Henry County Illinois History and Genealogy 
Obituaries and Death Notices

Ethel Wahlstrom
The Orion Times, Thursday, May 7, 1908
The funeral of Ethel Wahlstrom, aged 5 years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wahlstrom of Sunny Hill, was held at the Orion Lutheran church Tuesday afternoon. The interment was in the Lutheran church cemetery, east of town.
, (--?--), a 7 year old son of Mrs. Walsh of Munson, Henry Co., was killed in an accident near the coalbanks last week. (RI Daily Union, Friday, 14 Oct. 1870) Transcribed by K.Torp

Wheeler, (--?--), a boy aged 13y was killed by the train near Colona, Henry Co., yesterday. (RI Evening Argus, Tuesday, 5 Oct 1869) Transcribed by K.Torp

Whipple, R.C. The family of R.C. Whipple of Osco, Henry Co., all have the smallpox. Mr. Whipple died Saturday. (RI Daily Union, Friday, 11 Feb. 1870) Transcribed by K.Torp

White, (--?--), a boy living with his parents near the Catholic Church in Geneseo, Henry Co., was accidentally shot and killed by his little brothers on Wednesday, aged ca. 7y. (RI Weekly Union, Wednesday, 17 Jan. 1866) Transcribed by K.Torp

Nekoma, Dec. 28, Abigail P. White, 60 (The Geneseo Republic, Geneseo, IL, Feb 5, 1880)

Williams, Oliver, a Swede, was killed by the train at Galva, Henry Co., on Friday. (RI Moline Daily Union, Friday, 15 Jan. 1869) Transcribed by K.Torp

Woodruff, Leander

Geneseo Republic, Geneseo, Ill, June 6, 1902
The following obituary was prepared by Rev. W.H. Witter: Leander Woodruff, son of Arpe and Mary Woodruff was born in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, June 14th, 1839 and died May 28th, 1902 at 5:40 a.m. in Burns township in this county, at the age of sixty-two years, eleven months and fifteen days. After the death of his father which occurred in 1841, he continued to live with his mother until her death which took place in Henry county, March 1855, when he was sixteen years of age. He was the older of two sons. HIs brother John C. Woodruff enlisted in the 3rd Iowa Infantry and was killed by the bursting of a shell at Jackson, Miss., on this 33rd birthday July 12, 1863. He began life for himself at sixteen years of age, at the time of his mother's death, thus earning his own livelihood until he enlisted, which took place when he was twenty-four years of age. He enlisted in the army Aug. 9th, 1862 and five days afterward Aug. 14th, 1862, he was united in marriage to Miss Rebecca M. Rishel, of Burns township. To them were born one daughter Eva L., wife of George P. Bennett, and one son Albert Burtis, who was born August 28th, 1872 and died July 8th, 1874. Mr. Woodruff died as before stated, in Burns township at the home of Mr. Fred Herb, where he was visiting, the same house in which he formerly lived owned and wehre his only little boy passed away in 1874, almost twenty-eight years before. On Sunday before he died he went over the land he formerly owned and where had been his earliest home, and the day before he was in Kewanee where he had greeted a large number of his old friends. Mr. Woodruff had been in failing health for some time which caused his friends to look upon his condition with a good deal of anxiety. As to his life as a citizen he was a man of integrity and honesty, upright in characterr, kind and obliging and a friend to all, a man who was calculated to bring sunshine and happiness to all with whom he came in contact. He will be greatly missed in the home and upon our streets. He leaves a wife, daughter, son-in-law, grandson and other near relatives from abroad, Mrs. Amanda Woodruff his aged aunt and his wife's cousin Mrs. Mellville Woodruff both of Knoxville, Iowa. 

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