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ROBERTS -- Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at Geneseo, Henry Co., on 9 Mar. 1870. Fifty-two children and grandchildren were present at the celebration; 6 were absent. (RI Daily Union, Friday, 15 Apr. 1870)

Mr. and Mrs. Chas Jones
On Thursday Nov. 10, '98, (unreadable) standing the storm of snow and wind, a goodly number of the neighbors and friends of Chas. H. Jones and wife gathered at their home to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, and by noon the house was well filled with as jolly a set as one often meets. It was a genuine surprise and rather got away with Chas but he soon recovered his usual humor and he and his genial wife soon made everyone feel at home. Mrs. J.B. Hathaway seemed to be chief manager and by some hocus bocus arrangement, your correspondent don't know how, got the presents into the parlor without the host or hostess seeing them, and shut the door on them. When everybody got the snow shook off and warmed up, the parlor door was thrown open and the crowd filled it full to running over, when J.M. Sipes stepped forward and made a few remarks and then, in behalf of the neighbors and friends, presented Mr. and Mrs. Jones with the presents, which consisted of two rocking chairs, book case, lamp, set of silver tea spoons and some tin ware. Charlie, in a neat little speech, thanked the friends for their kindness, after which a short time was spent in congratulations, and then the company sat down to dinner and O what a dinner! language fails me to describe it, but it was a dinner that will long be remembered by those who were fortunate enough to partake of it. After dinner some time was spent in a social way and then most of the older folks left for their homes, but in the evening the young people, with as many of the older ones as wished gathered and tripped the light fantastic toe until the wee small hours of morning, but as your correspondent was one of the first to leave after dinner he can't say anything further of the evening entertainment. (Source: Scrapbook compiled by Peggy Goertzen from the 1890's - transcribed for G.T. by Jackie McCarty)

Mr. and Mrs. John Swanson Surprise Party
A surprise party was given Mr. and Mrs. John Swanson at their home two miles southeast of Galva one week ago last Saturday which was a very enjoyable affair. They left a nice lounge as a token of rememberance. (Source: Scrapbook compiled by Peggy Goertzen from the 1890's - transcribed for G.T. by Jackie McCarty)

Miss Minnie Bussey Surprise Party
About twenty five of the young friends of Miss Minnie Bussey, who has been making her home with Mr. and Mrs. John G. Emery for the past two years, gave her a very pleasant surprise last Wednesday evening. They left her a handsome gold ring as a reminder of the event, and which she will prize highly as she leaves her friends here, to go to her new home in Wyoming. (Source: Scrapbook compiled by Peggy Goertzen from the 1890's - transcribed for G.T. by Jackie McCarty)


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