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Research conducted by Susan Christine Fahnstrom.
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Researchers should always confirm facts through their OWN research.
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Research conducted by Susan Christine Fahnstrom.

Researchers should always confirm facts through their OWN research!
Genealogy Trails has not verified any of the information below.

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Jonas and Ingrid Catherina Fahnstrom had the following children:

1.WILLIAM ( Vilhelm) FAHNSTROM was born 1860 in Sweden, he died 1914 in Galva, Illinois.

2.CHARLIE (Karl August) FAHNSTROM was born 1862 in Sweden, he died 1905 in Galva, Illinois.

3. ANDREW (Anders Erland) FAHNSTROM was born 1863 in Sweden, he died in 1944 in Galva, Illinois.

Andrew Erland Fahnstrom’s life story while in Sweden....

ANDREW ERLAND FAHNSTROM was born January 22nd, 1864, at the soldiers cottage of Harlatorp, Sodergard in the parish of Slatthog. Sometime at the end of the 1860’s or the beginning of the 1870’s, the Fahnstrom family moved to Krusafallan in the Exhult village of Kvennberga, where Ingrid Catharina Fahnstrom’s widowed mother, Stina Casja Andersdotter had been living for many years. On November 10th,1881, Andrew Erland Fahnstrom moved from his parents to the tailor, Carl Gustaf Svensson and his family at the cottage Hallalyckan under Harlovsstom in the parish of Harlov, where he apparently learned the tailor trade. He got his work permit on May 20th, 1883. On November 21st, 1883, he was drafted into the Swedish Army.

November 11th, 1884, he moved back to his parents and apparently then started his profession as a tailor, in his own business. He stayed there until on June 11th, 1886, Andrew married Inga Lisa (Lisen) Magnusdotter, a maid at Stenhult Kvarn mill in Kvenneberga and then they moved to this grain mill and Andrew continued his tailoring business there.

The grain mill , a Stenshult Kvarn was leasehold by Andrew Erland’s father, Jonas Fahnstrom since 1873. Andrew’s son Oscar Adolf Fabian Fahnstrom was born there , May 18th, 1887, on March 9th, 1888, Andrew got permission from “His Majesty the King” as the wording was in those days, to move out of the country and then he moved to America, April 26th, 1888, together with his wife Inga Lisa and their son, Oscar Adolf Fabian Fahnstrom.

News story:
“It seems like some kind of a Dream”
The comment was made by Andrew Fahnstrom in April of 1937, while he was reminisicing about 62 years in the tailoring trade, a few months after his 72nd Birthday, January 22nd.
He was only 10 years old when he became an apprentice to a “Skradare” ( Tailor) named John Lag at Kronsburg Lan in Smaland, Sweden on April 1st, 1875.
Highlights of our interview with Mr Fahnstrom in 1937 are reprinted here.

The custom in Sweden in those days or especially in the rural area was a “Skradare: or tailor that would travel from house to house to do any kind of tailoring or sewing for that the families might have. Lag had five or six man working in a home, two or three days or perhaps a week, according to the size of the family and the amount of work to be done, meals and lodgings were furnished to the tailors.
For two years, Andrew worked as an apprentice for Mr Lag, paying 15 Kronor the first year for the privilege of learning the trade and worked for nothing the second year, fifteen Kronor is the equivalent of a little more than $4.
After the two years , he worked for a deaf tailor and a year and a half later, he started work for another man, with whom he was employed seven and a half years. All of these years, he worked as a traveling tailor, going from home to home, to make clothes, quilts, etc. At the age of 21 years old, Mr Fahnstrom started work for himself and a short time later he married Inga Lisa ( Lisen ) Magnusdotter. At that time many of the Swedish people had the “Fever” to emmigrated to America and since a brother of Mr Fahnstrom had already gone to America and had located in Galva, Illinois, he and his wife decided to locate in the New country, they sailed in 1886 with their baby son Oscar Fahnstrom.
5 AM TO 11 PM.
In recalling his work in Sweden, Mr Fahnstrom commented that the tailors began work at 5 o’clock in the mornings and worked until 11 o ‘clock at night with a half hour off at dusk during that period, when it was to dark to sew and still too light to use a lamp.
Christmas was the busiest time of the year, since Swedish folk always made great plans for the celebration of the Yuletide and everyone wanted new clothes.
During some of the busiest periods the tailors would sleep only two hours at night and Mr Fahnstrom commented that some of that sleep was enjoyed on the tailors bench.
Sewing machines were used during Mr Fahnstrom’s early employment and he recalled the first man that he worked for had a Grover & Baker Machine, it was pulled from house to house in a small wagon. One of Mr Fahnstrom’s early problems was to learn how to bend the longfinger on his right hand, so that it might hold the thread properly. So much trouble did he have that the man for whom he was working for, made a sort of “ Finger Stall” to place over the finger and keep it bent back properly, this stall was worn for two months and after Mr Fahnstrom had no trouble holding the thread.
[Galvaland, April, 1937.]

4. FRED (Gustaf Fritof) FAHNSTROM was born 1866 in Sweden, he died 1955 in Galva, Illinois. Married January 12th, 1895, INGRID JOHNSON 1873 – 1931

BEN (Bengt Aaron) FAHNSTROM born 1870 In Sweden, he died 1948 in Galva, Illinois.

6. MINNIE FAHNSTROM ( Stina Casja Wilhelmina) was born 1873 in Sweden, died 1934 in Galva, Illinois.

7. EDWIN FAHNSTROM ( Jonas Edvin) FAHNSTROM was born 1877 in Sweden,,died 1956 in Victoria, Illinois.

8.GEORGE FAHNSTROM ( Nils Goran) FAHNSTROM was born 1881 in Sweden, he died 1968 in Galva, Illinois.

9. AMEL FAHNSTROM ( Johan Emil) FAHNSTROM was born 1883 in Sweden, he died 1966 in Brady, Texas.

Research conducted by Susan Christine Fahnstrom

Genealogy Trails has not verified any of the information below.

LARS CHRISTIAN HULTBERG was born 1747 in Sweden, he married Ingrid Svensdotter she was born April 17th, 1752 in Transjo, Svensgard, Hjortsberga , they were married November 29th, 1778. Lars was in the Swedish Army and he took the name HULTBERG, which means “Clearing in the Forest Mountain”

Lars and Ingrid Hultberg had six children:

1. Anders Hultberg was born July 30th,1779, died later, August 8th, 1779.

2. Ingrid Hultberg born October 10th, 1781.

3. Stina Hultberg born June 1st 1783 died after birth, 1783 .Twin.

4. Lena Hultberg, born June 1st 1783, stillborn, Twin.

5. ANDERS LARSSON HULTBERG was born January 17th, 1788, died 1881.

6. Sven Hultberg born June 4th, 1792.

ANDERS (LARSSON) SKOLD was born 1788 in Hjortsberga, a soldier in the Swedish Army, he married Elin Ingermarsdotter born November 29th, 1784 in Vislanda, Kvenneberg, she was the daughter of Ingemar Pehrson born, a miller born in 1753 and Kerstin Bengtsdotter born 1754 and died in 1807 in Vislanda, Kvenneberg. ANDERS took the Army name (Skjold) Skold which means ( Shield) Elin Ingermarsdotter born December 29th, 1784, it was her second marriage since December 18th, 1807, she had married another soldier earlier named Peter Stal, who served for number 132 Skatelovs, Varmanshult in Vislanda. He is shown as captured as early as 1809, a fate which struck him in the 1808 – 09 years war in Finland. ,Her first husband passed away in captivity. In this marriage were born two daughters, who both passed away before they were a year old. They were thus half sisters to SVEN FAHNA, who in the mother’s second marriage came to receive four full brothers and sisters. On May 1st, 1816, triplets were born Ingemar, Ingrid and Catharina, but they all died shortly after birth, on March 3rd, 1818, finally sister Stina was born

ANDERS and ELIN SKOLD had six Children:

1. SVEN ANDERSSON SKOLD born November 22nd, 1810 at the Morhult Soldiers Cottage in Hjortsberga, Sweden.

2. Ingemar Skold born May 2nd, 1816 died 1816. Triplet.

3. Ingrid Skold born May 2nd, 1816 died 1816. Triplet.

4. Catharina Skold born May 2nd, 1816 died 1816. Triplet.

5. Stina Skold born March 28th,1818.

6. Nils Peter Skold born 1825.

7. Ingemar Skold born 1827.

In 1825, at the age of 15 years old, SVEN ANDERSSON SKOLD left his home and went to the parish of Hjortsberga, where he went to the shoemaker of that parish, apparently in order to learn the trade. He stayed there only a year, however on October 3rd, 1826, he succeeded the dismissed soldier PETER PERHSON NYTER, as the soldier for the village of Gambleboda in the parish of Slatthog.

At the general mustering for the infantry Regiment of the Kronberg, the roll tells:

SVEN was approved as a soldier at the age of 16 years old, he was 6ft and 2 inches tall, SVEN married in 1829 and the marriage list of Slatthog tells:

SVEN married July 19th, 1829, the soldier SVEN ANDERSSON FAHNA was 19 years old, who had the permission to enter marriage by the chief officer of his company and the maid CASJA JONASDOTTER, born October 10th, 1801 at the soldiers cottage of Gambleboda, Casja being 28 years of age, the daughter of Jonas Johansson and Sara Pehrsdotter. SVEN was 19 years old and his wife Casja was 28 years old when they married. they were blessed with five children.

SVEN FAHNA’S military last name was given to him by his captain ( as happens many times or what he asked to be named). His father’s military name was “ SKOLD” and his predecessor at the given name “NYTER” so for some reason he chose or was given the last name, the records do not reveal that.

SVEN and CASJA FAHNA five children were:

1. Anna Fahna born 1830, died June 11th, 1887 in Sweden.

2. JONAS SVENSSON FAHNA (FAHNSTROM) born 1833, died in 1914 in Galva, Illinois, USA.

3. Anders Fahna (Lindblad) born 1836, died 1907 in Laporte, Indiana, USA.

4. Sara Lena Fahna born 1838, died December 12th, 1912 in Sweden.

5. Ingrid Christina Fahna born 1840, died 1922 in Allegany, Michigan, USA.

Tenement Soldiers Cottage 1697 – 1877.

The village of Gambleoda has had for a long time a close connection to military personnel relationship, which came into existence during the early 1600’s. Although the organization for a standing army existed as far back as 1697. Prior to that Gambleboda farmers participated in the expenses of a soldier who lived in Latthult and who had been militarily engaged since 1688. He lived in Latthult until 1697, yet never moved to the newly constructed cottage in Gambleboda. He was discharged that same year due to illness, which the priest confirmed by means of a certificate. In the first military list this soldier is named for Gamblboda under the name Latthult.

During the first year the regiment number is used on the cottage – 1087 Gambleboda, thereafter the company designation is utilized: Norra Sunnerbo company, number 124 Gambleboda, a part of the register looks as follows.

October 23rd, 1826 – June 28th, 1862. SEVEN ANDERSSON FAHNA, born 1810, a Vice

Corporal in 1859.

Following is the entire family that lived there at that time.

SVEN ANDERSSON FAHNA born November 22nd, 1810 in Morhult, Vislanda, married June 28th, 1829 to wife Casja Johansdotter born October 10th, 1801. From Kanghult, Slatthog, 1828, Blacksmiths daughter, she was slightly crippled in one hand.

Daughter – Anna born May 17th, 1830.

Son – Jonas born April 8th, 1833.

Son – Anders born April 29th, 1836.

Daughter - Sara Lena born October 1st, 1838.

Daughter – Ingrid Christina born November 22nd, 1840.

In 1859, soldier SVEN FAHNA becomes Vice Corporal but long before that he had qualified himself in other disciplines in the area. He was able to write and was called upon to record auction minutes, create different documents, write letters, especially love letters. In connection with this, documents such as legal documents written at the time of house purchases, estate inventories, exception benefits, etc, were witnessed generally wise and in judgement of the elderly ladies in Aboda, he had a clever head.

When SVEN FAHNA neared retirement years, he parceled off a little piece of land and built himself a private home. The major part of this land lay on the soldiers cottage property. The place was named Faborg and there SVEN FAHNA and his wife and children moved in 1862, many of his children, including his wife were sickly.

The daughter Anna, in her younger years had difficulties with her health, she lived at home her entire life and even moved to Faborg.

The son JONAS FAHNA married Ingrid Catharina Johanesdotter in 1853, she was born September 19th, 1834, Ingrid was born October 10th, 1801 at Possadans, a house with a Blacksmith shop there in Kanghults as the daughter of Blacksmith Jonas Johansson and his wife Sara Pehrsdotter, they lived some months in the soldiers cottage before he became a soldier in the Swedish army with the sharpshooters for number 130 Harletorp, there the couple moved. He served for this district exactly 30 years with the soldier name connected to the fathers: Fahnstrom.

The son Anders Svensson was born April 26th, 1836 in Slatthog, Sweden in Smaland, Sweden, he married Britta Amundsdotter born September 8th, 1837, in Mulaberg, they married May 14th, 1859. She moved to Gambleboda soldiers cottage in 1859 from Skovelakra. The couple lived in Gambleboda Soldiers cottage until 1863 and during this period a son was born, Sven Johan born March 10th, 1860,. even Anders followed in the fathers footsteps and became a soldier for number 116 Basterna Norregard and took the name LINDBLAD, he took possession in 1863 and moved there. Anders Lindblad, his wife Britta and their four sons emmigrated to the USA in 1869 and settled in Laporte, Indiana,

The daughter Sara Lena also lived at home as long as the parents lived, She educated herself as a teacher and became approved March 23rd, 1862. About the same time primary education was established in the area and she taught in many different places.

First she was in a little cottage in Osterhult and then housed at different farms. Sara Lena maintained good discipline in the classroom and she didn’t hesitate to use the ruler when a student showed disobedience, like her older sister, Sara Lena was ill for many years.

Ingrid Christina called FAHNA’S “Inget” moved to Kvenneberg in 1864 and on October 25th, 1872 to the cabin Stromsberg by Nytorpet in Moheda Norregard’s property.

There Johan Johanesson born October 28th, 1827 lived. Ingrid came there in order to take care of the home, but it ended with a marriage January 10th, 1874. three children were born: Amanda Christina Johnson born June 13, 1873. Sven George Henrik Johnson born January 1st, 1875, who emmigrated from Sweden to America, September 20th, 1892 and he became a priest and changed his name to George Henrikson, he obviously didn’t want his father’s surname and he settled in Allegan, Michigan. Amanda Christina Fahna’s daughter Amanda also went to Michigan for awhile, later she married her cousin George Fahnstrom ( son of Andrew Fahnstrom) in Galva, Illinois.

Even the youngest daughter Amanda Emma Kristina who was born July 9th, 1877, traveled Westward. So gradually Ingrid Christina Fahna moved to Michigan in the USA to be with her two children, but before she left for the USA, she returned some years to her old home area in order to help her sister, Sara Lena Fahna. Then she left her husband, who was called “Stiff Johan” and had a poor record and was always in trouble with the law.

In 1851 he had been judged on his first conviction for theft and imprisoned with only water and bread for 17 days and to do church duty and very likely, put in the stocks.

GA VII – FABORG 1863 – 1884.

WHEN VICE CORPORAL SVEN FAHNA in 1862 left his service, he built for himself a cottage on land, which was primarily belonged to the Gambleboda Soldiers Cottage. The cottage lay in the western part of the Soldiers land not to far from the Gambleboda mill. Here in 1863 SVEN FAHNA his wife Casja and two daughters moved.

SVEN ANDERSSON FAHNA, November 22nd, 1810 – January 3rd, 1881.

Wife – Casja Johansdotter, October 10th, 1810 – November 20th, 1883.

Daughter – Anna, May 17th, 1830 – June 11th, 1878.

Daughter – Sara Lena, October 1st, 1838.

Of the children, Anna was troubled most with illness, while Sara Lena was active as the countryside’s primary school teacher. Before long, however, even Sara Lena broke down with illness and she became bedridden. During the Fahna couple’s last year, a foster daughter is registered whose name is Amanda Holm and who lived here 1880 – 1884.

She is, for this area with her short stay something of a parenthesis, but her story appears to include a human destiny, which cannot be passed by without further ( comment)

Amanda Holm was born March 21st, 1868 in Foreberg and was the youngest daughter of a Blacksmith named Hans Fredik Holm and his wife Anna Lisa Johansdotter. In the family there are more children, three daughters and two sons., A month before Amanda’s second birthday, her parents both pass away within 12 days of each other after contracting nerve fever in the month of February 1870. The situation is very distressing. The years famine 1868 – 1869 had recently plaqued the countryside and suddenly there is a family of six children between two and fifteen years old with no parents. The natural consequence was that the siblings would be dispersed. The oldest set off to find work for room and board at a local farm. The sister Matilda Holm. For example in 1872 became a maid for a year in Broaskog. The very young, including Amanda Holm, were shown as “ Franfallna Barn” or orphans and got their support from the parish. At twelve years of age, Amanda Holm went to the FAHNA family, probably in order to help in the home. Both adults were sick and the daughter began to be ill also. Slightly more than two months after Amanda Holm’s arrival, SVEN FAHNA passed away and scarcely three years later his wife Casja passed away.

On March 30th, 1884, Amanda Holm, who was only 16 years old at that time emigrated to the USA. It was then thought to be the end of her difficulties. In the year 1893 a letter arrived to Harltorp from another girl, who had emigrated from this same village, her name was Sophia and she was a cousin of Amanda Holm, Amanda was then living in Chicago and had became Mrs Frank Johnson. That letter reported the Amanda was now a mother to a boy, three years old and a girl who was 4 months old, it appears there was a better start in life for Amanda in the USA.

When Amanda Holm emmigrated , Farborg ceased to exist with only the house remaining, Sara Lena settled down nearby in Bergshult.


Faborg lay on a soldiers cottage land, at the turn of the year 1875- 18765, the soldiers cottage disappeared and naturally Faborg was threatened. In order that FAHNA should have somewhere to take Faborg, a piece of land was granted immediately north of the new soldiers land. It was owned jointly by four farmers and is the case still.

The new soldier Johannes Johanesson Ek and SVEN FAHNA were unwilling to leave.

SVEN FAHNA had worse conditions, because he was older and would be forced to build a new home. Then the landowners reached an agreement that the land should be reduced to 1, 322 square meters and that yearly payment of 16 kronor should be paid to the owners. Of this sum SVEN FAHNA was to pay three crowns each corresponding to the landowners duty to pay. The whole sum should be paid September 29th, the customary date for payment of tentement fees or rent. In turn SVEN FAHNA relinquished all claim to the newly measured land. His daughter Sara Lena soon moved to her new home at Bergshult, whose dimensions were 7.8m ( length) 4.5 m ( width) and 2.4 m (height)

The cottage contained three rooms and here she remained until her death on December 12, 1912. During her last years she was bedridden and was cared for by her younger sister ( Amanda Christine) SVEN FAHNA’S “Inget” who had left her husband “ Stiff Johan” when the children emmigrated., Sara Lena’s teacher pension was at the beginning of the 1900’s, 100 crowns and three fathoms of wood per year. After Sara Lena death, Amanda Christina Fahna emmigrated to the USA and joined her two children in Michigan USA. In 1903. The owner, Johan Eklund tore down the cottage later and a part of the wood was sold to Sidra Gronaberg for an addition in 1918. There is a saw mill in that area today and only a few ruins of SVEN FAHNA’S house.



The Gambleboda soldier 1826 – 1862. SVEN FAHNA has gone in history not only as a soldier but also because he was diligently turned into the countryside for diverse writing jobs. Despite that he stayed in the village, the root and the parish of his life, he has indirectly played a roll in the emigration to America. The majority of his children, as a matter of fact, moved to the country in the west, America and by the year 2008 and there after, SVEN FAHNA is the forefather for several hundred or more descendants in the USA.

SVEN FAHNA himself didn’t move particularly far, He was born in Vislanda on November 22nd, 1810, as the son of soldier Anders Skold and Grandson of soldier Lars Christian Hultberg.

Anders Skold was born 1788 in Hjortsberga, Anders Skold, whose height extended to 173 centimeters ( about 5ft 10 inches) began his soldier service during the war of 1809, as a soldier for number 125 Skatelovs Company, Morhult in Vislanda.

SVEN FAHNA got a quick start to his adult life, which actually began before he reached maturity. He came as a 15 year old to the parish shoemaker in Hjortsberga and the next year on October 3rd, he was expected as soldier for Gambleboda, one and a half months before he celebrated his sixteenth birthday. He married June 28th, 1829 when he was only eighteen years and six months and scarcely a year later he had become father to a daughter, his wife Casja Johansdotter was nine years older than him.

ANDERS ANDREW LINDBLAD was the first son of SVEN FAHNA was the first of the FAHNA family to emmigrate to the USA, he was married to Brita Stina Amundsson born September 8th, 1837 in Slatthog, Sweden, they were married in 1859 and the parish records in Sweden said the Andrew and Brita Lindblads had four sons:

1. Sven Johan Lindblad born March 10th, 1860, (Sven changed his name to Swan)

2. Anders Goran Lindblad born April 12th, 1862 ( George)

3. Carl Gustaf Lindblad born December 2nd, 1864.

4. Aaron William Lindblad born November 23rd, 1867, this little son died May 31st, 1868 in Slatthog, Sweden of Slag, which in English is Cerebal Haemorage or heart attack, he is buried in Sweden.

Andrew’s name was Svensson because he was the son of Sven, but Andrew took an army name Lindblad when he enrolled as a soldier in the Swedish Army in 1859.

Andrew, Brita and their three sons emigrated to the USA in 1869, according to the passenger list, they bought tickets for Denver, but they went to Laporte, Indiana and settled there, Andrew Lindblad was a farmer in Indiana, they had a farm on Rural Route

The Lindblad family joined the Bethany Lutheran Church in Laporte on Seotember 5th, 1870, Church records show that Andrew, Brita, Sven Johan, George and Carl joined the church there, a later entry in the church records at the Bethany church in Laporte shows that Carl Gustaf Lindblad Died September 9th, 1897, apparently Carl was out collecting ice from the lake and he fell in and drown, he was only 10 years old at the time of his death.

Andrew and Brita Lindblad later had a daughter named Christina Marie, who was born February 10th, 1873, she died February 10th, 1873.

Andrew and Brita Lindblad had a daughter Stina Marie Lindblad, who was born July 13th, 1874.

Some years later Brita’s father died in Sweden and Brita’s mother Marie Amundsson left Sweden and emmigrated to the USA to join her daughter Brita and her husband Andrew Lindblad, the mother changed her name to Mary Lindblad, she is listed in the Lindblad household on the 1880 Census there.

Anders Goran Lindblad went by the name George, he lived at the farm with his parents and sister Stina Lindblad, George Lindblad never married and never left home.

Andrew Lindblad died July 27th, 1901, he was 71 years old and he was buried in the Carmel Cemetery in Laporte, Indiana.

Brita Lindblad, her son George Lindblad and her daughter Stina Marie Lindblad continued to live on the farm after Andrew’s death, then Stina Marie Lindblad married Frank Johnson, who was born August 6thg, 1875, they married February 24th, 1909 in Laporte, they had a son George Elsworth Johnson born May 3rd, 1902 in Monroe City, Nebraska and they had a daughter Violet Marie Johnson born August 6th, 1911 in Laporte, later Violet Marie Johnson married John Wesley Adams April 11th, 1936, Violet Adams died June 15th, 1959.

Brita Stina Lindblad died April 12th, 1923, she was 85 years old, she is also buried in the Carmel Cemetery with her husband Andrew and their son Carl.

Andrew and Brita;s son Sven Johan Lindblad changed his first name to Swan Lindblad, he married Ida Carolina Andersson and they had two daughters in Laporte and other children later.

1. Anna Christina Lindblad born January 1890 in Laporte, Indiana.

2. Effie Agnes Lindblad born February 1891 in Laporte, Indiana.

3 .Bert Andrew Lindblad born January 28th, 1893 in Wausa, Nebraska.

4. Della May Lindblad was born February 25th, 1895, Laporte, Indiana.

5. Carl Alfred Lindblad was born January 16th, 1897 in Laporte, Indiana.

6. John Edward Lindblad born March 24th, 1899 in Laporte, Indiana.

7. Seth Roosevelt Lindblad born July 12th, 1901 in Wausa, Indiana.

8. Gailen Marie Lindblad was born August 22nd, 1903 in Wausa, Nebraska.

9. Earl Emmanuel Lindblad was born January 21st, 1906 in Wausa, Nebraska.

10.Leona Nannie Lindblad was born February 19th, 1911 in Wausa, Nebraska.

Swan and Ida Lindblad moved several times back and forwards from Laporte to Wausa, Nebraska, I think that it had something to do with their parents, as they were getting old and died. They moved from Laporte after their two daughters were born and their third child Bert was born in Wausa, Nebraska, then they then moved back to Laporte . .

Listed on the church records they moved back to Wausa, Knox County, Nebraska and lived there for good, Seth was born in 1901 and a son was born that died at birth, then Gailen Marie, Earl Emmanuel and another daughter Leona Nannie. was born.

There are many Descendants of Andrew and Brita Stina Lindblad in Wausa, Nebraska and other places around that area.

INGRID CHRISTINA (FAHNA) JOHNSON had married the widower Johann Johansson who lived in Stromsberg at the farm Moheda, Norregard. He was born October 28th, 1827 in Nackalyckan at the farm Vegby Forsagard and was the son of Jonas Johansson and his wife Stina Maja Danielsdotter. The father name explains why Johan was commonly called “Stiff Johan”. He led a life barely within the communities standard and was charged with theft among other things. In the marriage three children were born:

1. Amanda Kristina Johansson born June 13th, 1873, who died when she was slightly older than two years.

2. Sven George Henrik Johansson born January 19th, 1875.

3. Amanda Christina Johansson born July 9th, 1877.

Both Amanda’s children emmigrated to the USA, Ingrid Christina joined them both in 1913, when she emmigrated to the USA from Sweden.

Ingrid Christina (Fahna) Johnson was usually called “Fahna’s Inget”. She was widowed December 29th, 1903 and moved shortly thereafter from Moheda to Bergshult, there she cared for her sister during her difficult years. When her sister passed away December 12th, 1912, Amanda Christina emigrated from Sweden to the USA, she was the third child of SVEN FAHNA to emigrate to the USA and she was united there in 1913 with her two children, she experienced life together with her children scarcely a decade, passing away October 25th, 1922 in Michigan, USA.

Ingrid Christina’s son Sven Goran Henrik Johnson changed his name to Sven George Henrikson on his arrival to the USA in 1895. He first went to Galva, Illinois to the Fahnstrom’s, but soon began to study at the Augustus College in Chicago and graduated in 1897, there and George worked then as a pastor for students but likely he served a number of congregations as well since his numerous children were born in different places and states.

George Henrikson met his wife Malvina Anderson at the college and they were married February 21st, 1900, Malvina Anderson was born October 12th 1897 in Albrona, Allegan County, Michigan and she died there May 8th, 1964.

George and Malvina Henrikson’s Children were:

1. Selma Amelia Henrikson born November 2nd, 1900 in Florence, Wisconsin, she died December 10th, 1985, married Hjalmer Anderson, two children.

2. Sidney Morton Henrikson born January 1st, 1902 in Springfield, Illinois, died March 9th, 1965 married Gertrude, one child.

3.Eulalia Amanda Henrikson born August 13th, 1903 in Norway, Michigan, died March 13th, 1989, married Charles Fairbanks Marsh, two children.

4. Grace Miriam Henrikson born December 12th, 1904 in Norway, Michigan, died May 4th, 1957, married Harold Wilson Wall.

5. Pearl Evelyn Henrikson born June 20th, 1906 in Norway, Michigan, died May 18th, 1996, married Ralph Quarry, six children.

6.Ingrid Ulrika Henrikson born December 4th, 1907 in Granite Bluff, Michigan, died August 6th, 1964, married Garth E Flickinger.

Carl Lenart Henrikson born October 11th, 1909 in Iron Mountain, Michigan, died June 16th, 1980, married Mable Pauline Weaver, four children.

7. Evald Wilhelm Henrikson born May 26th, 1911 in Iron Mountain, Michigan, died March 23rd, 1951, married Clara Belle Barber, two children.

8. Raymond Valdemar Henrikson born April 6th, in Iron Mountain, Michigan, married Viola Marshall Strand, eight children.

9. Esther Marie Henrikson born March 31st, 1916 in Watson Township, Michigan, died January 1st, 1995, married Milo Marshall Oswald, two children.

10. Elvira Malvina Henrikson born August 25th, 1918 in Watson Township, Michigan, married George Gerald Davis, two children.

11. Victor Eugene Henrikson born March 10th, 1921 in Watson Township,Michigan, died January 2nd, 1923.

Malvina Anderson was the daughter of Swedish emigrants. Charles Anderson was born in Hjalmseryd, December 11th, 1840, he died March 3rd, 1915 and his wife Hulda Ulrika Johnson was born March 24th, 1840 in Moltorp, Vastergotland, she died November 16th, 1918.

The couple were married already when they came to the USA in 1870, directly after the Swedish famine. Charles Anderson had worked for the railroad in Sweden and managed to save $400 dollars before he and his wife moved West. He didn’t need to change occupations in his new homeland but he became engaged when a local railroad track was to be laid in Watson County there in Michigan. In this place he acquired 80 acres of farmland. And he bought and sold properties in this area.

In 1897 he acquired 40 acres for $1,800 dollars and in 1893 he bought acreage of the same size at the price of $2, 300 dollars.

Charles Anderson among other things bought a farm in Albrona, Allegan County, he sold a part of the property to his son in law, Sven George Henrikson and donated land to the church, the land he gave to was for a cemetery and in 1879 it tragically became the resting place for the Anderson’s own 14 month old daughter, Malvina, who had been hit and killed by a train on January 7, 1879. Their little daughter , Malvina was the first person to be buried there. In 1883 Charles Anderson gave one more piece of land on which he built a church whose first service was held New Years Day 1884. Charles and his wife had five children. Only a few months after their daughter Malvina’s tragic death, another daughter was born, they named her Malvina and she was born October 10th, 1879, even Malvina as an adult was generous to the church and she gave the first organ, the price was $ 75 dollars.

Malvina Anderson was born on the farm in Albrona, Allegan County, Michigan, she ended her days there almost 84 years old when she died. She had met a young student pastor Even George Henrikson, Ingrid Christina Fahna;s son and the meeting resulted in marriage. In this marriage was born in a 21 year time period, 12 children in 6 different places and 3 states, the youngest Victor died before reaching the age of two. All the remaining reached adulthood, all married and nine of them became parents to a total of 29 children, who in turn managed to have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Charles Anderson passed away after an eventful life on March 3rd, 1915, a couple of years prior Sven George and Malvina had taken up residency on the property, here they passed their days and probably Sven George became a farmer, he passed away in Kalamazoo, Michigan, April 1st, 1941.

Amanda Emma Kristina the daughter of Ingrid Christina (Fahna) Johnson was born July 9th, 1877, she was George Henrikson’s sister, she went to stay with her Fahnstrom relatives in Galva, Illnois and she married her cousin George Fahnstrom, the son of Jonas and Ingrid Catharina Fahnstrom, George Fahnstrom was born April 3rd, 1881 in Sweden, he came to the USA as a young boy with his father and mother, Jonas and Ingrid Catharina Fahnstrom, his brother Amel Fahnstrom and Sister Stina Casja Wilhelmina Fahnstrom, (Minnie Fahnstrom) George and Amanda Fahnstrom married October 10th, 1901, they lived in Davenport, Iowa for awhile, then they moved back to the Galva, Victoria area in Illinois. Amanda Emma Kristina Fahnstrom passed away Christmas Day , December 25th, 1940, while her husband George passed away June 1st, 1968 at the age of 86 years old, they had seven children:

1. Anna Fahnstrom born August 25th, 1902, died 1994, married Ralph Huffman, two children.

2. Fredrick Fahnstrom born June 25th, 1904, died 1905.

3 Edward Herman Fahnstrom born May 1st, 1906, died March 28th, 1979. Never married.

4. Carl Harvey Fahnstrom born July 7th, 1909, died 1993. Never married.

5. Florence Fahnstrom born April 16th, 1912, died January 1st, 1920.

6. Esther Fahnstrom born June 5th, 1915, married Mr Swanson, four children.

7. George Albin Jr Fahnstrom born February 16th, 1919, died August 1919.

JONAS FAHNA FAHNSTROM , the eldest of SVEN FAHNA’S two sons, went in his fathers footsteps and took service as a soldier for number 130 Harlatorp in Norra ( North) Sunnerbo Company in 1853, Then he got the name FAHNSTROM and served for 30 years for this area. JONAS had on February 20th, 1858 married Ingrid Catharina Johannesdotter she was born September 19th, 1837 in Mexarp, Norregard, Mistelas. In 1876, before JONAS FAHNSTROM retired from his duties as a soldier, he and his family moved to Krusafallen in Exhult, Kvenneberga.

JONAS FAHNSTROM was then 43 years old and after 17 years at Krusafallen, he was the second son of Sven Fahna to emigrate to the USA, he emmigrated from Sweden to the USA in 1893 with his wife Ingrid Catharina Fahnstrom and his three of their younger children, Stina Casja Wilhelmina Fahnstrom ( Minnie) George Fahnstrom and Amel Fahnstrom, the possible main reason that they emmigrated must have been because the Fahnstrom’s other six older sons had already emigrated to the USA. On the voyage to the USA, Anna Louise Fahnstrom travelled with the Fahnstrom’s with her daughter Margaret Fahnstrom, only a year old, Anna Louise (Andersson) Fahnstrom was the wife of Jonas Fahnstrom’s son Karl ( Charlie) Fahnstrom, Anna Louise had emmigrated some years before and had met Charlie Fahnstrom, they were married in New York, I think she must have gone over to Sweden to see relatives and arranged the trip back to be the same time that the Fahnstrom’s were travelling over, then she could be with them on the trip to the USA

Here are the dates of the Fahnstrom children and when they emmigrated to the USA.

1. Sven Johan Vilhelm Fahnstrom born April 17th, 1860, emmigrated to the USA in 1880.

2, Karl August Fahnstrom born January 22nd, 1862, emmigrated to the USA in 1883.

3. ANDERS ERLAND FAHNSTROM born January 22nd, 1864, emigrated to USA in April 1888, with his wife Lisen ( Magnusdotter) Fahnstrom and their first child, a son Oscar Fahnstrom, only just over a year old.

4. Gustaf Frithiof Fahnstrom born February 14th, 1866, emmigrated to the USA in 1889.

5. Bengt Aaron Fahnstrom born March 11th, 1870, emmigrated to the USA march 1888.

6. Stina Casja Wilhelmina Fahnstrom born June 3rd, 1873, emmigrated to USA in 1893.

7. Jonas Edwin Fahnstrom born April 20th, 1877, emmigrated to the USA in 1889.

8. Nils Goran Otto Fahnstrom born April 3rd, 1881, emmigrated to the USA in 1893.

9. Johan Emil Fahnstrom born September 13th, 1883, emmigrated to the USA in 1893.

The daughter and the two youngest sons emigrated together with their parents, of the remaining children, all except ANDERS ERLAND FAHNSTROM were registered at Krusafallen, when they emmigated. ANDERS ERLAND FAHNSTROM leased Stenhults flourmill and moved from this address, the son Gustaf Fritiof had left the parents home in 1885, when he was accepted as a recruit. He received a post the next year as a soldier for number 108 Strands Extra Company, but left his position, January 25th, 1889 and emmigated March 6th of the same year.

Of SVEN FAHNA’S five children, three ended up in the USA, but of his fifteen Swedish born Grandchildren, fourteen went to the USA, while one passed away at a tender age, thus all of SVEN FAHNA’S biological, direct descendants are on the other side of the Atlantic, unless someone in a later generation has moved further on to another part of the world.

JONAS FAHNSTROM had reached the respectable age of 60 years old, when he moved to the USA, six of his children were already there as well as his brother ANDERS, ANDREW LINDBLAD and his family.

On the arrival to the new land in 1893, JONAS FAHNSTROM and his wife INGRID FAHNSTROM lived in Victoria, Illnois, but after a few years there, they moved to Galva, Illnois, a few miles away. He lived in the USA for 21 years before he passed away in 1914 in Galva, he is buried in the Galva cemetery. In the local newspaper Obituary it was noted that JONAS FAHNSTROM’S home was characterized by a deep spiritual conviction. He was strong and robust and during the years the FAHNSTROM couple lived in Victoria, he went regularly to Galva in order to attend service there in the church, even his wife Ingrid who had a brother in Victoria, she passed away in 1917 in Galva.

The couple had 32 Grandchildren and one Great Grandchild, all nine children had moved to the USA and one of their son’s KARL (Charlie) died before his parents, he was killed by a train in Galva in 1905, he left a wife Anna Louise Fahnstrom and four children.


Ship “AMERICA” list.

JONAS FAHNSTROM, Swedish, arrived 12th, June, 1893, age 60, Male, Ship “America” from Fredrickshavn, Nordjylland, Denmark.

INGRID CATHARINA FAHNSTROM, Swedish, arrived 12th, June, 1893, Age 54, Female, ship “America” from Fredickshavn, Nordjylland, Denmark.

VILHELMINA FAHNSTROM, Swedish, arrived June 12th, 1893, Age 20, Female, Ship “America” from Fredrickshavn, Nordjylland, Denmark [Her full name was Stina Casja Wilhelmina but she went by Minnie.]

GORAN ( GEORGE) FAHNSTROM, Swedish, arrived 12th June, 1893, Age 11, Male, Ship “America” from Fredrickshavn, Nordjylland, Denmark.

EMIL ( AMEL) FAHNSTROM, Swedish, arrived 12th, June, 1893, Age 9, Male, Ship “America” from Fredrickshavn, Nordjylland, Denmark

ANNA LOUISE FAHNSTROM, Swedish, arrived 12th, June, 1893, age 22, Female, Ship “America” from Fredrickshavn, Nordjylland, Denmark. Return Trip. [ANNA’S daughter Margaret Fahnstrom, I year old, born in New York, 1891.]

BENJAMIN FAHNSTROM, Resides in Galva, Illinois, arrived 2nd, August, 1910, Age 40, Male, Ship “Lusitania” from Liverpool, England.( This person was a US Citizen "He must have been making a visit to Sweden, this is his return trip.")

The Fahnstrom Family left from Sweden, May 27, 1893 from the Port of Goteburg, by the steam ship “BLENDA” they sailed to Fredrickshavn in Denmark, Fredrickshavn is just across the sea from Gothenburg, the passenger list from the “BLENDA” didn’t tell the final destination. If the ship went to an English port as was the usual route, then they would have transferred by rail to LIVERPOOL and from there to the ship “AMERICA” to the United States, their tickets were to NEW YORK, they sailed to the the USA and arrived at Ellis Island in New York, 12th June, 1893. They first lived in Victoria, Illinois for a few years and then moved to Galva, Illinois for the rest of their lives, they died in Galva and are buried in the Galva Cemetery.

Jonas, his wife Ingrid, their daughter Stina, Casja Wilhelmina, she went by Wilhelmina, later she went by Minnie, on her grave it says Minnie Fahnstrom and Jonas’s two youngest sons, George and Amel Fahnstrom.

ANNA LOUSIE FAHNSTROM was the wife of KARL ( CHARLIE) FAHNSTROM, another son of JONAS & INGRID FAHNSTROM, who had already come to America, some years previously, MARGARET FAHNSTROM was their first child, a daughter not even a year old, maybe Anna Louise Fahnstrom went for a visit to Sweden to see family and then came back with the Fahnstrom’s on their trip to America to be with them...

Submitted by
Susan Fahnstrom.


JOHN AMEL (JOHAN EMAIL) FAHNSTROM was born September 13th, 1883 in Kvenneberg, Sweden. In 1893 AMEL FAHNSTROM emigrated to the United States, with his parents, Jonas and Ingrid Catharina Fahnstrom, his only sister Stina Casja Wilhelmina Fahnstrom, she was now going by the name Minnie Fahnstrom and his brother George Fahnstrom, they sailed into Ellis Island and went to Victoria, Illinois and settled there for a few years, they later settled in Galva, Illinois, just a few miles away, several of the Fahnstrom’s sons had already settled in Victoria and Galva.

AMEL FAHNSTROM married MARY HANSON in Galva, Illinois on November 27th, 1907. Mary Hanson was one of six children of Olof Hanson and Elizabeth (Anderson) Hanson, who were married in 1861 in America.

Olof Hanson was born in Ocklebo, Sweden on August 6th, 1835 and he sailed for the United States, August 1855, arriving on October 20th , Olof Hanson served three years in the Union Army and received a disability discharge on May 27, 1865, in 1867, he bought an 80 acre tract of land in Knox County, Illinois,

Elizabeth Anderson emmigrated to the United States with her parents, Anders Anderson and Anna ( Christofferson) Anderson, Anna Christofferson was born in Svartness, Sweden in 1803, she married Anders Anderson in 1825, the Anderson’s had 10 children of whom 5 died in infancy, so the Anderson’s and their five children came to the United States in 1855, ELIZABETH ANDERSON was one of their daughters.

Anna (Christofferson) Anderson died at the home of her daughter Mrs O Hanson in Galva, Illinois in the Spring of 1888..

Olof Hanson died January 22nd, 1906 and his wife Mrs O Hanson died June 15th, 1907

Olof and Elizabeth ( Anderson) Hanson had six children: Emma, Joseph, Abner, Andrew, and Mary Adalia. Andrew Hanson died young with no children of his own and he left his inheritance to his sisters.

AMEL AND MARY FAHNSTROM had married in 1907, their first child, a daughter Rena was born October 7th, 1908. The following year they moved to West Sweden in Texas ( located a few miles West of Brady, the county seat of Mc Culloch County, Texas)

In that Swedish farming community , Mary’s brother Abner was a minister and her brother Joseph Hanson was a farmer, Abner Hanson was a minister at the west Sweden Methodist Episcopal Church, where services were conducted in Swedish. Mary’s sister Christine Hanson remained in Galva but Emma Hanson went to Texas in about 1910 to live near her sister Mary and her two brothers, Abner and Joseph Hanson, Emma Hanson never married.

Amel and Mary Fahnstrom bought parcels of farm land in west Sweden and near the town of Melvin, about ten miles further West. Amel built a house in West Sweden for his family, Amel and Mary had three daughters, Rena Fahnstrom born in Illinois in 1908, Ruth Fahnstrom born in West Sweden in 1911 and Emma Mae Fahnstrom born in West Sweden in 1914, ( Emma Mae (Fahnstrom) Darlberg died in 2002.

In a postcard to her sister Emma in Galva, dated October 1910, Mary told Emma Hanson that they had made a bale of cotton on the land in West Sweden and would get two more bales from the Melvin farm. Cotton and maize was the main cash crop in those days, Amel kept a few cows and raised chickens for eggs and meat.

There was a bad drought in Central Texas in 1918, Amel moved his family to DeQueen, Arkansas and bought a farm there. Aunt Emma Hanson also went with them to DeQueen and she bought a house in town. Farming in Arkansas did not provide a living for the family, Amel worked in a Blacksmith shop for awhile and then Amel bought a used furniture store and moved to town. The store was called “FAHNSTROM’S BARGAIN STORE” and Amel repaired and sold used furniture.

After a few years, the drought in Texas ended and Abner and Joseph Hanson wrote that the crops were good in west Sweden and so Amel and his family moved back to Texas, in 1929, returning to their house in West Sweden, that they had left 11 years earlier.

When Amel sold his store in DeQueen, he added more land to his farm in Melvin.

The family continued to live in West Sweden and he worked both farms for several years. Amel drove to Melvin everyday while he built a new house, a blacksmith shop, Mexican American families living on both farms did most of the field work. In about 1937, Amel, Mary and Emma Mae moved to the new house at the Melvin farm, Amel and Mary Fahnstrom remained there until he retired from farming in 1946.

After graduating from High School about 1926, Rena Fahnstrom worked as a licensed vocational nurse at Brady Hospital, she married Patrick Gustafson, the Sunday school superintendent at the Swedish Methodist Church. After their marriage they lived at the east Sweden community, several miles east of Brady, Texas, they had no children.

Emma Mae Fahnstrom, Ruth Fahnstrom and Jennie Mae Harkrider ( a Hanson cousin) lived in Aunt Emma’s house in Brady, so they could attend High School, there were no school buses at that time.

After Ruth had graduated, Aunt Emma suffered a stroke and moved into the the home of Amel and Mary Fahnstrom. Emma Mae and Jennie Mae no longer had a place in town to live and attend school, so the two girls moved to El Campo, Texas to live with Edith Harkrider, their cousin, the daughter of Mary’s brother Abner Hanson. Emma Mae attended school in El Camp for a year and then she returned to Brady, where school bus service had started in the meantime. After graduating from High School in 1932, Emma Mae lived at home with her mother Mary and father Amel and worked at the Perry Brother’s 5 and 10 cent store in Brady until they moved to Melvin in 1937, meanwhile Ruth Fahnstrom had moved to Austin, Texas, where she worked for an engraving company. Aunt Emma lived with Amel and Mary for four years after her stroke, she was paralyzed on the left side, she died in about 1935.

Emma Mae Fahnstrom married Earl Dahlberg in 1939 and Ruth Fahnstrom married Sam Melton, a few months later. Sam and Ruth Melton ,moved to Temple, Texas, where Sam went to work for the Santa Fe Railroad, their daughter Mary Elizabeth was born in 1940 and their son Samuel Newton Melton was born in 1942,

When Emma Mae and Earl first married, they lived in a small house on the family farm belonging to Earl’s father Oscar Gustav Dahlberg and Earl continued to work the farm, after a couple of years, Earl and Emma Mae moved to the Dodge community, a few miles south, where Earl worked for his brother Leonard on his farm.

There Earl and Emma Mae’s son Kenneth Earl Dahlberg was born in 1945. Shortly after Kenneth’s birth, Earl bought Amel Fahnstrom”s farm at Melvin and moved his family there.

After selling his farm at Melvin, Amel Fahnstrom sold his West Sweden farm to Leonard Dahlberg, retired from framing and moved into town. He and Mary bought a home in Brady at 1700, South Pecan Street, there Amel had a double lot and grew a large vegetable garden, a fruit and pecan orchard and many flowers and he built a large stone fish pond in the front yard. In his retirement years, Amel gardened, built furniture for his grandchildren and visited and ministered in the nursing homes in Brady.

Amel and Mary remained in their home in Brady for the rest of their lives, after Rena’s divorce from her second marriage, Rena came to live with Amel and Mary in Brady and cared for them in their old age. Mary ( Hanson) Fahnstrom died in 1957 and Amel Fahnstrom died December 15th, 1966. Rena (Fahnstrom) Bassett died in 1981, Ruth ( Fahnstrom) Melton died in 1998. Emma Mae ( Fahnstrom) Dahlberg died in 2002.

Two family names long identified with Galva’s Business history are Fahnstrom and Houghton, as the city’s oldest merchandising firms, the Fahnstrom tailoring and clothing store and E W, Houghton Lumber Company.
Recently the Fahnstrom Clothing store was involved in a transaction for the sale of the Co founder of the tailor shop and the store about 60 years ago, the late Andrew Fahnstrom.
However the store will continue to bear the name FAHNSTROM under the management of John Girvin, who received possession January 22nd, 1962. Mr John Girvin has resided in Galva several years ago before moving into Kewanee, where he was engaged in auto sales.

The Fahnstrom brothers did not sever all connections with the store after the sale, Axel Fahnstrom assisting the new owner and Elmer Fahnstrom continues to maintain an office there as Galva township supervisor, with a desk in the rear part of the store. Also the two men retained ownership of the building at 345, Front Street, where the store has been located since 1944, when it was moved from the east room of the former Opera house block.

A tailor shop owned by Edwin Fahnstrom in 1903, marked the beginning of the present store. That tailoring business was operated in the rear of the barber shop in a frame building on the site where the farmers bank was later built.

Andrew Fahnstrom formed a partnership with his brother Edwin Fahnstrom the following year and the shop was located in the basement room at the Southwest corner of the present LeClaire Hotel block. Andrew who had learned the tailor trade in Sweden, worked for Capt S P Johnson after arriving in 1893 to America.

The Johnson shop was on the present site of the Galva Post Office and Andrew continued to work there for Lawrence C Johnson, the son of Capt Johnson, after the latters death.

Fahnstrom Brothers moved from the basement location to the frame building of John H Best on approximately the same location as the present office of Galvaland press. In addition to that frame building, they occupied the rear of the corner room housing the Cairns Real estate and Insurance office.

Elmer Fahnstrom assisted his father and Uncle Edwin there and others working in the shop including Joe Stephenson, C W, Carlson and Peter Swanson.

In 1908, the FAHNSTROM tailor store was moved to the East room of the Opera house block and remained there for 36 years.
The partnership between Edwin and Andrew Fahnstrom ended in 1915, after which Elmer became a partner of his father, Andrew and later the other son, Axel Fahnstrom joined the partnership.
Both sons were in the service during World War 1, Andrew’s death occurred in December, 1944, the year the store was moved to the present location, for many years the room was occupied by the A. B. Anderson shoe store.
The Fahnstrom store specialised in making suits and overcoats and also carried a full line of woolen goods.

Suit clubs were conducted in the early years of the Fahnstrom shop, one of Elmer’s boyhood duties was to make the rounds each week to collect $1 from every member, there were no drawings in those days. During the early days 1920’s, the store began to handle all types of Mens furnishings.
Both Elmer and Axel were members of Galva’s famous drum and buggle corps and a natural result was that they spent much time keeping the uniforms of all the corps members in shape, the outfits formed a colorful sight on the racks in the tailoring department.
Mrs Hulda Alverson of Galva is a sister of Elmer and Axel Fahnstrom.
Galvaland Magazine, March 1962.

Submitted by Susan Christine Fahnstrom.

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