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Excerpts from

Corn, Commerce, and Country Living
History of Henry County IL

Edited by Terry Ellen Polson
©1968 by Henry County Illinois Board of Supervisors

Transcribed and Submitted to Genealogy Trails by Christine Walters


Western Benefactors
In Western Township in 1909, Isabell Love left a $500 endowment to the Public Library. She was the daughter of the first settler in Western Township, born November 1, 1849. She was one of the founders of Western Township Library, having been elected a director of the library on November 4, 1904.

Another benefactor to Western Township Library was Charles R. Hanna, who was born June 14, 1859. He left an eighty acre farm, the proceeds of the sale of which were to be used to provide an endowment fund for the library. He was appointed to the finance committee on November 4, 1904, and served as library director continuously until his death in 1927. He was also very active in Masonic circles. His wife Mrs. Charles Hanna, contributed $5,000 to the library in 1931.

Mahlon B. Lloyd donated the church lot to the Lutheran Church in Western Township in 1871. He also gave land for the Lutheran Cemetery in 1873.

The building site of the Methodist Church in Western Township was given by Byron Jordan. He contributed much to this church, and also served as a Sunday school teacher. He was a lieutenant in the Union Army.

In 1826 Wilder W. Warner was born in Worcester County, Massachusetts and in 1849 he came to live in Henry County near Orion, Illinois. He taught school for twelve years. He actually founded the town of Warner, and built a famous castle in 1895 from materials gathered from all over the world. He held offices of Justice of the Peace, Assessor, Supervisor, and Notary Public for several terms. Mr. Warner willed one hundred sixty acres of land to the Rock Island Baptist Association, of which he was a member. He also willed one hundred sixty acres of land to the Mount Pleasant Church in Orion.

Edwin Marham, the poet, has summed up the high ideals of all of these noble benefactors in his famous poem:

"Great it is to believe the dream
When we stand in youth by the starry stream;
But a great thing is to fight life through
And say at the end, The dream was true."

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