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Stark County News, Toulon Ill., October 29, 1859

Kewanee and our Kewanee Friends

On our late canvassing tour, we have spent a little time among the business men of Kewanee, and were much gratified at the state of things there. Except in the item of building, we do not see but as much business is being done there as if we had never had any "hard times." The open space, from the Kewanee House to the depot, was crowded with teams, which the present fair price for wheat had brought to town in great numbers and all hands, in every store that is of any importance, were kept busy waiting upon customers. It was surprising too, to see how large a proportion of the business done here in all branches is from Stark County.

On going into the furniture rooms of Mr. E. P. Johnson whose card appeared in our paper two weeks ago, we found a splendid stock at the most reasonable prices of any furniture we have priced recently. He has made his selections with a view, more to durability and usefulness than elegance of pattern or finish, and yet has as fine articles as anyone will be likely to (?)ant. He is determined to make a great many sales, in which case a small profit on each will make a good business. His next door neighbor - or next but one perhaps - Mr. Poundstone, keeps a general stock of groceries, which he sells very reasonably. He speaks for himself in our paper.

Across the street from this point is the hardware store of Thomas Pierce, where persons in want of anything in the line of hardware and stoves will be pretty likely to find something to their liking and at low prices. Mr. Pierce evidently understands his business and knows what the people want. Mr. Elliott's book store and news office, on the same side of the street as the last, is a good institution. Here we saw for the first time, the new pictorial edition of Webster's Dictionary, which for general usefulness, elegance of workmanship and beautiful appearance, surpasses our most sanguine expectation. Mr. Elliot receives the most important dailies and literary periodicals in advance of the mails. He has also a good stock of books and stationery.

We next came to the watch and jewelry store of J. W. Eddy, who had just received a large lot of clocks, watches and jewelry. He keeps a good variety of these articles on hand and does repairing to order. Beyond this, opposite the Kewanee House, is the "Old line drug store" of H. T. West, a neat, well-kept establishment where everything is to be had, that belongs in a well regulated drug store.

Most of our citizens are acquainted at the "Peoples Cheap Store," of J. J. Platt. His stock comprises almost everything that is wanted, and he sells really very cheap. Near this establishment is the boot and shoe store of Isaac Mehew, which is an excellent place to trade in the line. He manufactures most of his goods, and whether of his own work or eastern manufacture, he sells very cheap. And last, but not least in importance, is the firm of Parish & Faulkner, on main street, near the railroad. Our citizens will find their store, a good place to trade. This is also a general variety store.

We stopped at the "Union House," on second street south of the depot, and unexpectedly found it kept by our friend W. K. Fuller, formerly of this county. It is a good place to stop and will be appreciated by the citizens of Little Stark.

All of the above named gentlemen, and also, Dr. Austin, a physician of experience and acknowledged skill, speak through our advertising columns to the citizens of Stark County and as a large amount of trade must go from this county to that place until we have a good produce market here, we bespeak for them, one and all, a liberal patronage.
Mr. Atwater of Wethersfield also advertises his stock. This store is conveniently situated for the trade in this direction and it is a good place to trade. He was just opening a new stock, when we were in.

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