Henry County Illinois

The Henry County News, March 4, 1880
Miss Etta Bolin, daughter of Mrs. L.A. Bolin of this city, died in Cornwall Township on last Sunday evening, of consumption. She was 18 years of age. [Transcribed by Nancy Piper]

The Geneseo Republic, Geneseo IL, February 1, 1860
On Tuesday, Jan. 24, Mrs. Betsy Eldridge, wife of Mr. Lorenzo Eldridge of Atkinson, committed suicide by hanging herself. This lady was laboring under strong religious excitement and though a member of the Methodist church in good standing, she was so strongly impressed with the idea that the ark of safety had passed by and left her out, that her reason became dethroned and she was led to commit self-destruction, as before stated. About four months ago, she lost a child and since that time her mind, which had before become somewhat unstable, succumbed to her heavy load of grief and strict watch has been kept on her since. Tuesday, Mr. Eldridge went to a store but a few rods from his house and instructed his children to look after their mother. In a few moments after he left, Mrs. E., went to the barn, tied a rope to a beam, made a slip noose, put it around her neck and sat down upon a powder-keg, leaned forward and when found was dead. Her children saw her sitting upon the keg and spoke to her several times but received no answer; they did not go into the barn and of course, did not dream that the mother's spirit had left its tenement of clay and departed for that bourne from whence no traveler returns. Mr. Eldridge and the neighbors were immediately called and the body cut down. She was about forty-five years of age.

The Henry County News, March 4, 1880
Mrs. Henry Sand of Loraine died on last Friday evening, aged 73 years. She was afflicted with pneumonia. [Transcribed by Nancy Piper]

The Geneseo Republic, Geneseo IL, May 16, 1860
Died in Geneseo, on the 10th of March last, Rachel, wife of Mr. John Smith in the 49th year of her age.

The Geneseo Republic, Geneseo IL, May 5, 1860
Died in Geneseo of consumption, Maria B., wife of Mr. Theodore Wells, aged 30 years

Mrs. Adams
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 15, 1880
Mrs. Adams, of Pink Prairie, died Wednesday of last week and was interred in the Pink Prairie Cemetery.

Nina Bacon
The Geneseo Republic, January 23, 1880
On Thursday the sad intelligence was received here that Miss Nina Bacon had died of consumption at Des Moines, Iowa. She was for a long time a resident of the city (..?..) some years since with her mother in Oberlin, Ohio and last fall she went to Des Moines for the benefit of her health, where she died on Wednesday last, aged about 20 years. She has numerous acquaintances here who will be sincerely pained to learn of her untimely death. Although young in years she was a consistent and upright Christian girl and was dearly loved by all who knew her. She was a finely educated musician and loved the study of music. Her remains will be brought here today from the west on the 9:50 train and the funeral services will be held at the Congregational church at 10 o'clock a.m., Rev. A. Bushnell officiating.

Parker W. Balley
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 8, 1880
Died in Galva, Oct. 12, Parker W. Balley, infant

Ardella J. Britton
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 8, 1880
Died in Galva, Sept. 29, Ardella J. Britton, aged 16

Charles Cameron
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 22, 1880
Died in Geneseo, Jan. 1, Charles Cameron, aged 52
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 8, 1880
A feeling of universal sadness has pervaded our little City for the past week, caused by the death of Charles Cameron, Esq., on New Years day. For fourteen years past he has held the position of Station Agt., at this place, and has dealt largely in grain at Geneseo and Atkinson.
Although diffident and retiring in manners no one had more friends and no one's loss will be more sincerely mourned. He was noted for his honesty, his sterling integrity and his many acts of unostentatious charity.
He was a communicant in the Episcopal church and it was his dying request that he should be buried from the modest little church in which he had worshipped for many years.
The funeral services were conducted by Rev. F. B. Nash, of Cambridge, his former pastor. A vast concourse of citizens assembled to pay their last sad tribute to his memory.
Charles Cameron was born in Inverness Scotland, Nov. 16, 1827. He had the advantages of early schooling. While still a boy he was employed as bank clerk in Manchester and Liverpool, England. He came to America in 1854 and resided for several years at Detroit, Mich.
He came to Illinois in 1857 and engaged in the grain business at Atlanta in McLean Co., where he remained about eight years. He came to Geneseo in 1865; was married at Ottawa, Canada in 1866, and resided here until the day of his death.
He was confined to his bed for about two months with a slow fever. A devoted wife, kind friends and skillful physicians did all that was possible for him but without avail. A loving old mother at Inverness, Scotland, instead of receiving a visit from her dear son as she had fondly hoped, will soon hear the sad news of his death. A wife, three children and the whole community will long mourn the death of Charles Cameron.

Child of E. P. and Emily (Morton) Clark
The Geneseo Republic, January 2, 1880
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Clark, of Monmouth Ill., have just lost their only child of brain fever. Little Jennie was three years and nine months old. Mrs. Clark was Miss Emily Morton of this city.

Anna C. Conrad
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 8, 1880
Died in Clover, Dec. 8, Anna C. Conrad, aged 3

Cara S. Conrad
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 8, 1880
Died in Clover, Nov. 24, Clara S. Conrad, aged 5

Mrs. Sophia Drake
The Geneseo Republic, Geneseo, IL, January 2, 1880
Mrs. Sophia Drake, wife of Rev. H. A. Drake, formerly Congregational minister at Atkinson, died at Dodge Center, Minn., last Monday of consumption, aged 58 years. Deceased leaves three children living, one of them being Mrs. John Gray of this city. The remains were brought to this city last Thursday and interred in Oakwood. The husband of the deceased is now engaged in Home Missionary work.

Hiram R. Dunbar

Newspaper: Geneseo Republic Newspaper

Date: November 7th, 1884

Submitters Name: Donald A. Ubben

Obit: On Thursday of Last week the remains of Mr. H.R. Dunbar were brought back from Kansas where he died to his old home in Atkinson and funeral services held in the M. R. Church there after which the body was brought to Geneseo for interment in Oakwood. He left her for Kansas but about two weeks before his death. He was aged 81 years and was a wealthy retired farmer.

"The inscription on Hiram's gravestone, at Oakwood Cemetery; Geneseo Co., IL reads: "One of the first settlers of Hennepin and Putnam and in Henry Co., IL and overland to Cal. in 1850 returning to Henry Co. in
1851 has opened up seventeen farms, has by honesty and industry secured a competence and inheritance that comes from trusting and believing in Christ."

"Born Feb'y. 5, 1804 Lu Paris KY"

P. Fairman
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 1, 1880
Deaths not previously announced
P. Fairman, Woodhull, 62 years

William Green
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 1, 1880
Deaths not previously announced
Wm. Green, Clover, 7 years

Mary Huley
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 8, 1880
Died in Galva, Aug. 18, Mary Huley, aged 21 years

Charlotte Grace Linnell
The Geneseo Republic, January 30, 1880
Charlotte Grace, infant daughter of Allen and Adella Linnell, of Phoenix, died on Sunday, Jan. 25th of congestion of the brain. It is a sad bereavement for the parents. The funeral was conducted by Rev. J. W. Mohr, at the Pink Prairie Evangelical church on Monday Jan. 28th.

Hannah Louburg
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 22, 1880
Died in Cleveland, Oct. 30, Hannah Louburg, 30

Johnathan M. McCullough
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 22, 1880
Died in Burns, Dec. 20, Johnathan M. McCullough, 48

Mrs. D. P. Merrill
The Geneseo Republic, Geneseo, IL, Feb 5, 1880
Mrs. Merrill's Death
On Thursday night of last week, Mrs. D. P. Merrill of Munson, passed over the dark river that divides this world from the next. Her death was not unexpected, as she had been ill a long time. On Sunday evening the remains were brought to this city, and placed in charge of Undertaker Zimmerman. They will be taken to Minneapolis, Minn., this week, for interment. Mrs. Merrill was 51 years of age, a good faithful wife and mother and she was highly esteemed by all who knew her.
Her son, Mr. Eugene Merrill of Minneapolis, was with her at her death-bed, and it was his wish that she should be buried at his new home, which will henceforth be the home of the family. Mrs. Merrill's son, Chandler Merrill, whose remains were interred in Oakwood, was exhumed this week, and will be buried beside his mother at Minneapolis. The sympathies of numerous friends in this vicinity go out toward Mr. Merrill and family in this, their great affliction.

Eric Miles
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 1, 1880
Deaths not previously announced
Eric Miles, Galva, aged 93 years

Alex Munro
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 1, 1880
Deaths not previously announced
Alex Munro, Clover, 65 years

Child of Mr. Peterson
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 15, 1880
A little child of Mr. Peterson, clerk at the Rock Island saloon, was buried in Oakwood last Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Eliza Pritchard
The Geneseo Republic, January 30, 1880
On Friday, Jan. 28th, Mrs. Eliza, wife of Henry Pritchard, died at her home in Alba township, leaving a bereaved husband and a family of five small children, as well as a wide circle of friend to mourn her untimely death. Funeral services were conducted Monday, at the school house near her late home, Rev. C. H. Purmort, of this city officiating and the condition of the roads considered, there was a very large attendance. On Tuesday the remains were brought to this city and interred in Oakwood Cemetery. The husband and children are deserving of and will have the sympathy of the whole community.

William C. Raub
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 22, 1880
Died in Geneseo, Nov. 15, Wm. C. Raub, aged 76

Mrs. George Raser
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 15, 1880
Mrs. Geo. Raser of this city, who has been ill a long time, died on Tuesday last at 12 o'clock, aged 61 years, 4 months. She has never been well since the fall she sustained last winter, where by her thigh was broken. Mrs. Raser was a kind and loving wife and mother, and died lamented by a large family and many warm friends. Her children were with her to the last, having left their callings in different parts of the country to be with their mother in her last illness.
Geneseo Republic, January 16, 1880
Mrs. E. R. Raser, wife of Geo. Raser, died at her residence in Geneseo, Tuesday noon, in the sixty-first year of her age. It will be remembered that Mrs. Raser, on the 25th of last February, fell and broke her thigh. She recovered from this so as to be able to get round on crutches, but never had the use of her limb. More recently her general health began to fail, which was thought to result from internal injuries received from the fall. Few persons in this life are called to suffer as Mrs. Raser has in the last year, yet she was never heard to murmur or complain even once. She was the very embodiment of Christian patience. She was a Christian in her home and had the warmest affection of all the members of her household, and though her eight children were grown and some far away, yet all were home at her death. She was born in New Philadelphia Ohio, September 8th, 1818. She was married to Mr. Geo. Raser, September 24th, 1835. They came to Geneseo in July 1855, twenty-five years ago. She has been a professor of religion and a member of the M. E. church for more than forty-three years. The religion of her life was her support in death.

Newton Reed
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 22, 1880
Newton Reed, one of Geneseo's oldest citizens died on Wednesday of last week, aged 70 years and was interred in Oakwood Cemetery on Saturday. Deceased was born in East Granby, Conn., and came to Geneseo in 1837, being but two years after the colony was founded. He leaves a wife and four children, besides many friends to mourn his death.

Mrs. Hannah Resser
The Geneseo Republic, Geneseo, IL, Feb 5, 1880
Phenix, Jan. 8, Hannah Resser, 63(?)

The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 15, 1880
Mrs. Hannah Resser, mother of M. W. Resser, Esq., of this city, died at her home in the northern part of the county on Thursday of last week. She was buried in the Pink Prairie Cemetery. Mrs. Resser had many friends in this county who will sincerely mourn her loss. Mrs. Resser's death was very sudden and unexpected. It resulted from dropsy. She left no will. The heirs of her property have appointed her son, M. W. Resser, agent to dispose of it.

James S. Taylor
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 15, 1880
Died Dec. 27, James S. Taylor, aged 28

Mary Tolus
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 22, 1880
Died in Geneseo, Dec. 19, Mary Tolus, aged 4 years

Seraphine Von Woolstine
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 15, 1880
Died in Atkinson, Nov. 27, Seraphine Von Woolstine, aged 27 years

Ellen Voss
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 22, 1880
Died in Hanna, Dec. 13, Ellen Voss, 43

Matilda Wondish
The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 15, 1880
Died in Atkinson, Dec. 8, Matilda Wondish, aged 24

August Venderberghe
August Venderberghe, formerly of Kewanee, Ill., died this morning at 7 o'clock at the home of his sister, 3109 Sixth avenue, following a lingering illness of complications. Deceased came to Rock island from Kewanee to take treatment for his illness. Surviving are his parents, three sisters and a brother, all of whom reside in Kewanee, with the exception of the sister in Rock Island. The body will be sent to Kewanee this evening where services will be held and interment made. [Rock Island Argus., October 10, 1912]

Quincy A. Kemts (Kemmis)
The Henry County News,Geneseo, IL, February 12, 1880
Local News
Quincy A. Kemts, Justice of the Peace in Loraine township, died last Monday after a long and severe illness. He was one of Loraine's best citizens.
Feb 20, 1880 Vital Statistics - Record for the week ending Feb. 17
Deaths: Feb. 9, Quincy Kemmis, Loraine, 24 years 4 months

Henry Ford
The Geneseo Republican, February 13, 1880
Vital Statistics - Record for the week ending Feb. 10
Deaths: Jan. 25, Henry Ford, Atkinson, 9 months

Miss Weighmer
The Henry County News,Geneseo, IL, February 19, 1880
Found Dead
Miss Weighmer, a fourteen year old girl, was found dead in bed at Carbon Cliff on Tuesday morning. She had retired in good health the previous evening.

Royce Allen
The Henry County News,Geneseo, IL, February 19, 1880
Royce Allen, one of Munson's oldest settlers, died on Sunday morning, aged 65 years. Mr. Allen was born in Camden, Oneida Co. N. Y. He has held offices of trust and honor ever since Munson township was organized. He leaves a wife and seven children to mourn his loss.

The Geneseo Republic, Geneseo, Henry County, IL, February 20, 1880
Royce Allen died at his residence in Munson on Sunday morning, February 15th, 1880. He had been ailing for some months, falling gradually, till at length, quietly and peacefully his life passed away.
He was born in Camden, Oneida County, N.Y., in the year 1817; came to Peoria, Illinois in 1843, was married to a daughter of Eli Wilson in 1846 and settled in Henry County in 1852. Since that time his house has been sort of a central landmark in the town of Munson - a home of un-ostentation, but generous hospitality. Many indeed are they who have been welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Allen to their social board and family circle. And many were the acquaintanceships and friendships formed by our departed brother during his twenty-seven years residence in our county. This high esteem and warm personal friendship was well represented by the crowd that gathered at the funeral ceremonies - gathered under circumstances of unusual difficulty. It was truly interesting to witness the grave and tender expression of the faces of those who, in the long procession, took their last look on the sleeping form.
Royce Allen was a quiet unassuming man, somewhat reticent, but of even and cheerful temperament. He was a man of active intellect, quite interested in his early life in scientific and physiological subjects - both a reader and thinker. More than this, his mind was ever open to the discovery of new truth and the highway of progress. Human rights were sacred in his sight and no sacrifice or labor was shunned by him in their defense. He believed in equality and liberty as the common, God given heritage of all, without regard to birth or sex or color.
Many are the friends who will join in this tribute and tenderly will they join in our expression of sympathy with the bereaved wife and children. Doubtless they feel and mourn his loss, but rejoice in touching and tender memories of husband and father.

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