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The Geneseo Republic, Geneseo, IL, Tuesday, January 9, 1880
Cleveland Items
We have by far the highest water in Rock River we have had for four years.
The Cleveleand Coal Company had to flood their mines to save their levies. In about a week they expect to be a work again full blast.
Geo. Jacob Storz, of the Cleveland Coal Company, awoke this morning a happy man. Mother and child are doing well. Geo. Has been "settin em up" all day. Attention company.
Mrs. Thompson has gone to Cambridge today to see, for perhaps the last time, her brother, Dr. Strohecker, who is about to succumb to the conqueror of us all. Geo. Is keeping "bach" and from present appearances we, with due deference to all parties concerned, venture to say that as a cook he has no superior, if you consider the chances he has to get up a square meal.

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