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In Holland the family name of VAN AUKEN or VAN AKEN is traced back to 1500 years, to the 4th century, to John Van Auken, the founder of the ancient city of Aix La Chapple, located in Germany, between the Rhine and Meuse rivers, on the border of Holland. There is a section called Aken or Ackan, one mile south east of Opmeer, a village 8 miles north west of Hoom, in the province of North Holland

Whence some of the most prominent and enterprising of our early settlers. In the same province are north and south Allendam, two villages about 6 miles distance from “Haarlem”, Achen, it is evidently derived from the spring for which Aix La Chapple has always been famous, Springs were early marked by a chapel ( French Chapel) in which Peppin celebrated Christmas in 765.

Aiken represents Dutch long sound of, as in Auken, we’ll talk about the spelling of the name, although the name has been spelled primarily Van Aken of Van Auken, it has been spelled Van Accken, Van Auken and even sometimes Van Aker by men from the same ancestor.

OUR VAN AUKEN FAMILY ANCESTORS were from Holland, they came to America and lived in Albany, New York, several were born there, later they moved to Illinois in 1858, they were farmers and owned land.

In 1885, FLETCHER VAN AUKEN the son of AARON VAN AUKEN and CATHERINE ( OSTRANDER) VAN AUKEN, residing on section 28, Galva Township, was born July 11th, 1842 in Monroe County, New York. The Ancestors of the Van Auken family of which the subject is a member, came from Holland and settled in Duchess County, NY about 1836. They were members of a colony that was sent by the Holland Government and a portion of their posterity still reside there .

Their descendants took an active part in the Revolution of the Colonies from the unjust government of the old country. The records shows that the Grandfather JOHANNE ( JOHN) VAN AUKEN was a Revolutionary soldier and after the war, engaged in the occupation of a farmer in New York. He was married in that state and died near Albany, NY, as likewise did his wife, aged 102 years old.

They were the parents of three children of whom AARON VAN AUKEN was the only son, . He was born in 1804 in Albany, NY and is yet living in Knox County, this state, where he came in 1858. He was for a time Superintendent of a section of the Erie Canal and held office of Justice of the Peace and likewise participated in the war of 1812, being in the engagement of Sackett’s Harbor. He married CATHERINE OSTRANDER, a native of Lowell, who is still living at the venerable age of 82 years old ( 1885). She bore him six children; MARTHA, HANNAH, WESLEY, WILLIAM HARRISON, CALVIN AND FLETCHER.

FLETCHER VAN AUKEN the subject of our notice, was reared in Rochester, NY, where he received his early education.

At the age of 17 years, he came to Knox County, this state in 1858, with his parents and has continually been engaged in the occupation of a farmer ever since that time.

He first purchased land in McClean County, which he farmed for two years, then sold it and bought land in Woodford County, lived in the latter county four years, sold his land and then came to Galva Township, this county.

On arriving here, he purchased 123 acres of the old Bonham homestead, the oldest settler in Galva, which is located on section 28, where he is at present residing. Previous to that he had lived from 1866 to 1876, one mile southwest of Galva, on a farm owned by his father, AARON VAN AUKEN.

Mr Van Auken was married in Knox County, October 18th, 1863 to Miss Margaret Ann Armstrong, a daughter of Joseph Armstrong and Jane ( Beakby) Armstrong, natives of Durham County, England. She has borne him three children; FRANK, VANESSA (VINNIE) and EMMA, the latter died at the age of eight years old.

Mrs Margaret Van Auken is a member of the Christian Church, Politically, Mrs V is a sympathizer with the principles of the Democratic party and socially she is a member of A. F and AM, belonging to Galva Lodge, No 243.

AARON VAN AUKEN was born Feb, 3rd, 1804 in Monroe County, New York, he was the son of JOHANNE ( JOHN) VAN AUKEN born May 4th, 1777, JOHANNE ( JOHN) died in ALBANY, NY and ANN TACHEN of NY, ANN lived to be 102 years old, she died in Albany, NY, also.

AARON VAN AUKEN married CATHERINE OSTRANDER, she was also of Dutch origin, CATHERINE OSTRANDER was born Jan 30th, 1808 in NY, the daughter of HENDRICK OSTRANDER and ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON, they had six children,,HANNAH,, MARTHA, WESLEY, WILLIAM HARRISON, FLETCHER and CALVIN.

AARON VAN AUKEN died in Oneida, Illinois on Sept 2nd, 1890 and his wife Catherine died Jan 12th, 1892 in Oneida, Illinois, they are both buried in the Oneida cemetery, in Illinois, their daughter Hannah ( Van Auken) Armstrong is buried in the same plot with them.

.1.HANNAH VAN AUKEN was born Oct 1st, 1827 in NY, she married JOSEPH W ARMSTRONG, maybe the son of JOSEPH ARMSTRONG and JANE ( BEAKBY) ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH was born in DURHAM, ENGLAND and JANE his wife was also born in ENGLAND, the ARMSTRONGS lived in KNOXVILLE, ILLINOIS, 1.HANNAH VAN AUKEN born Oct 1st, 1827 in NY, she died Feb 13, 1891, she is buried with her parents, in the Oneida Cemetery in Onieda, Illinois. She married Joseph W Armstrong, I think he was the son of Joseph and Jane Armstrong of Knoxville, Illinois, her name is Hannah Armstrong on her grave, she is buried with her parents Aaron and Catherine Van Auken in the Oneida Cemetery in Oneida, Illinois

2. MARTHA VAN AUKEN was born July 19th, 1829, she married Edward Archelous Lynd, they had two daughters Sara Catherine Lynd and Ella K Lynd, the mother, Martha ( Van Auken) Lynd died 1859 and is buried in the Oneida Cemetery in Oneida, Illinois.

Sara Catherine Lynd was born Aug 15th, 1849 in Rochester, NY, she married Alfred P Anderson who was born in Skeda, Ostergotland, Sweden on Mar 7th, 1845 and she died in Dec 4th, 1934 in Los Angeles, Alfred died Jan 17th, 1907 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Martha

Sara Catherine and Alfred Anderson’s children were;

Edward Lynd Anderson born Aug 26th, 1872, died May 27th, 1940.

Nellie Anderson Abbott born April 24th, 1875, died Sept 18th, 1959.

Walter Alfred Anderson born Feb 2nd, 1878.

Faye Anderson Folts. Born April 29th, 1883, died Dec of 1968.

Roy Norman Anderson born Oct 4th, 1885, died Dec 12th, 1939

Faye Anderson married Arthur Folts, they had two children:

Frances Emma Folts Jefferies born Sept 10th, 1905, she married Roy A Jefferies born June 25th, 1891, he died Nov 25th, 1950.

Lynd Louis Folts born Jen 1st, 1914, died Mar 8th, 2007.

Lynd Louis Folts married Evelyn Frances Shelley who was born July 7th, 1913 and is still quilting in April of 2008.

They had three children James Anderson Folts born Nov 20th, 1943.

Shelley Lynd Folts Platt born Mar 16th, 1947.

John Edward Folts born July 27th, 1948.

The other daughter Ella K Lynd of Martha ( Van Auken) Lynd and Edward Archelous Lynd was born Aug 3rd, 1854, she married Joseph Ekstrom, he was born 1856 in Illinois of Swedish parents, Ella and Joseph Ekstrom lived in Galva, Illiniois, he was a druggist by occupation, they had a daughter , Lily Ekstrom born 1880 in Illinois, Lily is on the 1880 Census, she is only a month old.

3. CALVIN VAN AUKEN was born 1832/ 33, Calvin married EUPHANIS ARMSTRONG, October 18th, 1863 in Knox County, Illinois, Euphanis was the daughter of JOSEPH ARMSTRONG and JANE ARMSTRONG, they lived in Knoxville, Illinois, JOSEPH was born in DURHAM, ENGLAND , his wife JANE was also born in ENGLAND. EUPHANIS ARMSTRONG was named after her Grandmother Euphanis (Alston) Armstrong married to Joseph Armstrong both of Cumberland, England.

4..WESLEY VAN AUKEN born 1835 in NY, the only info is from the Census, when he was still at home with his parents and family, we haven’t found any other info on him.

5., WILLIAM HARRISON VAN AUKEN was born 1836 in NY, he married Sarah Ellen (Ray) Kienney, Sarah was born in 1852 in Fraukein Co, Penn, this was her second marriage. She was the daughter of Robert Ray and Margaret Skate Ray. William went by his middle name of Harrison, Harrison and Sarah had a fine house in Oneida, Illinois, we have a photo of their house. William Harrison died in 1909, in Oneida, Illinois and his wife Sarah Ella died in 1920 in Oneida, Illinois, they are both buried in the Oneida Cemetery in Oneida, Illinois. .

6.. FLETCHER VAN AUKEN was born in July 11th, 1842 in NY, he married MARGARET ANN ARMSTRONG, October 18th, 1863 in Knox County, she was born JULY 6th,1845 in GATESHEAD, ENGLAND, she was christened April 10th, in 1846, she was the daughter of JOSEPH ARMSTRONG and JANE ARMSTRONG of Knoxville, Illinois, Joseph Armstrong was a Blacksmith by trade, JOSEPH ARMSTRONG had a brother William Armstrong who was a Blacksmith in Knoxville also, William Armstrong was born 1799 in England he was married to Eleanor, both brothers William and Joseph Armstrong are buried in the Knoxville Cemetery.

MARGARET came to America in 1849 on a ship, when she was a little girl, with her mother JANE ARMSTRONG and several of her siblings, her mother JANE ARMSTRONG was pregnant at the time of the voyage, with her last child a daughter Isabelle Jane Armstrong, who was born in Illinois in 1849. Isabelle Jane Armstrong married John Fox on Feb 21st, 1874 in Knox County, Illinois, they had two daughters Harriett Fox born ? and Mary Fox born ?

FLETCHER and MARGARET ANN ( ARMSTRONG) Van Auken had four children,

1.Baby born April 17th, 1865, died April 23rd, 1865, only 6 days old, baby is buried in the Galva Cemetery in Galva, Illinois,

2. FRANK VAN AUKEN born 1867 in Illinois, he died in 1945 in Patton, Ca,

3..Vanessa Van Auken born 1871, she married Ralph Wilson in 1903.

4.. Emma Van Auken born Sept 9th, 1882, died Oct 1888, only 8 years old, buried in the Galva, Cemetery in Galva, Illinois

FRANK VAN AUKEN was born 1867 in Illinois, FRANK married GRACE ALOUTA RYAN born 18th July, 1872 in Indiana, the daughter of JOHN WILLIAM RYAN and FLORA REBECCA Mc CELLAN, in Knox County, Illinois, FLORA REBECCA McCELLAN’S Great Grandmother was EUNICE WEEKS that married DANIEL AVERY, Daniel Avery was the son of Ebenezer Avery who was a Direct Descendant of JOHN ALDEN and PRISCILLA MULLINS ALDEN who sailed on the” MAYFLOWER” from Plymouth, England on September 11th, 1620. They are both listed on the Passenger list and also listed on the list of the first Thanksgiving Dinner in 1621.

FRANK and GRACE VAN AUKEN had 5 children:

1. Fletcher Van Auken born 1892 in Illinois, he died 1956 in Ca, Fletcher married Leona Alberta Miliken in Layfayette, Illinois in 1922, she was born in 1904 in Layfayette, Illinois they moved to Ca in 1922 and they had a daughter Evelyn Van Auken born 1929 in Ca.

2. Flora Margaret Van Auken born Jan 13th,1895, she married Charles Lester Engstrand on Oct 19th, 1916 in Galva, Illinois, Charles was born Feb 28th, 1895 , died Oct 17th, 1968 in Illinois, a Swedish farmer, they had one son Van Engstrand born 1921 in Illinois. Flora Margaret Engstrand died Jan 22nd, 1986 in Galva, Illinois, they are both buried in the Galva Cemetery, their son Van Engstrand died in 2000 and is also buried there also.

3. WILHELMINA VAN AUKEN born April 7th, 1898 in Annawan, Illinois, she married CARL VANNARD FAHNSTROM in 1918, Carl was born in 1895 in Galva, the son of Andrew Erland Fahnstrom and Lisen ( Magusdotter) Fahnstrom of Galva, Carl died in 1921, of TB he died in the hospital in Normal, Illinois, with his father Andrew Fahnstrom at his side, he is buried in the Galva cemetery.

4.Paul Van Auken born 1900, died 1900, buried in the Galva Cemetery, Illinios.

5. Frank Jr Van Auken born 1903, died 1903 buried in the Galva Cemetery, Illinois

WILHELMINA and CARL VANNARD FAHNSTROM had a son CARL WILLIAM FAHNSTROM born Feb 28th, 1920 in Kewanee, Illinois. WILHELMINA later moved to California with her son Bill, to be with her father and mother, Frank and Grace Van Auken and her brother Fletcher Van Auken and his family. She later met and married Alvord Ethelbert Hubbard on Nov 4th, 1940 in Las Vegas, Nevada, they moved to Boise from Northridge, Ca in 1947. Alvord was the son of Bert Hubbard and Emily ( Deacy) Hubbard of Springer, NM., Alvord Hubbard was born March 24th, 1897, he died in July of 1969 in Boise, Idaho.

Carl William ( Bill) Fahnstrom died in Boise, Idaho, in July 1996, he is buried in Boise, Idaho.

Submitted by Susan Christine ( Smith) Fahnstrom.
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