 cts
Aug. 22 - Freeport - 1 Spool thread 10 cts
Aug. 23 - 1 Pr Pinchers 45 cts, ½ lb smoking Tobacco 20 cts, Mending harness 5 cts
Aug. 24 - Bot at Freeport 1 paper clout nails 25 cts, 1 paper tacks 10 cts
Aug. 26 - bederwiller Candles 10 cts
Aug. 28 - Juda Candles 10 cts
Aug. 29 - Davis - Meet Beef 28 cts, Catarrh snuff 25 cts, ginger 10 cts; Bonds - Sugar $1.00, Brush 40 cts, eggs 10 cts; Potter - Cake Stove B[lack?] 10 cts, Beef 30 cts, Beef 28 cts; Brenneman - Sugar $1.00; Paper collars & C Bot of J. Smith $1.00
Sep. 2 - 1 day in Stone2 $1.50
Sep. 3 - 1 day in Stone2 $1.50
Sep. 4 - 1 day in Stone2 $1.50
Sep. 5 - Until 5 PM $1.25
Sep. 6 - ½ day 75 cts
Sep. 7 - 1 day $1.50
Sep. 9 - T. Bond - 1 oz. Cinnamon 10 cts, Coffee Mill
Sep. 10 - T. Bond Dr. - ½ days work 75 cts
Sep. 11 - 1 days work $1.50
Sep. 12 - 1 days work $1.50
Sep. 13 - T. Bond Cr. - 4 ½ yds. Ribbon 67 cts, 1 doz. Eggs 15, Crust sugar $1.00, Brush 40 cts; Kropf, Davis - Mending Boots $1.00; Brenneman - 1 Pane glass 15 cts; Smith & Orchs - Paper Cambore 40 cts
Sep. 15 - At Harrison Collection for Me $5.00, Also a Quilt valued $7.00
Sep. 17 - Recd of R. Wise $4.00
Sep. 17 - Bot Book Powers of Air $1.25
Sep. 18 - Bot Ladies & Men collars of Smith & Orths 45 cts
Sep. 19 - Send to Dayton for Book 90 cts
Sep. 20 - of J. Riegle 50 cts
Sep. 20 - Send for R. Telescope for J. Riegle $2.00; Brenneman 100 Matches 10 cts
Sep. 21 - G. W. Becker 1 belt 60 cts
Sep. 22 - At Ridott Church. Ded. 40 cts
Sep. 23 - For Beef 67 cts
Sep. 25 - ½ yd. Muslin at Bonds 10 cts; Fare to Freeport 25 cts
Sep. 26 - At Fare[Fair?] Freeport for Dinner 20 cts; 1 Spice safe $1.25; 1 Card for Ella Richard 10 cts; On cars from Freeport to Davis 25 cts
Sep. 27 - For Molasses at Davis, Geo. Becker 45 cts; Paid S. Arnold for Sewing 50 cts
Sep. 28 - 1 pr. Shoes of Knopf $3.50
Sep. 29 - Paid for Markwood at Spring Grove - A. Conference 25 cts
Sep. 30 - Brenneman 2 ozs. Prus[sian?] Blue, 2 ozs Oxalic Acid, ½ oz. indigo - total 50 cts
Oct. 1 - Bot at Bonds, Davis - Tea & buttons 37 cts; Brenneman ½ lb. Salsoda 5 cts; Smith & Orth 5 lbs. Carpet warp $3.00; On cars to Freeport from Davis 25 cts
Oct. I - Sold 1 ½ lbs. Woolen yarn $2.00
Oct. 2 - At Freeport - 1 brush and Boot Blacking 30 cts, Almond 10 cts; Fare on cars to Polo from Freeport $1.15
Oct. 4 - Recd from D. S. Richards $5.00
Oct. 6 - J. H. Young $5.00
Oct. 6 - Paid to Bishop $1.00; to S. S. Con. 25 cts
Oct. 7 - Missionary Dues $15.00
Oct. 8 - For Woolen Yarn $2.00
Oct. 8 - Mar. Certificate (2) 30 cts; On Cars Freeport to Davis 25 cts


If God loves those only who love him what better is he than Sinners. Luke 6. 32, 38.

Langes Commentary - James, Peter, John & Jude - Matthew - Mark & Luke. On Acts. Charles Scribners & Co., 654 Broadway, N. Y.

Sales of Books -
Moses & the Prophets
1 book to Mr. D. Goodrich - $3.50
1 R. Lord $4.00
1 J. G. Hoyt $4.00
1 Disaphone 15 cts


Names of eminent Men or Preachers in the Universalist Church - E. H. Chapin, H. W. Bellows, Sam Osgood, J. F. Clarke, O. B. Frothingham, J. G. Bartholomew, Dan Ballou, G. H. Hepworth, G. H. Emerson, R. Colyer, F. W. Hodge, T. J. Sawyer, W. H. Hyder.
Methodist Clergy - M. Simpson, E. S. James, Abel Stifens, E. Thomson, J. P. Durrin, J. McClintock, T. A. Morris, E. R. Ames, D. D. Whidon, Chas. Eliott, E. O. Haven, Wm Nast.

Geneseo, Henry Co., Illinois / Jos. Henry / Chis & R. Island RR / Bartlet Hoyt
Jesse Hunter, Box 562 Freeport, Ills. / D. F. Newton, 189 West 20 th St., NY
Title of Books - Home Trusts, Shining Light

Sermon Harrison Mission]. -

Apr. 7, 1867 - Bodine, Rom. 8.13 / Joslyn, Mat. 5.13 / P. Block, Rom. 8.13 / Harrison, Gal. 5.9 / Haines, Heb. 10.25 / Joslyn, Heb. 4.12 / P. Block, Heb. 4.12 / Harrison, Ps. 133.1 / Bodine, St. John 16.33 / Joslyn, G. Goodwin / P. Block, St. John 16.33 / Harrison / Haynes S. H. / Herman Dilparity / Prairie Block Rev. 2.17 / Baptism at Putnam S. H. / Bodine, Rev. 2.17 / Joslyn, Acts 19.27 / Harrison, Bro. Spangler / Haines, Depravity / Parsonage, Nehemiah 2.17 / Brick, Acts 19.27 / P. Block, Nehemiah 2.17 / Bodine / Joslyn / Harris. & Haynes / Parsonage, twice / Brick, twice / P. Block, three times.

Pinckney Schrack Aged 57 yrs Died on Easter ….

E. C. K. Proves himself to be unspotted from the world.

For dying - 2 oz. Prussian Blue; 2 oz. Oxalic Acid.

Valuable to know: In building chimneys, put a quantity of salt into the mortar with which the intercourses of brick are to be laid. Results - No accumulation of soot. The salt absorbs moisture every damp day, then the soot drops off.
A coating of Gum Copal varnish applied to the soles of Boots and repeated as soon as dry until the pores are full and the surface like Mahogany will make the sole waterproof. They will last three times a s long.
For catching fish oil Anise, oil Sena, oil Cumin, & Sweet Sicily root - Mixed Bait - angle worms. 1867

History of Santa Claus: Name St. Nichalaus von der Flere - Called by Children Santa Claus, or Kriss Kindle, or St, Nichalaus - and sometimes Brother Klauss. He lived in the time when Christianity was first introduced into Germany. His name still lives & is vivid in the minds of many. R. Whig

S. S. Richards for discipline paid 20 cts / J. M. Young for discipline, 15

[a rubbing of a 2 ct bronze coin, 1868]

teurer of old sores Mr. Keyes, Rockford, Ill.

Resolution for Conference on Temperence, on Tobacco Chewing.

Life of Apostle John / Joshua / Elijah / Mohammed

Missionary money Brick Class $11.11 / Haines School house 65

Seth C. Williams, Oakley, Green Co., Wis. / Text of G. Goodwin, 2nd Cor. 11.13m / Joshua 10.12 / Eph 5.4 / Awake the …. A house sets in for upon sending a diseased body

Cambells & Rices Debate delivered at Lexington, Ky. / Text of J. W. Spangler Roman & Ch 8, Ver 6

Bot at Freeport - Paid cash 90 cts. / 2 Cor. 5.10,11

Text of Sam Richards at Harrison Sunday Morning - Rev. 6 Chap, 17 ver. - First position. The antediluvian world. Then the present date

That every one may receive the things done in his body. For the love of Christ restraineth us, II Cor. 5 Chap.

Epicureans and Stoics - Acts 17, 18 ver. / Rev. 11.8 - Read it.

Chorises. Fare well sinner, I must leave you. Pilgrims must not tarry here. Our country is up yonder where the Savior doth appear.

Home, home Sweet, Sweet home / And dwell with Christ at home.

Summation -

At the beginning of 1867 Conrad and Clarissa were living with Bro. Jo Riche. This was probably John Riche, Uncle of Clarissa, in Durand, IL. On June 4 they moved to Davis and set up housekeeping. October 28 they were in the Spring Hill Parsonage, but on November Conrad "found" a home at Geo. Bayes. This may have been in Geneseo. There is the likelihood that the Spring Hill parsonage was not habitable. On November 4th they moved to Geo. Bayes and on the 5th they "Fixed up house and commenced housekeeping". The purchase of a stove and many items for housekeeping are listed in the items purchased on page 23f.
The number of related families is considerable. The Bender families include Conrad [1805] father, living with a nephew, R. Bender [son of Joseph] in Wisconson; Anna, mother, living with her son T[homas] T. Bender in Decorah, Iowa; and Benjamin Bender in Branson, Iowa. The Kleckner families: Charles T. - Rock Grove Twp., Stephenson County, Illinois with whom Conrad lived until married;

[Transcribed from diary in possession of Dennis Milroy, gggraandson, by Bill Bender, ggrandson, May 12, 2008]


[Written in the vicinities of Geneseo-Spring Hill, Henry County, Illinois.]

Submitted by Bill Bender

Jan. 1 - Nothing special transpired. Had a severe toothache. Was invited to attend a special dinner at Jesse Henney but stayed home all day. Pink Prairie Protracted meeting. Weather very fair No snow for sledding.
Jan. 2 - Stayed at home on account of Toothache. Was invited to a special dinner at M. Freeces Birthday celebration but Stayed at home all day. Weather fair. No snow.
Jan. 3 - As yet a severe toothache. Stayed at home all day. Weather rainy in AM.
Jan. 4 - Toothache as yet severe. Went to Atkinson. Had no preaching on account of the people having a school meeting in progress. Weather very fair. Beautiful moonshine.
Jan. 5 - In Co. with Bro. Lucas went to Spring Creek. Preached at 11 AM. Took Bro. Zimmerman into the church. Dined at H. Foneses. Preached at Geneseo at evening. Went home. W. fair.
Jan. 6 -At home til evening. Then went to Phenix and preached. Over night at Jo Henneys. Weather cold.
Jan. 7 - Visited Jesse Henney. Took dinner and then in Co. with M .Rickle and Jo Henney went to Mr. Browns. Took supper . Preached at school house. Then went home. W. cold.
Jan. 8 - Stayed at home till 1 PM Then visited Mr. Lenharts. Took dinner. Visited Mr. Jones. Stopped at M. Frees. Preached at School house. Over night at Jesse Henney. Weather cold.
Jan. 9 - Went to Jo Henneys and stayed all day. Preaching at School house by Rev. Bro. Fritz. Weather very cold.
Jan. 10 - In Co. with Geo. Bays and Mr. St. Mary went to Phenix. Preaching by J. H. Young. In morning went to Geneseo with M. Rickle. Concluded best to have no more preaching in The Hall. W. cold.
Jan. 11 - In Co. with wife visited Bro. Painters. Preached at Phenix schoolhouse at evening. Went home after meeting. W. very cold. No snow.
Jan. 12 - Went to Gephart and preached at 2 ½ PM and Colona at evening. Over night at J. Trunbuk. Weather very cold. Wind from the west.
Jan. 13 - Visited J. Folwler where I met Bro. Grumm & family. Visited Bro. Huff. Took dinner. Then went home. At evening preached at Phenix. Over night at Wm. Painters. W. cold. Wind from East
Jan. 14 - Went to Mr. Jonses and held prayer meeting. A good time was had. Took dinner there. Then went to D. Henneys. Then to M. Bronons. Took supper. Preaching at School house by J. H. Young. Went home. Weather mild.
Jan. 15 - Prayer meeting at home a good attendance was had. Went to Jos. Henneys. Also held prayer meeting at Mr. Anderson for his wife. Preached at School house. Over night at Jos. Henneys.
Jan. 16 - At Jos. Henney till after prayer meeting. Then in Co. with Jesse Henney visited Mr. Brown, Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Dasham. Preached at School house. W. cold. & blustering.
Jan. 17 - Went to Geneseo with Geo. Bay. Bot 2 yds Muslin, 1 Chimney, 2 Spools thread. Got horse shod. 1 gal Kerosene. Envelopes & paper. Went to Phenix to Meeting. J. H. Young preached. We. cold.
Jan. 18 - Stayed at home all day and studied. At evening in Co. with Geo. Bay went to Phenix and preached. A large audience. Death of Mrs. N. Anderson at 4 PM. Went home. Weather squally.
Jan. 19 - Preached at Phenix at 11 AM. Dined at Jos. Henney. At even Preached at Jackson School House. Over night at Wm. Weimer. W. fair and warm.
Jan. 20 - Went home via Geneseo. Met Bro. Pingry. In Co. with Geo. Bay attended funeral of Mrs. N. Anderson. Preached by Rev. Slack. Dined at Bro. Fareas. Preach at Phenix. Went home.
Jan. 21 - Fetched Mrs. Joslyn from Father Whiteheads. Wrote letters. At evening went to Phenix and preached. Good attendance.
Jan. 22 - Stayed at home till 2 PM. Then went to Father Jones to prayer meeting. Put up horse at D. Henney. Supped at J. Henney. Preached at Phenix. 9 Saught pardon. W squally. Over night at Painters.
Jan. 23 - Prayer meeting at Bro. Dashams. Woman is very sick with consumption. Stayed at Bro. Painters all day. Preached at School house at evening. W. windy.
Jan. 24 - Visited at Jones and Jos. Henney. Took dinner. Then went to Jesse Henney and held prayer meeting. After which went home. Jas Young held meeting at Phenix. W. fair. No sledding.
Jan. 25 - Prayer meeting at Mr. Freeses at 3 PM. Took supper then went to Phenix & preaching by Jas. Young. Went home. W. fair till evening then got squally.
Jan. 26 - Went to Colona Preached to Sabbath School at 11 AM. Took dinner at Trumbal. Preached at Salem at 3 PM. Went home. Weather fair.
Jan. 27 - Stayed at home all day. At evening preached at Phenix to a very large congregation. Weather very fair.
Jan. 28 - In Co. with Geo Bay attended a prayer meeting at W. McClellans. Dined at A. Philips. Preaching at Phenix by J. H. Young. Went home. Weather very cold.
Jan. 29 - Stayed at home all day till evening. Then in Co. with Wash Dawson went o Phenix and preached. Went home. W. very cold.
Jan. 30 - Helped to hold a Church Meeting at Jos. Henneys. Place for building a church was voted to Bro. Henney. Phenix preaching by Bro. Young. W. snowy. Went home.
Jan. 31 - Stayed at home till 3 PM. Then went to Phenix in C. with Bro. Young. Went and took supper at Mr. Dunlaps. Preached at Phenix. W. fair. Went home.
Feb. 1 - Stayed at home all day except going to Geneseo. Bot. $1.00 Sugar; Babbitt 15; Paid on Express for books 40 cts. At the hour of 10 at evening was born unto us a child - Joseph. Weather fair.
Feb. 2 - Stayed at home till evening. Then went to Phenix and preached to the people, a crowded house was had. Weather fair. Went home.
Feb. 3 - In Co. with Jos. Henney went to get money for building a Church. Stopped at Blairs, Weiners, Purs and D. Coosiers. Closed up protracted M. at Phenix. W. faie. Went home.
Feb. 4 - Stayed at home all day. Bro. M. Freece and wife & Mrs. Lenhart were here on visit. Weather very beautiful.
Feb. 5 -Stayed at home and wrote letters. W. Dawson & wife were here on visit. Weather very cold.
Feb. 6 - Went to town of Geneseo. Send to Dayton for $5.06 books. Weather blustering.
Feb. 7 - Went after Butter, Meat & Flour. Stopped at Mr. Freses, Jos. Henneys, Painters, Dashams, A. Phelps & Lenharts. Went home. Weather fair.
Feb. 8 - Stayed at home all day. Chopped wood & Studied. Weather snowy and warm.
Feb. 9 - In Co. with Geo. Bayes went to Phenix and preached at 10 ½ AM. Preached at Gephart at 3 PM. Went home. Weather cold.
Feb. 10 - Went to Geneseo and Chopped wood. Mrs. D. Henney was here on visit. Weather cold.
Feb. 11 - Went to Sodtown via D. Crosiers & Eight Mile Grove. Took supper at D. Myers. Over night at Geo. Ruck. Weather fair.
Feb. 12 - In Co. with J. H. Young & D. Myere went to Yorktown & back. Took dinner at Myeres. Prayer Meeting at Koogles and Supper. Over night at Jos. Newsom. Weather very fair. Send 2 ½ dollars to Bro. Spangler.
Feb. 13 -Visited Mr. A. Bastian School in the morning then visited Mr. Booth whose daughter had died the evening before at 7. Dined at Mr. Newsom. Prayer Meeting at Mr. Geo. Ruck. Preaching at School house by J. H. Young W. Fair. Over night at Mr. Berrys.
Feb. 14 - Funeral of Flora H. Bonker preached by J. H. Young at Yorktown. Took dinner at Mr. Booth & got horse shod by Channay. Over night at Rev. Derr. Preached at School house.
Feb. 15 - From Rev. Derrs went to Sandy Town. Called at Sister Bridy. Over night at Mr. Breckenridges. Weather warm, roads getting muddy.
Feb. 16 -Preached at Sandy Town at 11 AM. Dined at Sister Fullers. Preached at Spring Hill at evening. Over night at Mr. Hibberts. Congregations very large. Weather fair
Feb. 17 - Called on D. Fenton & Harry Lanfere. Dined at Bro. Youngs. Over night at Uncle Sabans. Preached at Foytown at evening. Weather warm, roads muddy
Feb. 18 - Went to Sodtown, got on to a 'big' Slough 'lost'. Stopped at M. Wacksberry, dined at Da Myers. Heard of the death of Mrs. Dasham. Preaching at School house by J. H. Young. Over night at Rev. Dir. W. fair.
Feb. 19 - All day at Rev. Dirs; at evening preached at Russels school house. Over night at Koogles. W. fair.
Feb. 20 - At Kooglers til 2 PM. Then went to School house where they held a law suit on road. Then in Co. with Rev. Dis went to Russell S. H. Took supper at J. Hogebourn. Rev. Dir preached. W. fair. Over night at Wacksberry.
Feb. 21 - Went to Mr. Deeds, Mr. Dean. Took dinner at Mr. Berge. Then in Co. with J. H. Young went to J. Howlet & stayed over night. Preached at school house. Had a great outpouring of the Spirit of God. W. Fair.
Feb. 22 - Went to 8 Mile after dinner at D. Meyers. Stopped at Mr. Cummings. Over night at N. Roberts. Weather pretty cold and windy.
Feb. 23 - Preached at 8 Mile at 11 AM. Dined at Crosurs. Preached at Center School house. Weather cold & blustering. Went home.
Feb. 24 - In Co. with wife visited Mother Joslyn & Mrs. Lutsen who are both sick. Went home via M. Freeses. W. cold.
Feb. 25 - At home till 4 PM. Then went to Geneseo Shopping. Weather very beautiful all day. Snow during the night.
Feb. 26 - Donation appointed at M. Freeses. Attendance small. Went home. Weather snowy.
Feb. 27 - Went to Sodtown. Stopped for Supper at L. Rofe. Went to Meeting. J. H. Young preached at ordinances. Weather blustering. Over night at A. Booth.
Feb. 28 - At A. Booth till PM. Prayer meeting there at 2 PM. Then went to G. Rucks. Over night at Harringtons. W. fair.
Feb. 29 - Went to Atkinson. Preached in the M. E. Church. Over night at Jno. Boice. Weather fair.
Mar. 1 - In Co. with Eli Lucas went to Spring Creek. E. Lucas preached. Dined at Harry Jones. Over night at Henry Jones. Weather began to rain at 11 ½ AM & to snow at 2 PM very desperately.
Mar. 2 - Went home via Geneseo. Roads badly drifted. Weather pretty cold.
Mar. 3 - Went to Sodtown. Took supper at Dan Meyers. Preached & closed the protracted meeting. Over night at Kooglers. Weather fair.
Mar. 4 - Went to Mr. Jacob Winchels. Preached his child's funeral, 7 months of age Took diner at Mr. Jones. Then went to Sprong. Over night at C. Lawfere. W. fair, roads muddy.
Mar. 5 - Visited Mr. Sur Fuller who is sick at Mr. Zimmermans. Started home at 11 AM. Weather very rainy. Wedding of Jos. Henry.
Mar. 6 - Went to Geneseo. Roads very muddy and Weather rainy.
Mar. 7 - Quarterly Con. At Phenix Center School house. Preaching by T. T. Hallowell. At evening by J. H. Young. Weather fair. Over night at Nutunless.
Mar. 8 - Love feast by Re. Mr. Trumbull at 9. Preaching at 10 ½ by Elder. Sacraments. In fare dinner at Jos. Henneys. Preaching at even by J. Kem Lockes. Went home. Weather fair. Roads Muddy
Mar. 9 - Chopped wood all day. Weather fair.
Mar. 10 - In Co. with Bro. Young were carried over & back on the river by M. St. Mary. Went to Geneseo. Weather very fair.
Mar. 11 - Stayed at home all day. Chopped wood & went hunting no good result. Weather squally.
Mar. 12 - Stayed at home. Only went to Phenix school house & Jos. Henneys on errand. Roads very Muddy. Water very high. W. fair.
Mar. 13 - Studied till noon. In PM went to Geneseo on foot. Found one of the bridges partly broken down. W. fair. Water rising.
Mar. 14 - Stayed at home till noon. Then went to Anderson Crosier & Stayed over night. Called on Bro. Ingram. W. fair.
Mar. 15 - Went to Sandy Town and Preached at 11 AM. Dined at Widow Fullers. Went to Spring Hill. No preaching on account of the Disappointment.
Mar. 16 - Stayed on Sunday night at Geo. Fullers. Got harness mended. Went to Foytown. No preaching at School house on account of rain. Over night at Uncle Sabans. We. Fair till evening.
Mar. 17 - Went to Sodtown & preached at evening. Stopped at M. Berrys. Also at Mr. Beg & Mr. Lie Russel. Over night at Mr. Ricks.
Mar. 18 - Visited C. Kooglers, L. Baldwin, Johnson & Attended the Christian Prayer Meeting at Russel Schol house at evening. Over night at Father Dirs.
Mar. 19 - People are plowing. Went to 8 Mile Grove. Stopped on way at Yorktown where I had left my horse. Then took dinner at Eldreds. Then went to Father Cliftons & Stayed over night. W. fair but cold.
Mar. 20 - Visited at Millers, Heckethons, Wm Kemnsis, Father Meyers, W. Robinson & Stayed over night at Gustavis Berrimans. Weather fair. Roads drying up good.
Mar. 21 - Visited Geo. Gay, Mr. Sollars, Mr. Cummings - where I dined - Mothis, Mr. Sollars. Over night at Bro. Kemnis. Weather fair.
Mar. 22 - Also at Spring Hill & family …. Preached at 8 Mile & Crosier. Dined - at Kemins. Went home. Stopped at Phenix where Bro. Young preached. Over night at D. Henry. W. fair.
Mar. 23 - Went home in the morning. At evening went and fetched corn at Jos. Henry. Weather very fair.
Mar. 24 - At home all day. Weather squally with rain. Rain during the night.
Mar. 25 -Raining nearly all day & cold. Studied.
Mar. 26 - Stayed at home all day, Studied. Weather fair.
Mar. 27 - Wife & I went to Atkinson. Took dinner at A. Leibomel in Geneseo. Over Fnight at Eli Lucas. Attended Children's Meeting at even. W. W….dry & cold
Mar. 28 - Stayed at E. Lucas till noon. Then went to Bro. Boice & stayed over night Preached in Methodist Church at evening. W. fair.
Mar. 29 - Preached at Spring Creek at 11 AM. Dined at Wm Weimes. Preached at Jackson School house at 3 PM. Preached at Mount Pleasant School house at even. W. fair. Over night at A. Blairs.
Mar. 30 - Went to Geo. Beers. Then back to Wm Weimes. Preached at Jackson School house at even. Commenced a protracted meeting. Over night at Wm. Weimes. W. fair.
Mar. 31 - Went home in AM & came back again at PM. Stopped over night at Jos. Weimer. Preached at School house. Weather very fair.
Apr. 1 - In Co. with Jos. Weimer went to Swiniges held prayers. Then I went to Isaac Goles and took dinner. Also to Asa Blairs. Over night at Wm Weimers. Preached at School house. W. cold.
Apr. 2 - Went to Geneseo. Visited at J. Hoovers. Took dinner there. Went to Mr. Gehrhart, took supper. Preached at School house. Went home after preaching. Weather cool.
Apr. 3 - Went to Mr. Stewards & Stayed over night. Preached at School house. Weather fair.
Apr. 4 - Went to Geneseo in the morning. Took dinner and supper at Mr. Liggets. Weather very cold and stormy. Went home.
Apr. 5 - Preached at Phenix in the morning. Took dinner at Jos. Henney. Preached at Gephart at 3 PM and at Colona at evening. Over night at Jos. Trumbull. W. fair but cool.
Apr. 6 - Went home in AM. Visited at Kemferlies and Huffs. Held Meeting at Jackson School at evening. Over night at M. Foecois. W. fair.
Apr. 7 - Wife & I went to Spring Hill. Stopped at Bro. Young. Dined at Lucy Bridies. In Co. with J. H. Young went to Pink Prairie. Over night at Jos. Henney. W. cold.
Apr. 8 - Went to W. Crums & held a reconciliation meeting. All things came off very favorable. All were reconciled & shook hands. Took dinner. Then went to Geneseo. Over night at Father Roberts.
Apr. 9 - Went to Spring Hill. Dined at Father Blairs. Stopped at Sister Birdies. Over night at J. H. Young. Weather very cold.
Apr. 10 - Visited Mr. Lur Fuller who is still pretty sick. Went home. Dined at O. Ingrams. Weather fair. Roads good.
Apr. 11 - Went to L. C. Pope & stayed over night via Geneseo. Dined at E. Lucas, Atkinson. Didn't preach at Popes School house on account of rain. A Heavy Snow Storm during the night,
Apr. 12 - Preached at Sodtown in AM. L. C. Rope preached at evening. Over night at A. Booth. Weather very cold & blustering
Apr. 13 - Went home. Stopped at D. Meyers. Dined at Widow Fullers. Stopped at Father Eldreds & at J. H. Youngs. Weather rained hard in PM.
Apr. 14 - Stayed at home all day. Weather cold & rainy.
Apr. 15 - At home all day & Studied, also made some garden. Weather very cold. Green River very high.
Apr. 16 - Studied & wrote letters till noon. Then in Co. with Geo. Baye went to Geneseo, crossing the River with boat. Weather cold & blustering, rain at evening
Apr. 17 - Stayed at home all day & studied. Weather very cold for this time of year. River falling.
Apr. 18 - Started for Sandy Town. Dined at D. Crosier. Over night at Randolph Besseys. Went to Spring Hill at evening to preach but only 4 appeared. No preaching. Weather fair.
Apr. 19 - Preached at Sandy Town at 11 AM. Dined at A. Crosiers. Preached at Crosiers at 3 PM. At 8 Mile Grove at evening. Over night at Wm Kennies. Weather very fair.
Apr. 20 - Went to Geneseo. Dined at J. H. Youngs. Over night at Jesse Henneys. Weather fair.
Apr. 21 - Went home & planted Early Potatoes. In Co. with Mother Baye visited Mrs. Lutson & stopped at Lenharts whose girl is sick. Visited Mrs. Dan Henney who is sick. Over night at Painters. We. Fair.
Apr. 22 - Attended Mr. George Racess funeral. Preached by Reverends Forkel & Crist. Dined at Relies. Went to Mrs. Fullers & Stayed over night. W. warm.
Apr. 23 - Went to J. H. Youngs. Dined and stayed over night. Stopped on the way at Father Cliftons. Weather cold & windy.
Apr. 24 - At J. H. Youngs all day. Had an appointment out at Shabony Grove but did not go on account of bad weather. Weather rained all day.
Apr. 25 - Started for Atkinson. Dined at Rev. Welch's who lives 3 miles west & south of town. Preached at Atkinson to Small congregation. Over night at E. Lucas. Weather cool & windy.
Apr. 26 - In Co. with E. Lucas went & preached at Spring Creek. Dined at J. H. Youngs. Preached at Jacks at 3 PM & at Mount Hope at evening. Over night at Jo Wimer. W. fair.
Apr. 27 - Went home. Weather very beautiful.
Apr. 28 -Stayed at home and Studied.
Apr. 29 -Studied till evening , at 4 PM. Then Went to Geneseo
Apr. 30 - Visited Mr. Adam Miller who is very sick with fever. Helped to haul away manure from the house. Also visited Mrs. Lutsen. W. fair.
May 1 - Studied & got ready to go to Sandy Town. But a heavy shower of rain Kept us back.
May 2 - Studied all evening then went to Lenharts. Weather cloudy.
May 3 - Heaviest rain known - Did not go to Phenix on account of rain. In PM went to Gephart and preached. Over night at Wash Dawson. Attended prayer meeting at W. Crumms at evening. Very heavy rain in PM.
May 4 - Went home in morning. Weather rainy in PM.
May 5 - Studied till 3 PM. Then went to Mr. Wm. Painter and got coat Stitched. Weather rainy.
May 6 - Green River very high - Stayed at home all day. Weather rainy with thunder showers. Mistake - Went to Geneseo in the afternoon with Mr. Coes, Boye.
May 7 - Stayed at home all day. Weather rainy.
May 8 - Went to J.H. Youngs. Helped to fix his door yd walk. Got acquainted with the Rev. Brown of Oakly Methodist E. Church. Called at M. Frees. Wife sick of fever. W. Fair.
May 9 - Green River still rising - Crossed the river in boat with Wm Wilcox, went to Geneseo. Weather raining all day. Didn't go to Sodtown on account of bad roads.
May 10 - Stayed at home all day. Weather very fair. But roads very bad. Didn't try to go to my appointments.
May 11 - Stayed at home all day and read U. B. Church History. PM went to Mr. St. Mary on the little boat. Weather fair.
May 12 - River falling a little - Helped to plant potatoes & studied or read U. B. Church history. Weather very fair. Mem. - A Slight Rheumatism in my right Shoulder.
May 13 - Went to J. H. Youngs to plant corn but rain prevented us. Went home in PM. Weather rained from 9 AM to 4 PM.
May 14 - Helped Geo. Baye to plant corn & Sugar cane and Studied. Weather drizling rain. In Memoriam - Mary Bary was very sick. Went after Mother Joslyn to St. Maries on boat.
May 15 - In Co. with Geo. Baye went to Geneseo with Mr. Rose & back. In Mem. - Mr. J. White is here on visit. Weather very warm.
May 16 - Started for Sandy town. Visited Mrs. Lutzen. Got into a Slougy place & broke my Whipletree of buggy. Stopped at O. Ingrams and got it fixed & Took dinner. Called at Urdon Fullers. Over night at Bro. Libleys. W. fair.
May 17 - Addressed Sunday School & preached at Sandy Town. Dined at A. Crosiers. Preached at Crosier at 3 PM & at 8 Mile at 5 PM. Over night at Nelson Roberts. Weather very fair.
May 18 - Pastorating - Went to Mr. Colemans & Took breakfast. Then went to Woolson. Then to Cummings. Then to Mr. McCrea. Dined at Henry Joles. Stopped at Mr. Solers, at N. Roberts, J. H. Young. Then went home. W. fair.
May 19 - Visited Sister Lotson in AM. Then planted corn in PM for Geo. Baye. Weather very fair.
May 20 - Stayed at home & studied all day. Weather very fair. My health getting better.
May 21 - Wedding contemplated between J. ?irr & A. Joslyn but not consummated. - Stayed at home till evening then went to Jackson School house, prayer meeting. Over night at J. H. Youngs. W. fair.
May 22 - Went to Geneseo. Then went to Henry Jones & dined. Stopped with Father Jones. Supper at Asa Crooks. Over night at Father John Whites. Weather very warm.
May 23 - Went to Atkinson. Stopped at Gilbert Whites. Dined at Hibberts in Shabony Grove. Saw Mr. Browning. At evening held prayer meeting at father Pearsons. Over night at J. Boices in Atkinson. Weather fair.
May 24 - At 10 ½ AM Preached at Spring Creek. Dined at J. Hoovers in Geneseo. Preached at Jackson at 3 PM. Then wife & I went to D. Crosiers and stayed over night. Weather very warm.
May 25 - In morning before breakfast visit O. Sovereign. Took breakfast. Then visited T. Bolen. Dined at J. Sherks. Then went to Spring Hill and got horse shod. Then visited T. Fentons. Then went home. Stopped at W. Painters. Weather fair.
May 26 - Studied all day. Weather rainy during the night.
May 27 - Helped M. Frees plant corn. Weather very fair.
May 28 - Studied till PM. Then in Co. with Geo. Baye went to Geneseo. Roads very muddy. Weather rainy.
May 29 - At home all day. Weather fair.
May 30 - Wife and I started for Calina. Dined at Alfred Phelps. Visited Bela Phelps. Over night at Jesse Henney. Weather fair.
May 31 - 10 ½ Preached at Phenix & addressed Sunday School. Dined at M. Freas. Preached at Gephart at 3 PM. Supped & over night at Trumbul. Preached at Calina at evening. W. fair.
June 1 - Went home. Breakfasted at Bro. Huffs. Visited at Kemperlies. Dined at W. Dawsons. Visited Sister Hutson. Arrived at home at 4 PM. Weather fair. Rain at noon.
June 2 - Started for Sodtown. Took dinner at D. Crosiers and on account of a heavy rain Stayed over night at Moses Chiptons. Hail Storm at Sodtown. Spoiling a great many things.
June 3 - On way to Sodtown Dined at Father Sabaus. Preached at Sodtown. Over night at A. Booths. Weather fair. Roads very muddy. Sloughs many.
June 4 - Left family at Booths. Took a walk to Newsoms to Rucks & to D. Meyers. Dined at A. Booths. Went to Kooglers & Johnson. Held a Meeting at School house. Over night at Booths. Weather very rainy.
June 5 - In the morning visited Bro. Howlet and Moores. Dined there. Over night at A. Booths. Weather rainy, a heavy storm in the evening.
June 6 - Quarterly Meeting - Dined at D. Meyers. Stopped at Rucks. Elder preached at 1 PM. Quarterly Conference at 4 PM. Poor attendance On account of bad roads. Over night at Newsom.
June 7 - Love Feast at 9 AM. Preaching at 11 Sacrament. Collection for Elder $10.87. Children's Meeting at 3 PM of which I was President. Missionary Meeting at evening. Over night at H. Berrys. Weather fair.
June 8 - Visited C. Koogler and dined at Kooglers. Visited Johnsons. Took supper. Then went to Father Dirs. Got Sloughed on the way, but nothing hurt. Prayer meeting at Dirs & over night. W. fair.
June 9 - In Co. with J. H. Youngs visited Samuel Dirs & Took dinner. Then went to Foytown & Preached at evening. Over night at Sabanss. Weather fair.
June 10 - In Co. with J. H. Young attended the funeral of Miss Hogeboom at Russel School house. Buried at Levi Baldwins. Dinner at Johnsons. Over night at Eldreds. Preaching at S. H. by J. Hisom. W. fair.
June 11 - In Co. with J. H. Youngs folks went and dined at Mrs. Thomas. Then went home. Weather very warm.
June 12 - Stayed at home all day and read. Weather warm. Fished some at morning.
June 13 - Started on my work via Geneseo. Dined at J. H. Youngs. Stopped at Geo. Beers, but they were gone from home So we went & Stayed over night at Father Kimmers. Weather warm.
June 14 - Preached at 8 Mile. Dined at Father Chifton. Preached at Crosiers. Supped at A. Crosiers. Preached at Sandy Town at evening. Over night at Fuller. We. Fair.
June 15 - Went home. Got harness fixed at Spring Hill. Got Potatoes at Besseys. Visited Bolons. Dined at Bro. J. Shirks. Went to Latsins, but found him away. Helped to plant corn at even. W. fair.
June 16 - Helped St. Mary plant corn till noon. Then studied and at evening in Co. with Geo. Baye went to Geneseo. Weather very warm.
June 17 - Oiled buggy harness. Then visited with Geo. Beers & wife all day. Weather very warm.
June 18 - At home, all was somewhat unwell. Caught 3 Cat fish. Weather very warm.
June 19 - Studied about all day. Weather rained heavy this morning.
June 20 - Went to Spring Creek. Dined and stayed over night at Henry Jones's. Weather cold & Squally
June 21 - Preached at Spring Creek at 10 ½. Dined at H. Crooks. Went to Jackson S. H. Rickel preached in my place. Attended prayer meeting at Union S. H. then went home. W. fair.
June 22 - Fetched corn. Stayed at home all day. Wife Took sick during the night. Weather very fair.
June 23 - Had thought of going to Canoe Creek circuit, On account of sickness stayed at home & took care of wife who was sick with Erysipelas ["red skin", an acute streptococcus bacterial infection].
June 24 - Stayed at home. Saw Yankee Robinsons Elephant cross Green River bridge. Weather very fair.
June 25 - Stayed at home all day and studied. Felt Joyous in reading of Christ. Weather very fair.
June 26 - J. H. Young came after on and took me to Canoe Creek. Preached at evening at the Church. Over night at Hiram Walkers. Weather very warm. Crossed at Talkots Ferry.
June 27 - Visited James Walkers. Took dinner. Then attended PM Prayer meeting in church. Helped to fix seats in Grove. Supped at Wm. Ennis' Preaching at evening by H. Scott. Over night at J. Grimms. Weather very fair.
June 28 - Attended Love Feast in the morning at 9 AM in Grove. Opened by J. H. Young. At 10 Preaching a Missionary sermon by Hallowell. 50$ subscribed. Dined at the Camp Ground. Preaching in PM by Lackey and Preaching at evening by J. H. Young. Over night at . . . .
June 29 - Called at Grimms and H. Walkers. Then went home. Crossed Rock River at Talkots ferry. Called at Mrs. Latson. Fished in PM. Weather very warm.
June 30 - Helped Geo. Baye to plow corn about all day. Weather very warm and a little rain at evening.
July 1 - Stayed at home and Studied. Weather warm, rain at evening and during night.
July 2 - Went to Geneseo in PM. Picked Currents at Mr. Aldens. Weather fair.
July 3 - Helped Geo. Baye to Plow Corn all day. Weather warm.
July 4- Acted Chaplain & made a Speech at Gepharts Sunday School Celebration. Then went to Sodtown. Over night at L. C. Popes. W. warm.
July 5 - Sodtown address Sunday School & preached at 11 AM. Dined at A. Booths. Stopped at Rucks and got a Quilt which was given to Mrs. Bender. At Webs over a Thunder storm. Over night at Bussers. Preached at Woodwards Blythe.
July 6 - Went home via Prophetstown & Dined at Sister Fuller. Stopped at Ingrams. Suped at W. Painter Home. W. very warm.
July 7 - Went to Jesse Henneys and fetched a bu. of potatoes for Miss Baye. Weather very fair.
July 8 - Rye Harvest - Commenced to help Geo. Bye Cutting his Rye. Worked in PM. W. warm.
July 9 - Worked all day for Geo. Baye in Harvest. W. very warm.
July 10 - Worked Ditto. W. Ditto.
July 11 - Thermometer 108 in shade - Quarterly Meeting - Worked in Harvest field till noon. Then in Co. with wife went to Jackson S. H. to Q. Conference. Preaching at evening by D. Meyers. Over night at Jo Wermus. W. fair.
July 12 - Love feast at 9 AM by H. Lieberknicht. Preaching at 10 ½ by Haliwell. Sacraments at 12. Preaching at 3 by Clifton. Babtism in Green River by Young & Hallowell. Went home. W. Squally.
July 13 - Worked all day for Geo. Baye in Rye field.
July 14 - Our little Joseph took sick today. Went to Colona. Dined at W. Dawsons. Stopped at Geo. Huffs. Special chat with Jas. Trumbols. Took supper at Wily Whitied. Went home. W. very warm.
July 15 - Went for Dr. Barnes who prescribed for our little boy. Began to wash my buggy, preparatory to painting. Sent for Dr. Barnes. W. warm.
July 16 - Worked at my buggy. Weather very warm. Our baby had 5 fits. One lasted an hour.
July 17 - Went again for Dr. Barnes for our baby. Worked at my buggy. W. warm.
July 18 - Death of our little boy at 1 ½ AM. Present at his death Geo. Baye & Wife, & Mrs. Joslyn with ourselves. Disease Inflammatory Rheumatism [possibly rheumatic fever]. Weather warm,
July 19 - Funeral preached by J. H. Young at 11 AM at Geo. Bayes house, buried on Pink Prairie. Weather rainy in the morning.
July 20 - Finished painting my buggy in the AM. PM went to Geneseo and settled with the Doctor & the Coffin maker. Weather fair.
July 21 - Varnished my buggy till noon. Then started on visit home to Winnebago Co. Stopped at M. Freese & Bro. Youngs. Over night at Sister Bridys. Weather rained in morning.
July 22 - On our way home to Durand Camped at noon. Over night at Rev. Rogers. Wife was sick with Chills & fever. Weather very fair.
July 23 - Went by the way of Polo. Took dinner at P. Hurless, Adaline. Over night at Bro. Seiberts. Wife was very sick in PM. W fair.
July 24 - Got to Joseph Riches at 11 AM. Via Davis Station. Over night at Riches
July 25 - Helped in Harvest field, Raked off Wheat & Oats. Weather fair. Wife sick in PM.
July 26 - Wife's Birthday - In Co. with James Riche went after the Dr. Vanwafza. Weather fair. Wife sick in PM.
July 27 - Stayed at home till evening then went to Durand and fetched ague Pill from Dr. Vanwalza. Weather very fair.
July 28 - Went to Jacob Bests and fetched Parsley. Picked Cherries at John Riche's. Went after Pills at evening. Weather fair.
July 29 - Raked off Oats all day. Weather very fair and warm. Wife got rid of Ague.
July 30 - Raked off Oats all day. Weather fair.
July 31 -Worked in Oats field till PM.
Aug. 1 - Worked in Oats field all day. Weather Fair.
Aug. 2 - Stayed at home all day. Weather fair.
Aug. 3 - Helped to harvest Oats till 2 PM then went to Mr. C. T. Kleckners. Supped at Mr. Cross's. Called at C. M. Gifts. Over night at Kleckners. W. fair.
Aug. 4 - Joseph Riche very sick. In Co. with J. F. Kleckner visited Brofst Kims's, D. H. Kleckners, Jrom Goodrich and dined visited Mrs Boas and Supped at C. T. Kleckners. Then went home. Weather fair.
Aug. 5 - Went to Wm Bodines and fetched Mrs. Bodine up to do work. Visited R. Cooney. Went home via Durand. Weather very fair.
Aug. 6 - Went to John Wallaces, found Harriet very sick with fever. Took dinner then went after Dr. Vanwalzah. Bot Durhel. Got letter from Sister Mary [sister living in Iowa]. W. fair, rain at evening.
Aug. 7 - In the morning went for Wife to Jno. Wallaces, return at noon via Durand. Weather very fair.
Aug. 8 - Went to Durand. Helped some at home. Took Aunt Hitty home at evening. Weather very fair.
Aug. 9 - At home till 2 PM. Then went to Durand. Heard Elder Hodges preach. Saw the Dr. for pills. Then went home. W. fair.
Aug. 10 - Studied and took care of father in law. Visited awhile at Jno. Riche's. Weather rainy.
Aug. 11 - In Co. with Jas. Riche went to Davis. Visited Rev. Gibbens, T. Bonds & Jno. Kleckners. Took dinner at Kleckners. Weather fair.
Aug. 12 - Got ready and at noon started for Spring Hill. Went as far as Rev. P. Hurleys, Adeline & stayed over night. W. fair.
Aug. 13 - Started at 9 AM. Went as far as Polo. Dined & over night at Bro. Boons. Visited Rev. Statton & Supped with him. Stopped at Rev. Rogers. W. fair.
Aug. 14 - On my journey passed through Prairieville. Dined on the common at Sterling. Over night at Geo. Beer's. Weather quite warm.
Aug. 15 - Went to Rev, J. H. Youngs. In PM started for Sodtown. Over night at L. C. Pope. Weather warm.
Aug. 16 - Preached at Sodtown. Dined at Geo. Rucks. Preached at Foytown at 4 PM. Then attended Prayer meeting at Sodtown at evening. Over night at H. Berris. W. fair.
Aug. 17 - Visited C. Koogler, D. Meyers. Dined at J. Meyer's. Over night at J. H. Youngs. W. fair.
Aug. 18 -In Co. with J. H. Young went to Geneseo. Over night at home.
Aug. 19 - Helped Geo. Baye to put up his granary and studied some. Weather fair.
Aug. 20 - Worked till noon for Geo. Baye. Then went to Pink prairie. Over night at Jos. Henneys. Recd letter from Wife.
Aug. 21 - Visited Mrs. Jas. Henney who is very sick. Went to Geneseo for Elder Hallowell. He did not come. Then visited Rev. Slack. Took dinner. Then went and stayed over night at B. Bosworth. W. fair.
Aug. 22 - Quarterly Meeting - In Co. with H. Scott went to Prophetstown to see H. C. Smith. Dined at B. Bosworth. Preaching in School house by Elder Hallowell. Q.M. at 3 and after. Preaching at even. Preaching by Rev. Midler. Over night at B. Bosworth.
Aug. 23 - Love feast by Rev. Meyers. Preaching at 10 ½ by the Elder. Dined at Mr. Wallingfords. Preaching at each by Rev. Scott. Over night at B. Bosworths. Weather fair all of the time at the QM.
Aug. 24- Visited Geo. Fuller, Mother Taylor, D. Fentons, R. Bessey. Over night at H. Crosiers. Weather very fair.
Aug. 25 - Went to Slanson. Dined at J. Sibleys. Then visited Sister Woodside and went to Fisby. Stopped at B. Bosworths. Revised Sandy Town Class book. Over night at Sister Fullers. W. fair.
Aug. 26 - Went home via D. Fentons, A. Crosiers, O. Ingrams, J. Shirks. Dined at D. Crosiers. Then went to Bro. Youngs. Who were all sick. Then went to Geneseo & home. Weather fair.
Aug. 27 - Went to Buffens & Mr. Shurbs and studies. Weather fair.
Aug. 28 - At 10 AM started for Sodtown. Via Geneseo, J. H. Youngs, L. C. Popes. Over night at C. Harringtons. Weather rained till 10 AM.
Aug. 29 - Visited and dined at D. Meyers. In Co. with J. H. Knowlton visited H. Berry, C. Koogler, M. Berry. Held official Meeting. Over night at D. Meyers. Weather rain.
Aug. 30 - Opened Sunday SS and preached farewell Sermon. Dined at H. Berris. Supped at J. M. Sabans at Foytown. Preached at the Bluff. Over night at Bursery. W. rainy.
Aug. 31 - Took Rev. Herman Scott home. Dined at D. Crosier. Crossed Rock River at Talcots. Over night at Rev. Scotts. Weather Misty.
Sep. 1 - In Co. with H. Scott went to Port Byron. Crossed Rock River at Cleveland. Dined at W. Whited's. Went home. Then footed it to Geneseo. Over night at A. Liebeknicht. W. fair.
Sep. 2 - Went home in AM. In PM went to J. H. Youngs. Stayed over night. Weather rained commencing at 4 PM. C. Bender.
Sep. 3 - Took J. H. Young and went home via Geneseo. Rec'd letter from Mr. C. Bender, answered in ---------- Store. Lunched at Zimmermans at 10 ½. Over night at home. Weather fair.
Sep. 4 - Stayed at home till 4 PM. Then Took J. H. Young home via Geneseo. Wrote letter for M. Penrod. Over night at Jos. Henneys. Weather fair & cool.
Sep. 5 - Visited Jesse Henney, M. Frees. Dined at Bro. Shirks. Visited Bele Phelps, Jos. Gleason & Hinningers. Over night at Jos. Henneys. Weather rainy in PM.
Sep. 6 - Held Class Meeting at Phenix, Dined at Jos. Henneys. Addressed a S. S. Meeting at Gephart. Over night at James Truhart. Weather cool.
Sep. 7 - On train went to Moline. Breakfasted at Mr. Pierces. Then in Co. with Rev. Hallowell visited the sights of Moline. Dined Then went to Rock Island. Then Crossed the Mississippi and looked at Davenport. Saw rope walker. Over night at Rev. Hallowells. W. fair.
Sep. 8 - Went home on train to Colona. Stopped at Welshes, Kimberlies, Huffs. Dined at Grumms. Settled the class with some trouble. Went home. Weather rained in the morning.
Sep. 9 - Started for Foytown via Geneseo. Dined at Rev. Youngs. Stopped at Haskins. Over night at Bro. R. Burroughs. Weather fair.
Sep. 10 - Before breakfast went to father Eldreds then to Sobans, then to Father Dirs & dined. Then went to L. F. Johnsons. Then to Kooglers, then to Henry Buries. Over night at A. Booths. Attended prayer meeting at evening. Weather fair.
Sep. 11 - Started to Atkinson. Stopped at D. Meyers. Called at J. Harrington. Dined at L. C. Popes. Then to Annawan. Over night at E. Lucas at Atkinson. Visited J. Boice. Weather fair.
Sep. 12 - Went to Spring Creek to J. White, Gilbert White. Visited Mrs. Robinson and Mr. Crook. Dined & over night at H. Jones. Weather very fair.
Sep. 13 -Preached & revised Class at Spring Creek at 11 AM. Dined at Asa Crooks. Preached at Jackson School house. Went home at evening. W. fair. In my dedication of Evan Church at Pink Prairie.
Sep. 14 - Helped Geo. Baye thrash in AM. In PM helped to cover Bin. J. H. Young moved here to stay. Weather very fair.
Sep. 15 - In PM went in Co. With Geo. Bayes to Colona to hold a business Meeting, failed in the attempt. Stopped on the way to Fowley, Dana McHenry, Huffs, Kemperleys. Over night at Mr. Wes Shern.. Weather rained in AM.
Sep. 16 - In morning went to Oakley. Took train to Geneseo. Then went to 8 Mile with Jno. Krause. Dined at Geo. Beers. Stopped at N. Robert , C. Clemens, /Solars. Over night at Riffon. Weather fair.
Sep. 17 - Went to Spring Hill. Got horse shod by Irishman. Dined at M. Fullers. Went home by O. Ingrams & Mr. Painters. Weather fair.
Sep. 18 - Went to Geneseo with Geo. Baye & boot T. Weather fair.
Sep. 19 - Paid Geo. Baye 50 cts for helping me fix my buggy. Got ready in PM & started for home. Stopped at Les & Jos. Hermans at W. Ramten. Over night in. W. rainy all day.
Sep. 20 - Preached at 8 Mile at 10 ½. Farewell sermon. A good time was had at parting. Dined at Rev. Clifords. Ria Leiberknight preached for me at Crosiers. Supped at Crosiers. Preaching at Sandy Town by Leiberknight. Over night at Fullers. Weather fair.
Sep. 21 - In Co. with A. Leiberknight. Started at 3 ½ AM for Polo. Took the cars at 3 PM for Freeport. Then took cars for Davis. Arrived at home at 7 PM. Cost on Cars $1.05. Weather rained at evening.
Sep. 22 - Stayed at home all day except an hour at Jno. Riches. Took care of Jas. Riche who is sick with fever. Weather got very cool in PM.
Sep. 23 - Dined at Jno. Riches. Got ready and started for Conference. Wife & I were taken to Durand by Jas. Riche. Took train at 5.15. Fare to Freeport, 2 tickets $.30. Bot Cakes at Freeport 15 cts. Cars to Forreston. Over night at Godfrey Piper. W. fair.
Sep. 24 - Annual Conference of Rock River - Boarded at Godfrey Pipers. Attended Conference. Was examined on first years courses reading at evening by Johnson & Hallowell. Preaching by Kurts from Iowa. Weather rainy.
Sep. 25 - Was transferred from first year to second without any trouble. Still boarded at G. Piper. Preaching at evening by Professor Kephart. 2nd Cor. Weather clear.
Sep. 26 - All day at our boarding place for board. Attended Conference. Preaching at evening by Shiney. Weather rainy all day.
Sep. 27 - Love feast at 10 AM. Preaching by Kurts at 10 ½. Collection for Bishop Amt. $100.00. Sunday School convention at 3 PM. Preaching at evening by Shiney. Weather changeable.
Sep. 28 - At G. Pipers. Attended Conference till 2 PM. Then went to Meeting by way of Freeport, arrived there at evening. Weather very fair.
Sep. 29 - Started for C. T. Kleckners via Cedarville & Rock Grove, also Sciota Mills. Saw Jesse Henney. Dined and over night at C. T. Kleckners. Weather very fair.
Sep. 30 - Jas. Riche run crazy - Went home in PM via Jerome Goodrich and Grave yd.. Weather rained till 2 PM. Roads muddy.
Oct. 1 - Went to Durand in PM, engaged Dr. Vanvalya for Jas. Riche. Visited Jno Riche's. Helped Josiah Riche to load sugar cane. Weather very fair.
Oct. 2 - Went with Jos. Riche to Walnut Grove. Stopped at Mrs. Kins at --- Sale. At evening went to Wm. Bodines. Stayed over night. Weather very fair but cool.
Oct. 3 - Bot songster 15 cts. In the morning went to Harrison to attend a S. S. picnic. A. Fizzle - Dined at Burbanks. Lunched at D. S. Richards. Attended Political by Judge Miller of Rockford at Durland. Supped at Mr. Parchs. W. fair.
Oct. 4 - Filled preaching app. At Durand for Jno. Riche at 10 ½. Opened S. S. for Blake. Had a scuffle with Jas. Riche who was trying to get away from D. Goodrich. Wake all night. W. fair.
Oct. 5 - Was at home nearly all day. At evening went to Durand, fetched O. Parch to stay with Jas. Riche. Weather fair.
Oct. 6 - At Mother Riches - Stayed at home till PM then went to Davis and tried to sell our Pony - Cricket. Poor success. Weather squally.
Oct. 7 - Went to Durand with Geo. Parch. Then in PM went to Davis to sell our horse. Weather cold and squally with rain.
Oct. 8 - Went on search of old Mrs. Clark to work for Mother Riche. She was gone to Beloit on her way East. In Co. with Jno Wallace went to Avon. Dined at Jnos. W. cold.
Oct. 9 - Went to Durand in AM. PM went in search for a hired girl. At Chambers, Shicklens, Christian Eckerts and Mrs. Longs, found none. Weather cool.
Oct. 10 - Helped around home all day. Stopped a little while at Jno. Riche's. Weather fair but rained a little.
Oct. 11 - Around home all day. Jamie is not much better. Weather very fair.
Oct. 12 - Wife and I in search of a hired Girl, found none. We were at the following places, Warners, Matoons, Cretsins & Mr. Potters. Went home. Weather fair.
Oct. 13 - Went to Jno. Riche's and fetched yeast. Went to Mr. Godrichs & back. Weather rainy.
Oct. 14 - Started to Ottowa Circuit via Spring Hill Circuit. Camped out for dinner at Fanwells bridge. Over night at Rev. Heartands. Weather fair.
Oct. 15 - Went through Polo. Dined at a little grove 3 miles north of Prairieville. Passed through Sterling & Prophettown. Over night at Widow Pullerz. Weather fair.
Oct. 16 - Went to Fenton to Rev. Cliftons to receive a present of quilt Pieces. Dined at D. Crosiers. Stopped at Painters. Over night at Geo. Bayes. Weather fair.
Oct. 17 - Packed our goods and furniture. At evening went and stayed over night at W. Orume. Weather cool.
Oct. 18 - Attend Center S. S. & Preached at H. school house. Dined at Geo. Bayes. Then went to Pink Prairie Grave Yard. Over night at Geo. Bayes. Weather foggy.
[ Moved to Earlvile, La Salle County]
Oct. 19 - Started from Geo. Bayes to Ottawa. Visited Jes & Jos. Henneys. Dined at M. Fries. Over night at L. C. Popes. Weather very fair.
Oct. 20 - Went to Sodtown. Dined at D. Meyers. Then went to C. Kooglers. Who took us to Long Is. Held service in S. H. at evening. Weather raining in PM. Over night at Kooglers.
Oct. 21 - At 10 AM Started again on our route to Ottawa via New Bedford & Limerick. Over night at J. Dodson. Weather misty all day.
Oct. 22 - On our way passed near La Moille and through Mendota. Send Letter to M. Fries. Stayed over night at J. Eckarts. Went to prayer meeting at the church.
Oct. 23 - Started again. Passed through Harding. Arrived at Bro. Wheelers at noon. Stayed over night. Weather cold and cloudy.
Oct. 24 - Went to Bro. Yagers and to Ottawa. Stayed over night at P. Yager. Weather fair.
Oct. 25 - Preached at Buck Creek and at Dix appointments. Weather fair.
Oct. 26 - Went in Co. with Wife to see about renting a house in Harding. Went back and reported. Dined at Bro. Dolphs. Then went to Rev. Wood. Stayed over night. Weather fair.
Oct. 27 - Started for the north part of Ottawa Circuit. Landed at Bro. Nols and stayed over night. Went to Earlville. Dined at Bro. Langleys. Found a house to live in at Mr. Simisons.
Oct. 28 - In Co. with C. Noe visited Jos. Gyere. Dined at Reuben Halls. Went to Bro. Noe. Formed and acquaintance with Mr. Daim. Held Prayer meeting at C. Noe. Over night at C. Noe. W. fair.
Oct. 29 - Started for East App. Stopped at Edward Noe. Dined at Dows. Took Supper at B. Randalls and after prayer in Co. with Rev. Mumgilitlys went & Stayed over night. W. fair.
Oct. 30 - Stayed all day at Rev. Margileths and all night. Studied and sawed fire wood. Weather squally with rain.
Oct. 31 - Stayed till after dinner then went to C. Nols and stayed over night. Weather misty till 2 PM. Also some rain.
Nov. 1 - Held Divine service at Twin Grove S. House at 10 ½ AM. A shout was had in the Camp. A good turnout. Dined & over night at B. Randalls. Prayer meeting at Randalls. W. fair.
Nov. 2 - Earlville - Went to Dick appointment. Dined at Enoch Langleys. Over night at Geo. Keiths. W. fair.
Nov. 3 - Visited Bro. Thomsons. Took dinner. Over night at H. Dolph. Weather fair and warm.
Nov. 4 - Moved to Earlville. Bros. Dolph and Clifford helped. Over night at Wm. Langleys. W. fair.
Nov. 5 - Earlville, Ill. - Rigged up and began house keeping again. Are getting along very well. Weather fair.
Nov. 6 - Stayed at home and studied.
Nov. 7 - Started to my appointments. Rained all the day. Stopped at Bro. Dolphs. Stayed over night.
Nov. 8 - Rained all day. Stayed over night again at Bro. Dolphs.
Nov. 9 - Still raining with no prospect of Stopping. All day and all night at Isaac Dolphs.
Nov. 10 - Went home to Earlville. Weather cold, ground freezing. Religious enjoyment tolerably good.
Nov. 11 - At home all day and Studied. Commenced Sawing wood at evening. Weather fair.
Nov. 12 - Sawed & split, for us, wood all day. Weather very fair and beautiful. Health good.
Nov. 13 - Split and corded up our fire wood. Took a walk to depot and through town. Weather very warm. Wife's health very poor.
Nov. 14 - Went to Twin Grove. Dined at Peter Riems. Over night at Henry Lewis. Helped to husk corn a while. Weather very fair.
Nov. 15 - Preached at Twin Grove at 10 ½ in M. E. Chapel. Went to East appointment. Dined at B. Randalls. Preached at School house at 3. Prayer M. at Greens & over night there.
Nov. 16 - Went home. Weather very rainy and stormy from South east.
Nov. 17 - First Snow Storm - At home all day. The first snow storm. Weather cold.
Nov. 18 - At home all day. Weather blustering with snow.
Nov. 19 - At 3 started and went to U. D. Woods. Stopped there over night. Weather snowy all day. Roads not very good.
Nov. 20 - Went to I. Dolphs and Called. Dined at Mr. Clifford. Then went to Mr. Dicks and Stayed over night. Weather squally with snow.
Nov. 21 - In the morning went to Buck Creek. Dined at Bro. Leagers. Visited Sister Brown, and Bro. Baker. Over night at Mr. Curyeas. Weather cold.
Nov. 22 - At 10 ½ held service at Buck Creek. Dined at Leagers. Preached at Dick School house at 3 PM. Over night at Father Thompsons. Weather fair.
Nov. 23 - Dined at Bro. Isaac Dolphs. Stopped at Geo. Keiths. Went home. Roads very muddy. Weather foggy.
Nov. 24 - Stayed at home all day and Studied. Weather cloudy with rain.
Nov. 25 - At home all day and Studied. Weather cloudy
Nov. 26 - Thanksgiving - Attended Church at Earl. Programme of Exercises. Singing by Choir. Opening Service by Eustace. Reading Ps. by Harrison. Prayer by C. Bender. Hymnal singing by Ralph. Discourse by Furet, Singing, Prayer by Plummer, Benediction by Eustace. Dined at Langley. Weather very fair.
Nov. 27 - Husked corn all day for Thomas Thomson at Mr. Places. Weather very fair. Sky Clear.
Nov. 28 - Went at Twin Grove app. Over night at Jo Giveres. Weather chilly.
Nov. 29 - 10 ½ Preached at the Chapel. Dined at Fred Wagner's. Preached at East app. At 3 PM. At evening held a Prayer meeting at Peter Michael and stayed over night.
Nov. 30 - Went home after Settling or helping to settle a small affair between B. Randell and Mrs. Michael. Weather quite fair.
Dec. 1 - Studied all day. Weather fair.
Dec. 2 - At home all day. Weather fair.
Dec. 3 - At home and Studied. Weather cloudy.
Dec. 4 - At home all day. Weather began to snow at 4 AM and lasted till 2 PM. J. K. M. Looker Came from Mendota. Took Supper.
Dec. 5 - Quarterly Meeting - Took Elder to U. D. Woods. When went back home and took Wife and went to A. Wheelers. Attended Q. M. Over night at A. Wheelers. Weather fair.
Dec. 6 - Love feast by H. Lewis at 10 ½. Preaching by Elder at 11 ½. Elder's salary $20.10. Dined at Mr. Cliffords. Over night at A. Wheelers. Weather Snowed at night.
Dec. 7 - In Co. with Tooker & Dolph went to Mr. Huffs. Dined & Suppered at I. Dolphs. Elder preached. $9.50 was raised for him. Over night at Geo. Keiths. Weather cold & Snowy. Good Sledding.
Dec. 8 - In co. with I. Dolph took Elder to Earlsville. Paid $7.00 rent to Mr. Tomson. Dined and over night at I. Dolphs. Preached at School house. Weather cold & blustering.
Dec. 9 - Went in Co. with Wife & I. Dolph and Wife to E. Tomsons visiting. At evening preached at School house. Over night at P. Dicks. Weather very cold.
Dec. 10 - Stayed at P. Dicks all day. In PM visited Mr. Sharp's School. Preached at School house at evening. Over night at I. Dolphs. W. cold.
Dec. 11 - At I. Dolphs till 3 PM then went to A. Wheelers. Stayed over night. Preached at School house at evening. Weather cold, 16 degrees.
Dec. 12 - Went to P. Dicks. Prayer Meeting at 2 PM. Weather growing milder. Over night at P. Dicks. Preached at School house at evening.
Dec. 13 -Service at School house at 10 ½ & Class after. Preaching again at evening. 2 came forward & 4 arose for prayers. Over night at I. Dolphs. Weather fair. Stopped at Mr. Petersons.
Dec. 14 - In Co. with I. Dolphs went to Rev. Wendalls. Dined at J. Echerts. Stopped at Bro. Pearsons. Supped at J. Dolphs. Preached at School house. 7 were forward. Over night at Wm. Miller. W. fair.
Dec. 15 - Visited Mr. Cole, Mrs. Austin. Stopped at Mrs. Dick & Ganlins. Prayer Meeting at I. Dolphs. Some Children were converted. God blessed us abundantly. Glory to Him. Preached at S. H. Over night at R. Cliffords. W. fair.
Dec. 16 - Visited Mrs. Peterson. Dined at Ellwills. Prayer Meeting at I. Dolphs. Preached at School house at evening. Over night at P. Dicks. Weather shawing.
Dec. 17 - At P. Dicks until 1 PM. Then went to A. Wheelers and held prayer Meeting. Over night at A. Wheelers. Preached at School house. Weather fair.
Dec. 18 - At A. Wheelers, held Prayer meeting in the PM. Preached at School house at evening. Over night at I. Dolphs. Weather Sloppy.
Dec. 19 - In Co. with I. Dolph wife Went to Ottawa. Dined at Mitchels. Preached at School house at evening. Over night at I. Dolphs. Weather fair, roads pretty good.
Dec. 20 - In Co. with I. Dolph went to Buck Creek and preached. Dined at J. Leagers. Preached at Big Indian Creek at evening. Closed Protracted meeting. Over night at P. Dick. W. windy.
Dec. 21 - Went home to Earlville. Weather cold. Wind from N. West.
Dec. 22 - At home all day. Weather very cold
Dec. 23 - Went to blacksmith shop & got buggy fixed. Studied some during the day. Weather very cold.
Dec. 24 - Got horse shod. The Baptists held a Festival & Fair in Dupies Hall. We had an invite, did not go. Weather cold.
Dec. 25 - Christmas. By invitation Wm Langley & wife were here to Supper. At evening heard Rev. Habisin in Dupees Hall. Weather fair.
Dec. 26 - Went to North end of Circuit. Dined at P. Reams. Over night at C. Noe's. Preached in Chapel at evening for Methodists. Mr. Bacon came forward for prayer. Weather snowy.
Dec. 27 - Preached at Chapel at 10 ½ AM. Dined at Mr. Bakers. Father Bowers went with me to East appt. I preached. Supper at Mr. Fowlers. Then went home till 10.20. Weather snowy.
Dec. 28 - At home all day. At evening went to Mr. Places and fetched some milk. Weather snowy & rainy. A slight sledding.
Dec. 29 - Got ready and started for Buck Creek. Stopped at Geo. Keiths. Over night at I. Dolphs. Weather very fair.
Dec. 30 - Went to Jos. Leagers & stayed over night. Held service at School house. Also visited Bro. Browns School in PM. Weather very fair.
Dec. 31 - All day at Father Yeagers. Weather started raining and snowing in PM. The proposed watch meeting did not come off. Over night at Father Yeagers.

End Nots

Front: C. Bender
County, Illinois
C. Bender
Geneseo, Illinois

1868 and 1869

Time speeds away, away, away
Time is winging us away
To our eternal home
O how time flies!
Did you …. …of it
The fleeting years.

Religiously enjoyed myself pretty well during the year. Finding that to walk close by my Savior I find new beauties and charms. O the joys in the thought of being a true Christian. To taste the powers of an endless life and have that love that casteth out all fear. Oft times during the year owing to my unfaithfulness felt myself severely chastened and tempted, but always trusting in the Lord. I would recommend this Savior to all. O that all would taste and see that the Lord is good. That his mercy endureth forever. I will testify that it is a Free, complete full, and a present Salvation. It saves from the dominion of the power and pollution of our sins. Thank God.

Universalists claim a gradual salvation. - Christians claim a present and complete salvation. - Catholics claim an intermediate place of purification. Christians claim that there is efficacy in the blood of Christ to save immediately and when they die, that day "Shalt they be with Him in Paradise."
Infidels claim the present time as all their existence. The Christian claims a faith that looks beyond this life, and helps him to say that it is not all of life to live nor all of death to die.
O how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation? O that all would choose the Savior and have eternal life, which is in His Son.

J. Dodson / W. Painter / $100.00 with interest 15.00 without / mo pay for oats / Cas part

Middle book on Old Testament - Proverbs
Middle Chap. - 29 of Job
Middle verse - 2 Chron. 30 chap 17 verse
New Testament Middle Book - 2 Thess.
Middle Chap - Romans 13
Middle verse - Acts 11 - 7
Least verse in Old Tes. 1 Chron 1 - 1

Earlville Langley

Indeed time flies.

Oct. 5, 1868 - Wrote letters to J. K. M. Looker & Geo. Bayer / To James Young, Geo. Keith.

Oct. 13 - Bot at Colona - 1 diary 50 cts, ¼ Lb Tea & senna 55 cts.
Oct. 17 - Bot at Geneseo - 2 yds Muslin, 2 Spools thread, 1 Chimney for Lamp, 4 Skins
of Saddler Silk, Total cost $1.00. 1 gal Kerosene 70 cts, Sharpening two horse shoes
50 cts, I blank book 80 cts, Letter paper 50 cts, Carries Troches 25 cts.

Mr. Simison

Reverently good indeed.
H, Jones 1 Hy Book 60 cts / W. Painter 1 Almanac paid / M. Friece 1 discipline 20 cts / Spring braks Hl 10 cts. / Paid on Express for Books 55 cts. Bot at Geneseo, Jan 29, Stick coat Binding 20 cts.

Presiding Elder Salary of Spring Hill Cir. visit $9.28 of September 1868.
N. J. Pope Passed all night on Character. E. Terry

J. H. Young - Troubles arise on every side. The Lord has done much for him.
Jas. Fowler - Not good enjoyment. Good determination to go forward. Queer thoughts about religion. Has been pushed back into the world.
Father Miller - Is on his way to Heaven. Has nothing against any one. Wants to go to Heaven.
Geo. Baye - Is trying to go onward. Has black clouds hovering over him. Wants to live a Christian life. Says he has nothing against any in the Class. Is very much determined to go in this good cause.
Mary Baye - Is trying to live a Christian. Things are not so very encerning for the Class but is very much determined to save her soul.
Jas. Fowler - Bible says we must go to one another. Can fiure aught hard things against agants with Baye.
Mother Joslyn - Is trying to go to Heaven. Hard things have been said about her. Bucket.
Mrs. Bartlet digs a well
Jas. Fowly flairs up very badly. Says he can prove much.
Quite a conversation concerning Mr. Stoke.
Wait Crumm - Is trying to meet his God in peace. Is not very well pleased with the conversation of A. Joslyn. Does not think that all things are not right very good.
Qullen - Trying to go to Heaven.
Mrs. Fowly - Is not very well pleased with herself.
Mr. Stokes conversation.

Earlville - B & G RR.

Twin Grove, Ill. Jno. Yetter. / Gotlup Strauser / B. Noah / Lewis

Ottawa Circuit -
Twin Grove - East Appointment
Dixon / Earlville / Wood / Trudem / Bro. Geo. Keith / Dolph / A. Wheeler / Goodrich / Thomson / Dick
Buck Creek Class - J. Yeager / Cliourrier / Brown

Sep. Recd on journey to Sodtown, 14, 1868 -
Burroughs $2.00
Eldred 1.55
Sodtown 3.00
Spring Creek 14.50
Jackson .85
We did
(written by another hand, "Charles Thomas Bender, Born May 14, 1869 At Durand, Illinois" [son of Clarissa and Conrad] )

Conference Work
Anti Tobacco & Gambling
Society Itinerant & Local
Preacher cooperate
Ottawa Circuit
Harding 10 ½ AM
Dicks 2 ½ PM
Huffs 10 ½ AM
Buck Creek 2 ½ PM
Geo. Keith, Isaac Dolph, Ashley Wheeler, Elisha Thomson, Lucas Goodrich, Joseph Yeager Bucks

Telescopes - Geo. Beers, Rob Gay 2; M. Beers 3; J. Hoover 4; Isaac Joles 5; B. Bosworth 6; L. Bridy 7; M. Fuller 8; J. R. Bassig 9; J. Miller 10; Jo Wumis 11; O. Ingram 12; Jo Henney 13; H. C. Smith 14; C. Bender 15; J. H. Young; A. Leiberknick 17; Sister Booth 18; D. Meyers 19; D. Fenton 20; Trumbul 21; M. Foerece 22; Henry Jones 23; Eldred 24; Fuller 25.

Potatoes from Mrs. Burrey. To J. H. Young 1 bu $1.25

Pledged at Conference
11 dollars Pub. Fund
2 " Wstern College
50 cts A. Lieberknight

Benevolence & Conference Col. C. Bender for Conference
Sodtown - Canoe Creek, Will Co. Frasier
Charter Green Snyder
Canoe Creek Jamson
Spring Hill
Elkhorn Grimm
Pine Creek Hurlap
Polo Slotter
Forreston Johnson
North Grove Ramsay
Ridott Philips
Granville Burd
Mt/ Carroll
Ottawa C. Bender
Trenton Brown
NW Bedford J. H. Young
Brush Creek
Rockton Mis. Richards

Dr. Kendall --------

Bot at Davis -
1 Hat $2.75
1 pr Suspenders 60 cts
Court plaster 5 cts
Got horse shod at Durand 40 cts

Congregational Mission, Strom
Bluffville, Rogers
Nova / Shammy Roe
Rockville Mission, Pierce

Bot dye stuff 20 cts; Stamps, Paper, envelopes 66 cts; Ink 10 cts; Squirrel 10 cts.

J. R. Besse, Spring Hill, Whiteside Co., Ill.
Sarah Young / Sarah Bisse

Golden Censor, 3 copies for Mrs. Janet Thackeberry

Wyanette / Frank VanAin Near Methodist Church

$20.06 Collection for Elder at Sandy Town.

Collection for Father Scott $28.50

FromWyanette to Princeton 6 mls to Trenton, Judge Hoskens.

Otis Greenwood 2 horses / Father Stilinger

Excitement is necessary from ------ considerations. Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead and Christ shall give the light.

Livingston on Bablism Book, price $1.25

Lillian Winchyl, age 7 months

Subscribe to Telescope - Geo. Beers, J. Hoover, Ma Beers, Isaac Joles, Robert Gay

The Soul can only be taught by the Bible …….

In reference to Collection for …….

Sunday School purpose - Sandy Town $8.00
No. of Scholars 65
No. of Teachers 8
C F [church friends] 30
Pleasant Hill
Scholars 28
Teachers 6
C F 15
Money collected $3.00
8 Mile Grove
Scholars 30
Teachers 4
C F 15
Money $5.00
Woodwards Bluffs
No. on Scholars 65
Teachers 11
Money $40.00
Missionary 20.00
Scholars 63
Teachers 8
C F 50
Visitors 50
Money $15.46
Jackson S. S.
Scholars 50
Teachers 8
C. Fs 50
Mis Vis 50
Money $13.50
Phenix S. S.
Scholars 40
Teachers 6
Money $16.00

Spring Creek
Scholars 85
Teachers 8
C. Friends 25
Money $36.65

R. E. Barnes, Credit $4.00

E. B. Kephart, Western College, Linn Co. Iowa.

Recipe for Founder [horse lameness]
Make a paste of Lime & Lard & rub on from the Knee to the hoof.

South Grove From Gn East appointment.

The Childs Scripture question Book. 15 copies for Children's friend.

Nasby, C. V. Brown, Editor of Toledo Blade.

Sold Discipline to Mrs. Booth, D. Meyers, Johnson, John Knowlton, Johnson Songster (2), Howlet [20 cts a copy]

Leiberknight at Jackson, Apr 5.

Sold book No. 1 to Mr. Deeds, 40 cts due.

Hiram Walker, Oneo Cape.

Sold Disciplines to A. Koogler 20 cts; gave one to Fred Ruck.

Recd Money of Mrs. Ruck for Christian Songster. C. V. Brown. Yoleatha Black.

Spiritism, Polythonism, Ancestralism, Patheism.

Inventory - 2 Boxes, Stove, Boiler, 2 Trunks, 1 Bureau, 1 Safe, 1 Set of Stove pipes, 1Set of Kettles, 6 Chairs, 1 Rocker with Carpet, 1 Book Case, 1 Table, 1 Basket.

Sodtown Members - L. C. Meyers, Chap. Leader; Perse Meyers; Markus Thackaberry; Mary, Wife; R. K. Buckley; Wm. Ruck; L. C. Pope; Frederick Ruck; G. C. Thackaberry; Con. Koogler; J. C. Herrinton; Robert Dean; J. H. Knowlton; Wm H. Thackaberry; O. L. Booth, Dropped; Julia H. Herrington; Alice Pope; Lucy Momina; Mary Koogler; Anna Buck; Ann Thackaberry.

Harrington[10], Sam Dis[6], M. Perry[5], E. Ware[3], L. Pope[1], Mrs. Datterman/Penny. Ralston's Elements of Divinity

Leader Meyer [13], Judeth Pope, Maria Booth, Eli Ruck, E. S. Ware, Mary Ware, Nancy Dean (Erased), Sam Dis, L. T. Dis, J. W. Dis, J. W. More, Sarah More, Mary Greenwood, May Meyers, Maga A. Dis, Marha E. Dis (Marrued), Emily Dis, Mary Jame Koogler (S), Jos. Greenwood (Dropped), A. Strine (Dropped), Mary Johnson.

Sodtown Members - Emily Dis, Madison DisHilan Hogeboom.

Mud Turtles oil good for hard swelling.

10 cts Extract Log…; 5 cts blue vitriol; 5 cts Coperas.

Looks too much like a church trial.

Eli Lucas Atkinson, Atkinson, Ills. Jacob Winchel.

2 Peter 2. The living story a Metal-------------. Reflection how. Disallowed-------. Yet chosen of God and Priceless. 13, 12, 1st Cor. Christian Church. The body the members of the church.

Residents at Foytown - Sabaus, Richards, Taylor (sick), Ezra Pleice.

Stowells Appointment - Dan Richards, Lyman Stowell, Wildman.

Popes School house - L. C. Pope, Jno. Greenwood, Harrington.

Dimensions of a Church - 32 x 46 with hall, 16 feet high. No. of Brick supposed 40,000.

Mr. Fullers name for boy, Hugh.

People at Sodtown - [A list follows that is very difficult to decipher]

[Transcribed from diary in possession of Dennis Milroy, gggrandson by Bill Bender ggrandson, June 10, 2008.]

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