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Martin Van Buren Beardslee -
Information is wanted on this son of Mrs. Martha Beardslee, widow, who left home on 1 Mar. 1866, and has not been heard from. (From the Geneseo, Henry Co., Republic, as reported in the RI Weekly Union, Wednesday, 28 Nov. 1866)

Richard Clark, a young man from Geneseo, Henry Co., is here looking for his wife and little son who ran away with a man named Williams. They were married in Scotland. The woman is aged ca 22y. (RI Evening Argus, Monday, 20 Jan. 1868)

Mr. Hammond, of Geneseo, Henry Co., is believed to be the oldest Mason in Illinois. He is aged 94 y and was born in Newton, Mass., in April 1776. (From Geneseo Republic as reported in the RI Daily Union, Friday, 18 Feb. 1870)

George W
. Hancock, of Henry Co. is ordered to care for his elderly, destitute parents, who are currently living in Hampton, Rock Island Co. (RI Daily Union, Tuesday, 10 Mar. 1868)

Wilbert and Clarence Hicks, who have been making their home with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Peve, returned to Kewanee the past week. [The Galva News, February 27, 1930]

Daniel Ketchum
was down yesterday visiting Henry friends and trading with Henry Merchants. He says it pays him to come from Henry county, 80 miles to trade at Henry. This is the second time he has been here to trade this fall. [Henry Republican, Henry, IL November 23, 1882 - Contributed by Nancy Piper]

. Piatt, of Colona, Henry Co., has removed to Odell, Dallas Co., Iowa. (RI Evening Argus, Tuesday, 27 Mar. 1866)

NOTICE: My wife, Lucinda Turner, has left my bed and board. Also, my daughter Sarah, has in my absence robbed my house of valuable articles. Signed: Joshua Turner of Colona, Henry Co. (RI Argus, Wednesday, 25 Sept. 1867)

The Rev. Joseph Wesley, a Methodist clergyman formerly a Captain with the 112th Ill. Volunteers has run away from Geneseo, Henry Co., with Mrs. Beers, the wife of a Geneseo butcher, who also took along her three children. (RI Evening Argus, Monday, 16 Jan. 1865)


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